Katy Perry - Witness (Deluxe)

℗ 2017 Capitol Records

Witness (Deluxe) Tracklist:

Princess Meem 💖👑

Her worst album. The only song I liked was Chained to the Rhythm. 😔

Eiffel boy

This album is so underrated! It’s truly amazing!

The vinyl vendor

This is bad

That smart guy

I'll never really understand why this album underperformed. It has some of Katy Perry's best lyrical content and catchiest songs. Chained to the Rhythm, Bon Apetit, Roulette, Pendulum, Bigger Than Me, Act My Age, and Dance With the Devil should've all been hits, but for whatever reason the general public slept on it. At the time it came out I predicted people would revisit the album in a couple years and view it much more favorably, and it would seem I was right. It's just too bad it took this long for that to happen.

Ivan Hdz:)

Loved this art work.


Witness is my favorite album ever of KP 💖 I’m katy Cat since 2009 and witness was great as always 👏🏻 keep on katy ☺️ #SMILE


Amazing and so good. I love swish swish with Nicki minaj


sorry but katy perry’s time is done... her new music is unoriginal and not catchy at all. I used to like her music but this is terrible. Her music has been going down for years now

sharren G.

😭currently crying to it




I loved Katy’s music and remember her part in the debut Gym Class Heroes music video. This album though was just all over the place. The illuminati symbolism on the cover, even in the hey hey hey video...weird. Aside from Act my age & dance to the rhythm the rest of the album just isn’t her. It’s as if the label told her “target the urban crowd” oh and rush the album;meh not even a decent effort but that’s just me.


“Witness” is a good album. I prefer it over “Teenage Dream” actually. PRISM will always be my favorite. But this record absolutely does come in second!


Well put together from start to finish... a deep house influence and amazing vocals this is katy perrys best album to date.. i hope for a new one soon. Power and dance with the devil are my favs


I miss Katy Perry’s teenage dream era.. those were her dope days!


The general public slept on this album which had some of the most catchiest pop songs and some of the most "woke" lyrical content she has ever released. I still blast this record loud and am still shocked at how low it charted on the billboard charts as it's one of her best.


Hi Katy, I don't know if you ever review the comments, but I just want to tell you that maybe you're wrong with the spirituality you chose, and maybe you should listen to the voice of God in the Catholic Church. thanks and very good your album!


That’s way better



Edwin Grande

One of her best albums 🔥🔥🔥❤️


Just stop katy ☹️☹️‼️🤦🏽‍♀️


yay u released the deluxe album! Act my age is a bop & should’ve been a single 😭 This album was so good, so sad it didn’t get the response it deserved... Can’t wait for KP5 ❣️

king b perry



She always amazes me with every album. It’s amazing to see how her voice and her music changes over time. 😍😍 Still sooo in love.


So awesome the bonus tracks rock

Abdullah Aweless

This album has some amazing work in it, it shows a lot of sides to her particularly the side of Katy that is never seen.


This is her best album

Adriana M. Hillstrom

So happy the Deluxe Version is FINALLY available. I so downloaded it because I haven’t heard yet, Dance With The Devil, & Act My Age. So I’m pretty stoked. I noticed Spotify had it so I went to Apple Music & sure enough it was there. Super stoked. I love miss Katy & have always found this woman to be ridiculously genuine, beautiful, honest, & a freaken talented singer. Go Katy. Always looking forward to all her new music & endeavors. 💙💙💙

Wil Lo

I usually really like Katy’s music but please tell me why the bonus songs are better than every song on this regular album? Its tragic.


Witness is AMAZING and personally, it’s my favorite album of hers. I just wish Power was a single cause that song brings me life 🌟✨💫





Better than dragon city

My favorite Katy Perry album by far

Heavy crown



This album era and album been nothing but good to us , her outfits , her interactions with fans , WWW . SHE KNOWS HOW TO PUT ON A SHOW.

Hada Pierce

Witness deluxe version is all I need ❤️❤️❤️

Rei Kalo



Finally we get the complete vision of this album, including the DWTD bonus track which speaks on a personal problem with alcohol dependency and how it can be an ongoing internal battle as well as AMA, which is an attack from outside and one has to deflect all evil by standing tall and not paying attention to the outside world. We get to fully Witness Katy Perry grow and look deep into herself and the world around her.




I witnessed an amazing album, It deserved more recognition among people, but who cares? In this industry all the artists have their gold years, and Katy is still doing great music for us. The messages and the beats of Witness are just so powerful and enjoyable. I love this album, Witness, Chained to the rhythm and Act my age are now some of my favorite songs from her whole career. Congrats and thanks, Katy.


Thank for giving us another incredibel album! I have not stopped listening to it since it released date! Love you


Her best deluxe song ever

Meghan H. L.

This album is so underrated, but in my opinion it is the best of all 2017s albums along with Meaning Of Life by Kelly Clarkson! This album has such a cool and new sound that all of her albums before did not have, and everyone should give it a chance because Witness deserves it! 👁👄❤️


we had to wait a year for this master piece but omg it’s so good, thank you katy for this album and this whole new experience and face of you. WITNESS DELUXE EDITION 😍👍🏻




Act my age and Dance with the devil are amazing!!!!! So glad she finally made them available in the U.S. She’s going to dominate the charts with her new album next year! Witness is a great stepping stone for her next venture! She’s back!!!!!!!


Her best album. i have never found an album with only AWESOME songs. Katy hasn't put songs just to fill it. And for who is asking I'm now a big fan. Remember: the "1 star" reviews are from Haters who maybe hasn't listened to the album or have listened but they secretly love it.❤️❤️❤️ FANTASTIC JOB KATY👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Doge Online

queen of pop

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