Daryl Hall & John Oates - X-Static (Bonus Track Version)

℗ 1979 Sony Music Entertainment

X-Static (Bonus Track Version) Tracklist:


Recently discovered this album and must say it is fantastic! Definitely a unique sound for a Hall & Oates album, but there are some knock out songs on this. "Running from Paradise", "Number One", "Who Said the World was Fair" are all great. I know "Wait for Me" gets all the attention from this album, and while it is a very good song, don't discount the rest of this. One of my favs albums from them!

Smoove B

Side one of this album may be the best back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back recordings Daryl & John ever made. It foreshadows the creative tsunami that directly follows with Voices, Private Eyes, etc., and defined the H&O whom we know and love today. From the percussive opening of The Woman Comes And Goes (#1) through T-Bone Wolk's sublime bass on All You Want Is Heaven (#4), the band's musicianship is front and center. Other highlights include Wait For Me (#2), covered into a hit by Brit soulmeister Paul Young in 1985 (I was lucky enough to be there when Daryl joined Young onstage in NYC that summer for a duet, a recording of which I would sacrifice an eye tooth for); my all-time favorite John Oates tune, the cheerful pop homage Portable Radio (#3); and the overtly political — yes! — Daryl-crooned closer, Who Said The World Was Fair.


I've not heard much from this album before I found it on here. There are some songs that are too disco-y to be taken seriously, but what IS good is VERY good. Glad I found this!


Have no idea what reviewer is talking about: maybe "Who said the world..." is an unadulterated disco thump. Hell, H&O were basically Philly soul guys to start with, and this was 1979! I mean "No Brain, No Pain" is tantamount Sparks or Devo territory! It might get PLAYED in a disco, but so what wasn't!? I used to love this album as one of their best in the 70's. It still comes across. TURN IT UP LOUD!!!


This was a favorite of mine growing up--it has my favorite H & O song of all time, "Wait for Me." Why is it listed as "country," though? It shouldn't be.

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