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Why do every wannabe sacks of crap. You idiots stole MrBlueSky from Electric Light Orchestra. SHAME ON YOU!! But then ruined it. I never want to hear this TREACHERY again for the rest of my LIFE!!


I like it

Mr. Louis. Vuitton

Trash compared to the original. Just buy the original ones.

Drake Techmaker

If cover albums are your thing then get it. Love everything but stand by me. No scrubs is hilarious. If you don’t like song covers then don’t buy it. I’d say the originals are still better but this isn’t as bad as people make it out to be

Tim C00k

idk who needed to hear a cover of already great songs. they sound like a watered down version of the originals. please stop.



m1ss chievous

I’ve always loved Weezer! I use to tease the un-be-weezers that they needed to be more open minded. But weezer is kind of an acquired taste. Listening to these covers by Weezer that are spot on blew my mind a little because I didn’t really care for these songs when they first came out. I kinda turned my nose up a little like those were to mainstream. But now however many years later I listened because it’s Weezer duh it’s going to be good and it is. I realized I guess I wasn’t as open minded as I thought I was. Thanks for the lesson and for blowing my mind ✯


No need to be so critical of this record. Is it perfect, no. But it's just a good time. I don't think it's exactly meant to be anything "deeper" than what it is, they're not trying to reinterpret or redo anything with these songs. Just sit back and enjoy.


These guys have no business trying to cover Black Sabbath, they should stick to recording their own lame music.


LOVE IT!!! 🥳 Bestest review of anything ever. Cracked me up.

4th Dimensional

Crazy this made an album by 2019. I had seen them cover this back in 2002 live and had been waiting to see when this was going to get released.


I am just amazed how well they covered songs from the 80’s, of course my generation! Great Job Weezer!

Dark Guardian 9

I really enjoyed their rendition of Africa! I also like their version of Mr. Blue Sky better than the original. Keep up the good work Weezer!


I get people wanting to hear a new take on a classic and it appears Weezer stuck closely to the original versions. However, some times trying to put a new spin on things doesn't always work. See Metallica's version of Die Die My Darling, Rob Zombie covering the Ramones (I try to burn that from my memory) or Danzig doing A Girl Like You with his mumbled lyrics. At the very least, I found the songs on this album to be OK but not something I HAVE to have.


This album is a great album off covers they are perfectly made


Why cover legendary songs if you are already a legend? Whatever, it’s much better than the black album

[email protected]

Their song selection is awesome and the way they do them is also awesome. I have been a hardcore Weezer fan for a long time and this album is awesome. Love you Weezer!


Totally done with Weezer and their turns into the unexpected. Totally done.


Hello The song Africa blast


The ‘Critics’ Here Are Stupid. This Album Is Genius.


Weezer + classics = priceless


One of the better cover albums I ever heard. Was already a fan This made me like me Weezer even more Great mix of songs.. My kids even love it...they ask me to replay songs All the time. While we’re driving


The album is fun, silly and a joyous homage to musical peers that they must have listened to at some point in their youth. No one can say, other than the band members, how this selection of songs influenced their own personal craft. However, to say it’s boring is ignoring the fact that these lads could have easily twisted the knife on all of them but chose to remain faithful to the recipe that made them great. What this is is a sonic love letter and we get to hear it. It makes me respect them more. Bravo gents!


Get over it, don’t listen to it


And it’s kinda nice (Srsly, no scrubs??? I’m ded.)


I have always loved Weezer. They take me back to a time before kids and bills and the adult life in general. I love this album!

buck stewsrt

John is there


What was the iTunes reviewer smoking when he thought Weezer covered "I'm A Believer" for the Shrek soundtrack? Even the aboriginal tribes of Australia know it was Smash mouth.




Love the album, but don't know who wrote the description. Weezer was not on the Shrek soundtrack, that's Smashmouth. Do your job better.


The album is solid, but the review stating they covered "I'm a Believer" on Shrek is off... This album is better than any Smash Mouth album.


Was hoping for a real weezer twist, but something’s should just be left alone. I really did enjoy Africa which is why they received the stars at all.


Not sure what people are getting all worked up about. My first listen through, my impression was “80’s cover songs with feedback.” But through each following play-through, I realized how Rivers and the gang were really showing their musical chops. Being able to capture the original essence of songs is a lot harder than it sounds, and I found myself impressed with the level of musicianship displayed in the song arrangements. While I wouldn’t have minded a more “Weezer-like” take on some of the pieces, they’re fine to listen to. That “Take on Me” cover is pretty awesome, as well as the video for it.


Enough, Weezer defenders; the band peaked decades ago and this album is just more proof of their lack of creativity. Instead of doing an interesting cover, they did a whole album of uninteresting, by the numbers takes on good songs. Nothing all that different or good, and the songs aren’t even offensively bad... but why bother? You’d be better off listening to the originals. I mean, why not cover other songs from wholly different genres than pop/rock? Such a wasteful studio production.


I love it!!!


Weezer have become Spinal Tap


All of these covers are just lame


So chill

Ryan Dellwood

Why would anyone ever buy, let aone listen to this? Some great songs they have chosen, but one is not sure if it's an homage, a mockery , a sly nod to irony, Weezer thinking that they are slumming it by playing such "silly" songs. I would rather be in a crowded bar listening to a good cover band than Weezer doing this and doing it poorly. A silly idea and album.


I think it’s cool they went for it and made something that I enjoy listing too


Dogears42 are you serious. Hahahaha. I can’t imagine you Mcdonalds Yelp review. The Bigmac was big, but lacked the over tone and rich beef flavor of the waygu burger I ate at Mooo... Pretty sure they made this album for themselves. We are just lucky enough they put down on wax.... I’m mean digitally recorded.


Any album with sweet dreams is amazing


This was a cool album...but some songs I didn’t think were fit for Weezer... But I see a lot of 1 stars, and I don’t agree with those people...it’s a great album! Loved all of the songs!


I have to admit, I wasn't sure when I looked over the tracklist. I think everyone has heard the Toto story ad nauseum, but the other selections seemed like a curious mix. TLC? Really? But.Then.I.Tried.IT. It wasn't bad, on first listen...and THEN, after being on heavy repeat, I've really come around to embrace this interpretation. They are all good, spanning an eclectic range. Do it. Listen to it. Accept.


I wish they had included Rivers’ Smashing Pumpkins covers.


I had been a Weezer fan since the Blue Album. However, when the Raditude album was hyped and subsequently sucked like a black hole. It was the poison pill that ended my loyalty, maybe I needed to listen to it a few times like Pinkerton; nope. That one was bad, bad-bad, like Star Wars Christmas special bad; where they should go out and buy all the traces of it’s existence and shoot it off into space as a warning to extra-terrestrial life to avoid this planet. Love you Rivers.


The taking of the people songs like Billie Jean for Michael Jackson


Weezer started as a good joke, now it’s a bad joke

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