Bethel Music - Without Words: Genesis

℗ 2019 Bethel Music

Without Words: Genesis Tracklist:

Blake Aaron

My last comment about this has disappeared. Despite it being illegal in many states, Bethel currently still operates a conversion therapy movement at Research has shown that ex-gay therapies are inhumane, as they contribute to the high suicide rates among queer Christians. Please listen to your fellow siblings in Christ who suffer under the abusive theology Bethel produces and perpetuates.


I have always loved Bethel and I was a HUGE fan of that last Without Words, Synesthesia. Musically, creatively, production was just near perfect and beautiful. However this album just missed the mark all together. It’s obvious that they’re main creatives and producers have moved on and not a part of Bethel anymore or just on hiatus. Hoping they come back soon!

Player of stampede

I was just the other week wondering when you guys would release another Without Words Album. Thank you so much!


Awesome songs!


I love this for my quiet time and connection with God! Such a gift and done with excellence!


Beautiful from start to finish


Beautiful from start to finish!


I like Christian music with words. It has more meaning.


Thank you Bethel Music for always bringing the heart of God and the excellence of your music making craft. Excellent album.


Sit back and relax, pop your earphone in and enjoy the sunset. Absolutely brings good vibe br

carolyn elizabeth

Love this album. It’s relaxing and flows so beautifully. Love Bethel and all you stand for in Christ!

Bill Hal

Bethel’s music is always a balm for the soul.