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℗ 1994 DGC Records

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Trust and Us


star wars fan75251

F off Gil to Kentucky F off Gil Seven of seven and you marry Tyler mother I do not care what they say to us in anyway I do not care about crawfish


Can’t go wrong with this album. Best Weezer album in my opinion. Classic, unpolished 90s- I love all of it!


So awesome when you have a speaker

Fan since 2018 Atlanta!!!

This may be my favotie of all Weezer albums because I love every song on the album. I love it for the cheery hooks and tunes put to more serious, emotional and intelectual lyrics.


I have the fondest memories of staying up late into a summer night at a sleep over with friends listening to this album while everyone else was asleep. Musically and lyrically superb. Hard, crunching guitars, with some blistering solos. Only In Dreams is not only one of my favorite songs of any artist, but is also one of the most emotional and cathartic songs ever. Just a relentless blistering release of emotion at the end. Having said that, I don’t recall the last time I listened to the album from beginning to end. I think it’s because of having so much emotion and nostalgia wrapped up in it that it makes me sad, in a way. Like it leaves me longing for my youth.


There stuff is so radio friendly, but still sounds real cool

High risers

Some of the best music on planet earth


This album is amazing

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