Cole Swindell - You Should Be Here

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You Should Be Here Tracklist:


Trust and Us


Macy Elizabeth

I listen to middle of a memory and you should be here everyday. It brings memories, where I have had so much fun heard one of those songs then listen to them afterwards again.


Best album ever!!


Absolutely love Cole's music!!!❤️❤️

stop the pop

I’ll admit, I haven’t listened to much new country since about the time Shania left the scene. No real reason, just didn’t keep up with it. While sampling many of today’s country stars I came across this album and realized what I’ve been missing. “Flatline” hooked me immediately-I’m a rock fan and this song has a lot of that in the mix, not to mention a great vocal melody in the chorus. I thought with such a strong track as the album opener the rest may fizzle out but I was wrong. Tracks like Middle of a Memory, Stay Downtown, Broke Down, and the good time vibe of “No Can Left Behind” particularly stood out to me. The bonus “album only” tracks are as good as the rest and well worth purchasing the full album for. Nice job Mr. Swindell, you've brought me back to the genre and I look forward to hearing more.


Just awful.

Hans znkxmssn

Love it man!


So incredibly in love with this man. His music is always amazing and this album proves that ❤️❤️



Linda Fuller Rico

Love it all!


Love this entire album!


Cole Swindell shows off his singing and songwriting skills in this great album.


Embrace it.


Def a buy !!!

Tha freaking pro

Like I said one of the best

Dylan welldffsrxddffddfd


Funniest movie ever!

LOVE THIS SONG!!! Fast and upbeat!


Same melody, same lyrics. Come on country music!! How many times do we have to listen to girl in pickup truck, tail gate, beer drinking, t-shirt and ball cap turned around, painted on jeans, dashboard, roll window down, dirt road. So so sick of it. I do like middle of a memory title.

Chuckles the Fairy

You can literally hear the auto tune in his voice, we didn't need another one of these guys. There are already too many.


All of Cole's music is amazing.. Keep up the good work!!


Stay downtown should be a single!


This is a well rounded, lovely album. I lost my dad a few months ago and "you should be here" brings me to tears every time. It's a beautiful meaningful song. I like his honest and simple sound too, I can't wait for another album. I hope he and Eric Paslay can do a song together or even tour!


I really wish there would be more singers like Cole Swindell for country music. His music is easily considered country music. I love every song off this album. He is one of my favorites for sure.


Cole Swindell is an outstanding artist and performer. I saw him in concert on the Dig Your Roots Tour, and he was truly amazing. I can not wait for him to start headlining a tour. I will buy tickets for the closest show around, no doubt.


I remember when this kat was just another drunken face at the "square" next to the beautiful campus of GSU (the real GSU), good pop country jams from the heart of Dixie


Absolutely love this album !


Was never a country fan till now great music 🙌🔥🔥🔥


I seriously just can't get enough of Cole & his songs. His voice and songs are awesome! Love it this CD!

Your#1 crush ever

I love u should be here I know the true meaning of it replaying it a lot of times


So happy with Cole's work. He is such a good singer/song writer. He has a bright future ahead of him. I will definitely be purchasing more of his albums.


It's a great album by Cole


Cole swindell did a job well done with this album! Every song has so much heart and feeling attached in it!! Love it! Better than his first album!!!


Most albums you buy might have 3 great songs and 8 ehh tracks. Cole killed it on this one, there are 5 that hit you in the heart and 5 that make you want to crack a cold one and throw down.


This album shows Cole maturing as an artist with of course adding a few fun party songs. Very good


While different from Swindell's debut, his sophomore record is worth a spin or a few. Juxtaposing the debut from the follow up, their sound is in two completely directions. The debut was rooted in bro-country while the second is rooted in country. Not just bro-country("Flatliner") but actual country("Stay Downtown" or "Broke Down"). This record also lives up to the lead off singles's vibe as the majority of the album is composed of slow songs. Cole has crafted an album that demands to be listened to and appears as if he hopes to go back to the good old days of country music. The addition of Dierks Bentley's vocals on the opening track further propel this record. Well done Cole, you will be avoiding the sophomore slump with You Should Be Here.

Crossy road's 2nd biggest fan

Best album ever, totally worth buying


Cole Swindell couldn't have done better on this album. Album of the year for sure!!

Timmmm G man

Great music worth buying every song.


This new album is amazing! Party wasn't over is a favorite, but they're all great! I saw him in concert last night too and it was the best concert I have ever been to. What an amazing artist and my god his smile can light up a room!


Absolutely LOVE Cole and his new album, this is the album that shows how good of an artist he is!!!! 10/10!!!


Another great album from Cole Swindell!!


love his album so big!!!!!


Every song is great on this album, never have to click skip on this album. 'You should be here' has to be my favorite song because I can relate. Overall great album & great songs.


This album shows a tremendous depth and great character through every song. Every word tells a story which is related so perfectly it took my breath away. I am very picky about male vocalists as they tend to over or under reach their voices on pitch related issues. Cole never had any problems in reaching the perfect pleasing pitch, nor in touching my heart note for beautiful note. Much Luck to you Cole. Although I'm fairly certain you won't be needing any! This album? Sure to be a major hit! Many Thanks to Luke Bryan for turning me onto you and you music.💞❤️🎊🎉🎈😘🍻🍺


Cole rules! Swayin is going to b our wedding song. Saw him twice live in the Cuse, great shows! Happy he put out some new hits.


Even better than the first album! Great music!


My new favorite song!!