Green Day - Working Class Hero (s) - EP

℗ 2007 Amnesty International USA and Art for Amnesty.

Working Class Hero (Videos) - EP Tracklist:


This a great song. The meaning behind it was misinterpeted by Green Day in the video. Also, this is suppost to be raw videos right? Than how are the cuss words blocked out? Seriously, I'm confused.


First of all dick heads who gave this album one star it's a tribute to John Lennon and the work he did. Second this album is meant to carry on many of the things that John Lennon did in fact a lot of artists are also in on it take a look at the real album not the music video. Third the music videos not crap it's original alright so F**K OFF!


This is one of my favorite songs ever. I can listen to it 4 hours and not get tired of it. :)


This is great! Big John Lennon fan and Green Day fan btw

Krash Kola Jinxx

john lennons birthday was a few days ago and i know he looks down and hears this songs and it makes him proud. this song is so beautiful it makes you cry!


This song is great. If I see one more stupid review about this band related to the one that sportzboy wrote, that person is going to be dead. What you wrote is completely moronic and made up. Green Day is NOT a sellout. They're not just doing it to make money. For these idiots who write stuff like that, where's your proof? How about just say that you didn't like it and why in some kind of nice way? That's another thing. For anyone just saying that this album is stupid, awful, a waste of money, or [email protected] you Green Day, like one person said, can you please explain what was so bad about it instead of just leaving comments like that? It would be nice to know why you hated it. There's always bad reviews saying, "this is awful" or something along those lines. Try to end that already. Your opinions matter, but explain your reasoning. I'll be nicer in my reviews if better comments are written. So think about that for your next bad review. Don't anyone reply to this review.


I watched this video live on some award program. They had the huge screen behind them lit up with John Lennon's face. I was so touched by their version that I was in tears thinking how proud he would have been. My only complaint.... I wish that I could have bought just the song and not the video too. Green ROCKED this one!


don't buy this, it's a disgrace to Lennon and his work


this is the dumbist albume i have EVER seen/heard


Green day used to be good but now it is just ridculous. This band just needs to end

The Green Stripes

I love this song!


One of my favorite songs that i first saw on american idol, great song by one of the best bands of the decade


Fuc# you greenday


This is a Must have. John must be very happy now As a christen i m shocked to find that is happing buy this. And Darfu will be better off alot better


Green day is such a great band and the working class hero is the perfict song for what they are using it for!!!!!

Matt Chisari

How could people think this is good? Ex. 1. murdered john lennon song. 2. death of a PUNK rock band. 3. killed what the song meant.4. people think greenday wrote this! Ugh just, just Ugh. verone go to youtube and listen to john lennon's version and greenday, what happened? Go back to dookie, please.

Mason Jennings

Wow I didnt think Greenday could get anymore cliche and pseudo-liberal... I wonder what they were thinking when they spit out this futile, wanna-be humanitarian nonsense. Tre Cool to Billie Joe, "Hey Billie Joe i got a great idea, lets do an awful cover to the most revered musician amongst phony stoner/leftist humanitarians, and give all the net proceeds to Darfur." Billie Joe- "Great idea TRE, we are sooo helping the world..." Spare me. This is nothing more than ridiculous celebrity activism, and as we all know, celebrities are incompetent numbskulls. If anyone ACTUALLY knows about the struggle in Darfur they would realize that the funds from this wont make a difference. Plus, the video is trash.


This song just grabs you and makes you think. I have been concerned about the crisis in Darfur for so long and I am glad that finally somebody has done something about it. Green Day has done it in excellence, and John would be proud. Way to go Green Day, and keep at it!


eventhough greenday is very overplayed on the radio and stuff. i still really like them. working class hero is very good


IF U LIKE THIS THEN U MUST GET Hunter And The Unclaimed Band Project Against The New American Nightmare.


A nice little song. BUY IT!


so what if its not an original green day song? so what if john lennon did it first? if you truly dont like the music thats one thing, but if you say you hate it just because someone else wrote the song first,thats disgusting. green day did tihs song to raise awareness of the horrible situation in darfur, not to make money.


the stinks now their just tryin to make money if ure gonna make music dont use john lennons,make ure own,bunch of sell outs, dont buy this if it was that last thin on earth, peace out green day is not a workin class hero


I normally hate Green Day, but they did a fantastic job of "copying" Working Class Hero. Not a huge fan of the video, but i give them huge props cuz they pulled off something that I thought I would vomit over, but good job.


I have to say, I'm not really a Green Day fan (until now anyways) but what they did with Working Class Hero seems to be very well done. They seem to be the perfect choice to make a remake of it.

kaser the razor

i think that this song is the best song 2 ever be released by green day i hope they keep singing songs like this 1


Green Day's most awsome songs are Holiday, American Idiot , and Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Now Working Class Hero has joined them!


This is a great song written by none other than John Lennon. Green Day does a nice job bringing the song into the 21st century and the lyrics are unique. If you're thinking about buying this song, do it because the song is great.


disgrace to lennon and his family shame on you


Its good to see artists helping out with world affairs and the like. I'm not a Green Day fan, but I like what they're doing. If you like this John Lennon cover, then check out A Perfect Circle's cover of Imagine.


I like the song. I like Green Day. I like John Lennon. So many people are so angry over one song! It's not an original Green Day song, and John Lennon does it better, of course. Green Day is only trying to raise awareness of the desperate situation in Darfur. People are forgetting the real message here! It's not about how some people think Green Day is scum and not worthy of covering this song. Its about Darfur! Besides, for all you Lennon lovers, would you like the song more if the Black Eyed Peas did the cover? Just take the song as it is. Its not the best, but its about something important.

decent taste in music

"I have an idea! Lets make a song devout of all lyrical talent with a meloncholly overtone! We could give tens of dollars to darfur.I could make billions of guilt bucks! We could get new outfits and make-up" says Billy Joe. "Wouldn't that be selling out?",I say. Billy Joe started crying and told his mom on me. Sorry Billy Joe.


"Working Class Hero" is an amazing song, but when Green Day does it, it sounds like some emo guys drooling on about some meaningless subject. Green Day tried to make their video look like the 60's and John Lennon, and they failed to the fullest. As another reviewer said, "Green Day can screw up their music all they want, but don't mess with anyone like Lennon's." John Lennon would have hated this if he was still alive. Enough said.


This is an insult more than a tribute. Green Day are trying to capitalize off of Lennon's genius and they fall flat on their face. Awful garbage.


This pop version of a great song is absolutely terrible. Why would you release a single for your new album that everybody has already heard and was originally wrote in the 70's? What does this show of THEIR music? Aren't singles supposed to be a preview of the type of music you can expect on their next album? If so than their new album won't sell to anybody except giddy 11-year-old girls who don't have respect for classics and will consist of old songs that don't need to be tampered with by some pop boy band.


i personally really like this song-video but if it were just for the song's sake i would give this only 3.5 stars this is a really good cause so even if you dont like the song buy it anyway to help stop genocide


I HATE ALMOST ALL SONGS BY GREEN DAY!!! THIS Is Probably the WORST! Skip This and search Beyonce, or Fergie And especially my personal fav....FALL OUT BOY!!! F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B.F.O.B. Oh and by the way Kelly Clarkson RULES!!


I've heard the name John Lennon before, though I haven't listened to any of his music. But its a good song, so...


I have liked all of Green Day's work from day 1 but I think they should have left this song alone. I am always pleased with Green Day's music, from songs they haven't written to ones that they have. True, Green Day's old music is better, in my opinoun, than their most rescent music but American Idiot was a good cd. I just wasn't very excited or thrilled about this song, espically once you have listened to every one of their other songs. Like I said, I am a HUGE Green Day fan, I have been to one of their concerts and my basement is lined with millions of their posters. However, with this new song, I am going to have to say: Sorry Green Day, try again.


Billy Joel's vocals are just not my type. Great Cover but the original shall always reign!!


this songs pretty good but when they came out with american idiot, thats wats started this whole thing and how it got to be

Face in the crowd

I'm a huge John Lennon fan, and I would pick somebody, anybody better than Greenday to sing his songs. I think this is an insult to John Lennon. I'm disgusted.

robot road

Green Day has sunk to a new low, sealed the casket and buried rock and roll with their cover of this John Lennon classic.


Great job green day,This music video group is a PERFECT job for green day. I loved it you will to.


How can people honestly say that this is good music? John Lennon would NOT be proud at all. Honestly this band is worthless, a bunch of sell outs that decided to become political. They don't DESERVE to play this song. I would guess that half the people, who bought this single, haven't even heard the one buy John Lennon.


Greenday is trying to make a point, trying to help better the world, which is a good cause in itself let a lone making a killer song to do so. I hear a lot of people posting on here that greenday is selling out or have sold out since American Idiot, but if selling out is trying to better the world then why not. (Not to mention they where also considered sellouts when they made dookie, look how that went) Buy this song not just to help the world, if that isn't enough for you already, but get this song because it speaks the truth no matter where you are in your life or whatever financial status you have, and is actually pretty damn good.


it is okay but they say working class hero over and over again it just puts you to sleep with his voice he sounds like he is dieing horrable song for them

jet lover

incredible song for an equally awesome cause. but i would still like to know the meaning of the song


If you guys would like to hear the good and real version listen to Working Class Hero by John Lennon. The man who created it. The man who experienced what the song is saying. The man with a troubled life who was tragically taken from the world. When I listen to the Green Day version of Working Class Hero I am disapointed because they are just covering a song that was so beautiful to begin with.


I saw the premeire of the video on MTV Top 20. It's not there best song yet.