Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

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Wish You Were Here Tracklist:

The Wall Comes Down

Music to wash away the days stress

Trust and Us



I stared guitar almost a year ago and I wanted to play Wish you were here and I’ve almost mastered the song and every time I here it no mater where or when I sing along to it and it means a lot to me and this is definitely there best album


This is one of the best Pink Floyd albums and it has their best song in my opinion wish you were here


Absolutely amazing. This is real music.


No word can describe this album but perfect

christina morfin

Loving it


I grew up in high school and college listening to Pink Floyd and still do. They are one of the most original bands and their psychedelic rock style appeals to a lot of people, me included. They are one of my favorite classic rock bands and will never go out of style, especially their best albums. This is one of them. Enjoy their great sound and lyrics. They are a masterpiece!


Anyone who didn’t like this album, you’re crazy. I may have to buy the vinyl cuz it’s that good. My favorite song definitely “Shine Like a Crazy Diamond “ (all the parts) and “Welcome to the Machine” and “Wish You Were Here” I have definitely started going back and listening to more and more music from this group. Pink Floyd is true greatness.

Jovian Tides

Brilliant compositions. Listen to it in order and all the way through.

mb l

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This album is, as the kids on the internet say, the G.O.A.T I would give this album 100 stars if I could. 🔥🔥🔥


This album is an all time classic, coupled with its tragic figure Syd ..their very haunting and operatic compositions. As for reviewer Raw?? Well he’s either deep into rap and/or has no comprehension nor understanding of true musicianship, unable to appreciate musical virtuoso’s that have mastered their instruments as opposed to drum machines and over-dubbing....


Best album by Pink Floyd. Shine on you crazy diamond is the greatest song ever written hands down!!!!!

Every song is Classic. Ya, there's only 5 songs, but come on, this and Dark Side are my top 2 and then the wall. All Great stuff. Wish you we're here one of my all time favorites.


Not as good as Dark Side but has in my opinion their best song, Wish You Were Here.

Jack Rango

Pink Floyd has been my inspiration and motivation to this day .. Wish you were here 😍

Sound Chaser9

Who the hell is Mickey Raww? How can anyone listen to this astoni9shing album and conclude it is BAD? Dude has to be in a class by himself. My GRANDMOTHER likes this album. My GRANDSON likes this album. I've been playing it since 1975 and none of the tracks bore me yet. This is a classic's classic. My opinion is it is better that Dark Side...Play it once and make up youir own mind. Mickey Raww is the first guy I've come across in 43 years who has a negative opinion of the album. I can't imagine what he listens to, but that's my opinion. Wish you were Here is a great album. That is a monstrous understatement.


Loved this when it was released and it still holds up today.


This album doesn’t get the recognition it deserves because it was released directly after “Dark Side.” This album truly is perfect.


Will be taking this album to my grave


Unbelievable. Pink Floyd never fails to impress


Has anybody ever made music so passionate, smart, and cold at the same time?

This is real music

Simply put, one of the best albums ever made.


It's pretty good


I don't know why people say it's their best album because it isn't. Dark Side Of The Moon is their best album. Along with The Wall. However, it's still good and I recommend it for any Pink Floyd fans.

Brit Floyd

After watching these amazing artists Who gathered for one last time for Live 8 Concert back 2005 on U tube, I was stumbled to a performance in Livermore park as a tribute to Pink Floyd by Brit Floyd ! Catch it on U tube. .. They have the audacity of being amazing!!! Opening song ; Welcome to Machine Inspired me to get this album off the shelf


Not only do I think this is Pink Floyd's best album, I think this is one of the greatest albums of all time, and the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to embark on the journey that is the Pink Floyd discography. The music is masterful and the lyrics will teach you something new each time. This album is a true 10/10.

Mickey raww



What a great album! I've known Wish You Were Here for years. But now, Shine On is my favorite Floyd song! Gilmour and Wright ROCKED IT! PINK FLOYD FOREVER


Let me start by saying that I do still have my vinyl copy, I had it on 8 track, cassette and finally on CD. That being said the question for me wasn't is this an album I should get because it is great, but rather, is the sound quality any better than the CD copy that I have transfered to my iTunes library that has a very muddy sound? Well I am here to say that YES it is remarkably better, a huge improvement over my CD copy. I also got Dark Side Of The Moon for the same reason and I am not disappointed. Who ever is incharge of Apple's Re-Mastering did a GREAT job. So if you are like me and already own all the previous lesser quality versions you will not be wasting your money if you purchase this copy.

Diblin' Dablin' Dave

This album is one of the greatest creations that has befell the classic rock era. Every song is so powerful, so meaningful, and has such depth and creativity. The track opens up with the elegant magnum opus Shine On You Crazy Diamond, a two part (technically nine parts) tribute to their former band member and friend Syd Barrett, who coincidentally visited the studio during the sessions for this song. This song is my personal favorite Pink Floyd song of all time, and I've listened to everything, and currently it is my favorite song of all time. Next is the beautiful and dark "Welcome to the Machine," the first song I've ever listened to by the band and my entry point into classic rock. Here is a song telling us about the corrupt music industry, which is much relatable to the rocker "Have a Cigar." This song has guest vocals by Roy Harper, and he sounds perfect for this type of song. This segues into the beautiful Wish You Were Here, another ode to Syd Barrett, before closing out to the second part of Shine On (which the initials to every other word spells out Syd). Again, this is my favorite Pink Floyd album, a great entry point, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. 11/10!!!


I positively hate the idea of "iTunes LPs". Forget your iPhones or tablets for replay. I bought this album thinking that "Album Only" refers to the availability of the tracks "Shine on pt 1-5 and 6-9" in conjunction with the Album. This in and by itself is outrageous, because typically some bonus material /additional songs should be "Album only" if one buys the entire album. But OK - I can accept that because I wanted the entire album anyway. BUT NO! You can only PLAY the instrumental songs through iTunes Album, you can not add them to playlists or move them to your iPhone. For example a playlist with only the instrumental pieces (which I had in mind) is NOT possible. iTune forces me to buy a CD in a store or to go to their competition, because an alternative form of the Album (regular single songs of all songs on the album is not available. Your loss. The only positive - the iTunes representative reimbursed me quickly and without any discussion. Very courteous response. Still - make sure you understand what" iTunes LP" means before you buy. It's not spelled out clearly.


This is one of the best albums, let alone Floyd albums ever. It's for everyone, the Prog Rock nerds and casual listeners (although to them Shine on You Crazy Diamond might be a little much). It combines the ethereal, the psychedelic, the beautiful, and the thoughtful. I definite must listen and definitely better than Dark Side.


This is one of the greatest albums ever mist get


The best.

Cesar lopezzzzzz

Can't hate on pink Floyd but do hate the price if I wanted to buy all the albums.


Thoughtful and inspiring, this album shines like a crazy diamond

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