Bethel Music - Without Words: Synesthesia

℗ 2015 Bethel Music

Without Words: Synesthesia Tracklist:


Just love it.


Beautiful and restorative.


The instrumentation at the beginning sound alike there's something wrong with the track. The Feel of the song is so different from the original it's hard to sing to it.

Paytin K Pogue

I have such a hard time sleeping. Honestly haven't bought this album yet, going to now! but I listened to oceans on this album & oh my goodness. I'm definitely putting this on when I sleep. It's so so peaceful. I love listening to rain, & like ocean sounds (lol the song is ocean) So I think this is going to do its justice. Thanks Bethel! ❤️ much love!


This is my homework music. Its hard to do homework while listening to songs with words and I had no idea where I could find music that I can trust to be good without words and my friend had been listening to this and was excited at the discovery. Very happy.


If you're expecting a worship album with anointing music, this isn't. Their first without words production is better.

Greater Works

Ouch.. Let the beatings begin..


Buttery smooth. Mixed so well. Amazing sounds! Guitars were beautiful. It is simply a montage of all of my favorite instrumental bands and songs in to one.


The jams be cuttin' me deep. Ain't nothin' like some good bethel music, tho. The music definitely ministers to me every time I listen.


this is an amazing album that i go to for quiet time & prayer time. definitely an essential :)


This is such a unique find. Perfect for my Holy Yoga class!


Does anyone know why you can’t get this album through Apple Music?


It's like walk walking and feeling all of Jesus and the kingdom of heaven.

b sue

I listen to this in the morning while getting ready for the day. So refreshing and peaceful. Set the day right.


I listen to music from the moment I start my day at work to the moment my job ends. I am just listening to the previews as my copy downloads from iTunes and I cannot WAIT!!! I love intrumental music and soundtracks, but THIS- THIS is so much more. This is like a my brain can relax while I work, and my soul is at peace. Thank you.


Great focus music. Thanks Bethel.


Exactly what I was looking for. No words just worship.


This album is by far one of my favorites because it has something that other albums and songs don't. I personally think that the Spirit of God is so alive in your music making it what it is. Breathtaking. Inspiring. Full of Life. Keep it up guys! :)


I had high expectations from the worship group in Redding, based on the phenomenal way God has used their talents in previous albums. When I heard their new album would be instrumental, I recoiled at first, thinking that the music couldn't possibly entertain God's presence without the heartfelt vocals of Brian and Jenn Johnson and team. But then I thought about "Give Me Jesus" off the Tides album, and the way the instrumentals created an environment of praise that just might stand on its own, and I found myself looking forward to this album! What a disappointment. Bethel Music advertised that the instrumental album would be composed of both new songs and some recognizable worship favorites that would allow you encounter God in your own voice. There are a handful of recognizable titles, but I would never know it unless I glanced at the screen to see it. The rest of the album plays like the cheap $6.99 CD's you can buy at the little stands at stores in the mall like Natural Wonders (do they even have those any more? Admittedly, I haven't been to a mall since the '90's.) If you're into transcendental meditation music, this might be for you, though!

Don Donn

This was not meant to move you like “Oceans” or “All of Creation” and others but for sure God gave the increase for CONTEMPLATION and REFLECTION, for “soaking”. There certainly are other cuts of music that will shake you to your bones if that is what your looking for. Only God gives the inspiration for wonderful music that will do what He alone intends for it to do and that obviously comes at different levels. It is really silly to think that man alone can accomplish this by himself.


Amazing worship! My jaw dropped. Something about instrumental that just brings such a peace that rests on me. Best yet! I love Bethel music so anointed!

La Selva

This is an awesome album! Take a chance & ignore the genre category. God Bless always & anyway.


This album takes me to my "quiet place" its beautiful


I have to ask forgivness for the previous review I gave. As someone who uses a lot of chill/downtempo music to study and pray with.......I must say this is STUNNING!!!!! Bravo Bethel!!!!! A most EXCELLENT work. Def. in my top 5 for the year.


So just from hearing the previews I'm in love! I can't wait to buy this off my wishlist but first I need money (or a job to get money lol) I am so happy just by listening to the previews of these tracks! I've been really into post-rock lately, and I'm pretty sure this will be the first album I buy to start that instrumental/post-rock genre in my music library...Bethel is awesome! :D


When I listen to this album I sense so much of the Holy Spirit flowing throughout every song. Well done Bethel, and go Jesus for showing up in this music. They got the album title right, Synesthesia: experiencing one sense through the use of another sense. Experiencing this music led me to experience the presence of God.


This music always connects my heart even deeper to the Father’s. :)


I like to play instrumental music for my baby, love this album


My aunt and mom both work in doctors offices as nurses. They play this music (and other worship music without words) in the background to help relax their patients through the presence of God. While most people would react with hostility if worship music with words was played, everyone really enjoys this. Many patients have actually asked the artists or name of the song playing. They're always surprised to find out it's a Christian artist. It helps shift their perspective on Christianity and plants seeds. Totally excellent for ministering to people.


Imho, this is a bad attempt to make "worship" songs fit in to an ambient style of music. Why does it seem "Christian" music copies a style or genre of music and ruin it. Go and find the real deal. There are better bands who make atmospheric music with feeling and soul. Try, Hammock, Loscil, God is an Astronaut, Helios, Lights Out Asia, The American Dollar and many more. Compare those bands with this and I think you will understand what I mean. Don't be frightened just because music doesn't have the "christian" label. You might be surprised and discover some new music.

School buddy

I think the first handful of reviews speak for themselves, this is a splendid and creative album no doubt. Bethel is certainly anointed by God!


We have to hear these songs again. Yay.


As someone with synesthesia, I can honestly say this album is literally the coolest! I didn't know what to expect when I saw the title, but after hearing the songs it makes perfect sense- I can see the shapes and colors of each sound! I've never heard of a worship band purposefully creating an album to trigger synesthesia in those who have it! Well done, Bethel Music.


There is not much instrument worship music out there, however this is the cream of the crop. :D


This record is immensely impressive. It allows you to breathe, relax, and open up your soul. Very impressed with the quality and instrumental imagination on these compositions.


Sometimes you just need beautiful music to soothe your soul and spend time with God. This relaxing and refreshing album is perfect for devotions, long drives, chilling at home, or background music when friends are over. The best part is that it's all worship without the words. But you can still feel the worship in the music and God's presence is on the music when it plays. This is a must-have album!


Be original and use gods gift of talent you obviously have but waste it on creating what sells. Christian music has become a joke in the music world because it's so behind and fake. The church should be leading the music world not the joke.


I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy. Absolutely amazing from start to finish. Bobby Strand and Chris Greely destroyed it! Buy it! Buy it right now!


Okay, I haven't heard anything but previews, and I can't keep from replaying them. Bethel constantly outdoes themselves. It is beautiful, reverent, creative, and utterly dynamic. I hope to be able to introduce music like this into my own church for prayer. Absolutely stunning!

Shattered/ broken

It's ok... I am excited, but i feel that It does not move me enough so far. The previous Without Words was good, but lacked the passion you get with voices. Idk Lamentations 3:22-28 MSG

Jonathan Violinist

The hype is so real and so very much deserved!

Richard Klatt

I am beyond excited to have placed my Pre-order for this album!! I've been so excited to for it to be ready to purchase! I have been so curious to see how many songs would be on this album and what the track list would be, so when I checked my email and found out it was ready for pre-order, I couldn't wait to jump on to iTunes! There are 19 total tracks and so many of them are true Bethel classics, epic anthems that we get to fall back in love with! The best song in this album is "In Over My Head" by Jenn Johnson! She is my favorite Bethel Music artist, so I love all of her songs, however "In Over My Head" takes the cake!! I was praying and hoping it would make the track list and was super excited when I saw it among other favorites: (Oceans, For The Cross, You Make Me Beave, etc). This is an amazing album and I cant wait to reignite my personal worship time with the Lord through this album!!! July 31 can't come fast enough!!


This album is amazing and essential. It's deeper than words could ever take us. Bethel is such a blessing to the body of Christ and I'm amazed at the creativity of the Lord that's displayed through them!! This is a must buy!


I'm so ready to pour out my love while listening to this masterpiece! What beautiful prayer music!


I promise, this worship team never ceases to amaze me. The album hasn't even dropped yet, but just by listening to the previews, I can already TELL I'm going to be flabbergasted by the full product! PLEASE, support this ministry by purchasing this album! Illegally downloading is a form of STEALING! Trust me, buy this album, IT'S WELL WORTH IT. I can already TELL its going to be AMAZING!!!