Weezer - Weezer (White Album) [Deluxe Edition]

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Weezer (White Album) [Deluxe Edition] Tracklist:

Josh Pendleton

After giving the whole album a listen, I've fallen in love! It's a great album, Weezer definitely struck gold with this one! This album has a blend of their old sound, with a mix of their new sound. Certain songs remind you of their old days of blue and red album, while other songs remind you of how bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco decided to branch out their sound. If you listen to the song "Jacked Up" you can't tell me it doesn't sound like "Stressed Out" by 21 Pilots. But it's not bad change at all! I dig it! Weezer stays true to themselves without selling out! Bravo gentleman!

Matthew Lyle

I love the 2 new songs "Friend of a Friend" and "Fake Smiles and Nervous Laughter". The song "Friend of a Friend" reminded me of the song "Summer Elaine Drunk Dori". I don't know why but it did. Love it love it, and there's nothing that can go wrong with this album. Love Weezer, and all there albums/ songs. 👍🏻😘😜😎


The whole of White Album is amazing. Here's my track by track of the 3 new songs: -Jacked Up (Remix ft. Fitz): 9/10. The remix is great. I slightly prefer the original, but you gotta love any Weezer song ft. a girl! The diff. tempo does it good too! Very innovative. Second fav. of the 3 new songs. -Fake Smiles & Nervous Laughter: 9.5/10. Great new song! Really expresses an old Weezer vibe, but is also very modern. Third fav. of the 3 new songs. -Friend of a Friend: 9.5/10. Awesome song. Solid in every aspect. Very memorable music & lyrics in this one. This song just expresses Weezer's great songwriting ability of the last couple of albums. First favorite song of the new songs!


I absolutely love this album, and it's cool to have a few bonus tracks, though I think they should be treated as just that -bonus tracks. The original album was perfect as it was, and these tracks kind of bring down the quality of the whole album a bit, in my opinion, if they are thought of as a main part of it. But strictly as bonus tracks, they are really fantastic and I'm glad to have them. I'd LOVE them to release a deluxe version on CD/vinyl though.

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