Bethel Music - We Will Not Be Shaken (Live)

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We Will Not Be Shaken (Live) Tracklist:


I read the comments some make. Just know that this music is not made to entertain your boringness. This music is made to speak to the ones who need who hear.


They say art is merely an imitation of the physical world, a manifestation of what man see with his own eyes. Bethel Music basks in the glory of the Creator's good works, and merely reciprocates their feelings with praise that arguably represents the best among their peers of modern Christian song. Simplistic lyrics that have sufficient substance, backed by very powerful musicality, comparable to the pioneers name Empires by Hillsong United--if not that, better. You Are My One Thing rings and repeats verses in its bridge that tug at heartstrings, both sonically and lyrically. In Over My Head delivers vocals that resemble mankind's plea for forgiveness as well as exaltation to the Creator, a hallmark of what praise should be--like a prayer hung as ornaments on the branches of a Christmas tree. How fitting. How wondrous is this piece of work that shoots them out of this world and into the approval (I'm foolishly sure) of God.

Kristin W

Best. Album. Ever


Very inspiring and encouraging!! Highly recommend!!!


Simply heavenly! Peaceful! Graceful!


May the Lord keep blessing Bethel Music for always coming out with music that brings us closer to God’s presence, “Ever be” and “In over my head” are my favorite and it’s honestly amazing to see people that love the Lord worship God the way they do


Such a beautiful album

Cassie Kurtz

I have always enjoyed Bethel Music's LIVE albums. "We Will Not Be Shaken" is so perfect for this season of life. It has all the songs you'll need to keep hope alive in us and will point your heart to His!


The songs on this album resonates in your soul.. Soaking to these songs puts the atmosphere at peace.. Home.. No longer slaves.. Etc are powerful! Thank you for such an amazing album! Shuffle repeat! I love your other albums also! I'm a big fan! I also love the you make me brave album! In over my head tugged at my heart I was at a place of serving and felt I was at a place of stagnant and listening to in over my head, the lyrics spoke to my spirit.. I needed the lord to move in my life and through the lyrics I related, to a point of surrender. Thank you for taking be back to the place where my heart is only about Him!


Album recommended by friend and I loved after listening once! Not disappointed. Favourite songs are We Will Not be Shaken, You are My One Thing and No Longer Slaves.


Seriously best album ! No longer slaves my favorite

Quentin Hapsburg

It’s not very Christian to be stealing cover art ideas from Arctic Monkeys.


Wow! This album is just as I expected: amazing! It's great soaking music for new moms, or anyone who is hungry for more of God's presence in their life. I find that this's on another level of worship,I It's quite otherworldly and heavenly! I'm moved so deeply by God's love as I listen! I highly recommend this album! It's just beautiful! Thank you Bethel worship teams for all of your hard work! 👏👏👏 Be blessed!


About 3 good songs in the whole album; however, need some more upbeat songs bcus I was falling asleep listening to this album...


Bethel music is amazing! They've grown to be my one of my favorite Christian bands. Both of Jenn Johnson and Amanda cook's songs are my favorites! 😊😊😍😍


Amanda Cook's spontaneous like "when I'm misunderstood, Your love understands me" has ministered to me far deeper than words can say. This whole album is like a sweet encouragement to keep pressing on. Thanks so much for your excellence in all you do!


Bought “We Will Not Be Shaken” a few days after it came out. It has a beautiful smooth sound, thoughtful writing, and powerful worship. Yet another great worship experience from Bethel Music

Joshua Hoyt

This album is a direct line to heaven. I find myself tearing up every time I listen to the life giving messages shared in song; the heart of God is known powerfully through the music of Bethel. The drum beats are on point and tastefully performed.


I couldn’t tell you if its anointed or not, I can’t get past the previews. outside the the Helser Stuff, which is always amazing and totally anointed, but I can’t get into this junk. I don’t know what you call this, I’ve heard more creative things in an elevator. Time to ask the God who created Everything for a little inspiration. Skip on this and go buy a Jonathan David Helser Album, you will not regret it!


I never write reviews of albums, mostly because I don’t consider myself musically intelligent enough! But I couldn’t resist with this latest offering from Bethel. There is a "hauntingly beautiful” melody which seems to run through each track, perfectly balanced and tying the album together. Peaceful. Powerful. Harmonious. Haunting. Beautiful.


this is a must buy! I decided to buy the whole album because buying only one song wasn’t enough!


Powerful, Christ-centered, heartfelt worship. Best by Bethel yet.

Amy Entrekin

I am so impressed with this album and I'm so excited for what is to come. I feel like these song are from my own heart and I'm sure many people can relate. God is doing a NEW thing. Praise the Lord!


The team nailed it on this album! Beautiful songs, awesome worship, incredible music!! So. Much. Yes!


This has accurately captured the atmosphere of adoring worship pouring forth from the heart. Worship songs don’t need to constantly be these big powerful anthems that have these incredibly loud and provoking chorus’ and bridges. Not all of prayer and worship is like that. It’s so refreshing to hear an album that doesn’t sound like they tried super duper hard to make a “contemporary Christian” album that will hit the charts and radio stations for a year and then disappear and nobody will ever remember. Genuine, raw, authentic.


I don't understand how anyone could listen to this and write a bad review. Obviously they haven't had their coffee yet today or something. Bethel, for real! Fire! Lord bless you guys! Thank you for your heart and sending out songs of Hope! Perfect timing. You conveyed the Lords heart to a T! Love, Hannah

Tomás Brady

Not impressed at all.. Be Lifted High was the last decent album out of Bethel… Things keep going in the Hillsong/CCM direction and its sad. Makes you wonder what happened. Don’t spend your hard earned money.


Bethel have the anointing to help user in the presence of God through their music. I find myself declaring and praising God through their music every step of my day.

Greater Works

Bland, boring, and inedible. This album is weak from top to bottom, with the exception of No Longer Slaves, where Melissa Helser nails it. Save your money, go download the Smurfs soundtrack.


This worship set sets the perfect atmosphere for heaven on earth.


I love these songs. Everytime they come out with a new album I get blown away by these beautiful God breathed songs. The talent of these artists is beyond amazing! So grateful for the way their music has influenced my life and given me strength in God during hard times. All praise and glory to The Lord through the people at bethel and the music they write!

Theodore Alverson

OMG I've been waiting FOREVER for this album to come out. I love Bethel Church and the Redding Community :D I can't wait to move down there someday when I go to Simpson University :D Keep up the good work Bethel you guy's take and rock the Holy Spirit in your music.


Once again amaizng, authentic live worship from Bethel. If you don't know them why not? No excuse, you won't be sorry. Life changing stuff. Thank you Bethel worship!

Saint Lewis Band

Bethel church has written & released some of the GREATEST upbeat, high energy, praise song of all time, so what gives? Sure, these songs are beautiful, but I start to battle depression or sleep to listen to more than 3 in a row. I'm sure I'll find a corporate gem or two on this - I almost always do, but maybe mix it up a bit, next time?

Love Wins <><

This album is amazing! Love the message "We will not be shaken", as we try and glorify God in our lives through the negativity and pressure of the world. God is good!

S. Ivey

Bethel CONSISTENTLY brings a new and fresh soundtrack to the intimacy we share in Worship! We Will not Be Shaken is Lyrically brilliant with some of the most well written melodies and professional sound production in worship music PERIOD. This music INSPIRES me as well as provokes me to worship and I'm THANKFUL for this anointed team! GRACE FOR MORE AND DEEPER be unto you!

The Bravest of Fans

This worship album is the sound of the day! If you’re looking for something fresh in the Christian genre, no need to look further.

Caits Marie

love this fresh album from bethel music. i especially liked track four with jonathan and melissa helser. so excited they’ve joined bethel music's collective. definitely recommend..


This album is probably one of the best that has come out in a few years. It's powerful, anointed, and the songs are beautifully composed.


Super stoked it’s finally available for purchase This blessed my life to watch live and now to have whenever, wherever on audio Thank you, Bethel Music. You always display the heart of Jesus and both lead us and teach us how to adore, love on, and worship the King of kings