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old man Erik



One of the most underrated weezer albums there is. I love this album.


While a little late to the party, the years between this album's release and my review have only convinced me further: This album is an absolute treasure, a work of rock art easily on the level of Weezer's other best work. While I normally disdain reviews that reference The Blue Album and Pinkerton as the standard for Weezer albums, it can't be denied that those two records more than any others solidified Weezer's impact on the rock world. And The White Album ranks right up there with those two giants of alternative rock. From start to finish, this album has nothing but insanely catchy choruses, playfully quirky and memorable lyrics, and a steady supply of overdriven guitar. This is an album that sounds incredibly fresh and new, yet unmistakeably like Weezer. Too often Weezer is accused of sounding either too formulaic or too far estranged from their roots. But here, Weezer finds a comfortable home in beach-pop infused hard rock. Sporting many great guitar riffs and some of the best Weezer lyrics to date (A personal favorite of mine being the chorus to King of the World), The White Album stands as a towering achievement and a modern rock classic in an era desperately in need of one. The timing of this album frames it almost poetically. It's an incredible successor to Everything Will Be Alright in the End's return to form, and the collosal disappointment of Pacific Daydream serves as a further reminder of The White Album's brilliance. Weezer truly struck something wonderful with this record, something many bands only manage once (if even) and almost never more than twenty years after their debut. The White Album is the kind of magic that keeps Weezer fans in it. While the lows can indeed be low, the highs sure do soar high.


good vibes

All about the 90s

Weezer has been resurrected!


Finally, a good Weezer album! Their best album in the most of a decade, this felt like the Blue album mixed with Pinkerton. Love the song mentioned in the title, "Thank God for Girls". Check it out!

Panda watch the mood is tense

Why is this album not as big as it should be wth


Their best since the green album.


Best album since blue album


When I listen to an album, there's usually three song that I don't like. With this one, it's only one, a record low.


I remember hearing most songs at Weezers tour with Panic!

Music Mage 21

I love ❤️ this album! So it ain't so!


I love Weezer!


I absolutely love this album. It's definitely my favorite Weezer album of the 21st century

Josh Pendleton

After giving the whole album a listen, I've fallen in love! It's a great album, Weezer definitely struck gold with this one! This album has a blend of their old sound, with a mix of their new sound. Certain songs remind you of their old days of blue and red album, while other songs remind you of how bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco decided to branch out their sound. If you listen to the song "Jacked Up" you can't tell me it doesn't sound like "Stressed Out" by 21 Pilots. But it's not bad change at all! I dig it! Weezer stays true to themselves without selling out! Bravo gentleman!


I've been listening to Weezer since I was in 8th grade. I remember purchasing the Blue album on cassette and playing it on heavy rotation. Fast forward to the White album where I've found a new love with this album the way I did with the Blue album in 1994. A close friend turned me onto Pinkerton a few years back because I never really gave it a chance and I love that album as well. The White album is truly the follow up to Pinkerton that took two decades to happen. The guitars, the drums, the vocals and harmonies all have that vintage Pinkerton feel to them. A couple surf rock tunes on this album draw inspiration from the Beach Boys, while a couple others songs have a Ben Folds Five feel to them with a piano arrangement that freshens this album up to more of a modern alternative vibe. Overall, this album is Weezer reinventing their classic sound without it feeling too forced. The last couple albums had the forced feel to them as if they were just attempting to please the older fans by purposely writing material similar to their classics. This album just feels pure compared to those albums. Hope they continue this path in future albums.


And for good reason... North Corridor and Gore still should've been nominated though


I wish it wasn't quite so mellow but it's still amazing. I'm the biggest fan.. going to see them tonight


Each track is a wonderful addition to the album as a whole.


Such a great album. Best in a long time!!!!!!


I can play it on repeat 🎶

Skinny Albert

Gets even better woth more listens


This is an amazing album. Picking up where ewbaite left off, this album reasserts Weezer as a top tier talent that should be revered, not ignored. LA Girlz is hands down a top ten Cuomo composition, and there are plenty of other gems in this album. Do You Wanna Get High? harks back to Weezer at their best (Pinkerton era) while other tracks (i.e. Girl We Got A Good A Thing, Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori, and Wind In Our Sail) exhibit a maturing Weezer that retains their melodic sensibilities. For you old Weezer fans that left the band long ago; it's time to come back. For those of you contemplating giving Weezer a try; this is a must buy for any alternative rock fan. =enjoy=


One of their best albums, but my favorite album is still Everything Will Be Alright In The End.


This album is fabulous if you love the older styles of Weezer (Blue Album, Pinkerton). It's like the nostalgia of finding old pictures from 15 years ago you thought you'd lost. I can't stop smiling while listening to this album, so happy to have this sound back! :)


Weezer's best record since Pinkerton, no contest. Every song is excellent front to back. Instant classic! =W=

Jim Frenowsky

I grew up with Blue, Pinkerton, and Green. Make Believe came along and I enjoyed that one a lot too. If those are more your flavor, this album is a home run. It feels to me like a blend of all of the best parts of those albums. The surf rock, the raw and simplistic lyrics, and incredibly catchy choruses. Rivers does some of his best vocal work on this album in my opinion, too.


I haven't been much of a weezer fan, but of course i loved their singles (buddy holly, beverly hills, say it ain't so, etc.). I Was exploring on iTunes and i came across this album a few days after it came out. I listened to every song and i couldn't just believe how good all these songs are! It's definitely an album to have in your collection whether you like rock or not.


I'm totally in love. This album is actually really good and perfect for your summer soundtrack. With songs like "Jacked Up" or "Summer Elaine and Drunk Dory" this album has a wide variation of genres in the songs. I cannot wait to see weezer in about ten days and see them perform some songs from this album in Colorado! This and the blue album are my favorites as well. Don't listen to the negative reviews they're just people who don't want bands to change but the majority are good reviews. Rivers vocals are really intense in this album and each song is so catchy!


Just wow. California Kids is a superb opening track. Do You Wanna Get High? Mixes modern Weezer sound with Pinkerton-era tone. But the final three songs, L.A. Girlz, Jacked Up and Endless Bummer are just outstanding. Words cannot describe those songs and they make for the best final three songs the band has produced since the final three tracks on Pinkerton.

I need pizza

Best Weezer album since Pinkerton.


Perfect from beginning to end for any long time Weezer fan or the newbie listener. Welcome back lads! A homerun.


It's been a very long time since I listened to an album all the way through. I saw Weezer live the other night, had no idea about the new album, and am totally hooked. This is a bookend to the Blue album, poppy/punky/rocky/surfy and totally gooey. Get it, get it good.


Weezer has done it again. This album feels like they have gone back to what makes them great. This album ROCKS! And don't take that lightly! This is the truest rock you can get in 2016, honestly. This album also makes you think. There are some lashes at stoners in "Do You Want a to Get High?" Where the band makes fun of people who indulge in drugs. Especially they line that says "eat no dinner tonight" because they want to get high, but hey, we can "stop at any point". It is funny - but if you don't really listen to lyrics you would think that he is supporting this type of behavior. It's pretty genius.. And I love the critic WEEZER. Not many bands would do this. You guys are the coolest. :)


Beginning to end


Though it isn't really the kind of album that will pull at your heartstrings, it is basically Pinkerton if Pinkerton wasn't an emotional wreck.


One of there best albums in my opinion, weezer is back and I can't wait for more to come🤘🏻

Bubba Guitar

Don't understand the raves for this album, feels remote & has the air of "trying too hard" with the lyrics, trying to be cute, slightly eccentric & ohh so witty. And the songs on their own have bumps that to me throw off the momentum rather than propel it...but that's just me, obviously other people are thinking much differently than me. Different strokes for different folks. Maybe if I leave NYC, move to California, hang out in Venice Beach, maybe I'd connect much more with this...But...


I'm new to Weezer. I'll admit it. I decided to listen to their music due to a song recommendation by Apple Music, and I'll also tell you that I'm into pop music like Ariana Grande's music but I also like rock so keep that in mind as I continue. (I listened to Red, Blue and Green albums before I listened to their latest one to get a feel for their music, I loved them!) White album blew my mind! I loved every single song! Girl We Got (A Good Thing) is really awesome and chill, as well as California Kids. The guitar is incredible yet has a raw sound in Thank God for Girls but more so in Do You Wanna Get Get High? I really enjoyed this album and can't wait to see what's next!

Nick Cianci the 3rd

Very good give it a chance


The white album I think has a little bit of old and new Weezer style. It has an overall pop feel, but there are some deeper themes and lyrics than a typical pop rock record. Each listen reveals another favorite line or hidden nugget. I like this way better than their last album. Highlights include: King of the World, Wind in Our Sail, Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori


I´m liking this album a lot.


Amazing album. Worth every penny. Good job Weezer!

Nick Barker 233

This album is so dang good. It's got a beach feel to it. They put so much into every song. I think this might be the best since the Blue Album...

Guy from San Pedro

I bought this album on CD.Weezer has returned to their Blue Album/Pinkerton ways.It is as good as those albums.Do you wanna get high,is the best song on this album all the other songs are good though.Weezer Rules!

DJ Guy

A younger coworker of mine mentioned Weezer was really good. I can't remember what color the album was, that was supposed to be (like) the best, but I never bothered to find out. I checked out this new (White Album) just for kicks, and immediately liked more than one song. My daughter is into stuff like Sleeping With Sirens and the Warped Tour (stuff I could leave behind). So I bought this download because it had a more mature twist to the sound she likes, thinking we 'might agree' on one recent release. It's both cool, and a little unusual, because we both love this album. It's upbeat and has a infectiously smooth, yet raw blend of songs that are quite rare in new music (from my perspective).


As others have said, the singles do not prepare you for the awesomeness contained in the album. Track-9 'Jacked Up' offers a great new sound over classic Rivers' pining lyrics. Endless Bummer is amazing too, awesome solo. Underrated favorite is track 7- Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori. Weezer at its silly best. Can't wait until June 24, see you then!

Ruby Rack

I have been a Weezer fan for many years. And while I enjoy pop music and some of its influence on Weezer's music over the years, it seemed to me they had gone a little too far down that road. So, I am really happy to hear them spending some quality time on this album going back to explore some of their other influences, namely the Beach Boys. The songs have a very vibrant and catchy feel to them. One area that does not work for me is the guitar solos. While they show a higher lever of virtuosity and technical skill, they seem to lack the passion that was a hallmark of earlier Weezer solos - that soaring note or frenzied lick that perfectly fit the emotional tone of the song. Still, for me this will rank up there as one of their best. Thanks Weezer and keep exploring!

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