Keith Urban - We Were

A Hit Red Records/Capitol Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2019 Hit Red Records, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

We Were - Single Tracklist:


Love this song! It's soooooo Keith, not like some of the nonsense that made up Ripcord; having said that, I can appreciate an artist wanting to experiment. Now that that's out of his system, Keith is getting back to what made people fall in love with his music in the first place...great lyrics, smooth playing, terrific melody. I am looking forward to his new album.


This is pop/rock. 1 star because you have it in the wrong genre.


Love that Keith is leaning back towards his original style. His past 2 albums were good but seemed to be leaning more towards pop music. Glad he's rediscovering his country roots !


Ripcord was a nice experiment, albeit a stray from his country roots. "We Were" is a warm, melody-driven piece with plenty of guitar- which I missed on Ripcord. This reminds me of when I discovered Keith, and why I became such an admirer of his music and the outstanding engineering of this mix.


He’s coming back

Farmer bry

He’s coming back y’all!!!


This is way better than his last album


We like keep it coming with the new album


Can’t believe this isn’t on apples Country a list playlist, charts, new music, nothing. Great song! Grey banjo! Great lyrics


As this song plays, my mind goes back to first love and the memories created over the years flash in my mind. Once again, Keith has been able to touch the heart with a beautiful song so many can relate too. We Were...and I’ll never forget. Absolutely love this song♥️

Miller str

Keith can do anything and it will always sound great!!


So glad to see this sounding like old Keith!! Didn’t care for his last album too much. This is his music and I can’t wait to hear more!!


Didn’t care for Keith’s last album but this seems like he’s going back to his original roots. Can’t wait for the new album.

Country Guy4587

First review. Get this single. :)


Brings back such beautiful memories! There’ll always be that special place in my heart, that’ll always be just yours, even after all these years Dianne 💞✨💫🌈🌅

Coack Kick

Loved it. Took me back 25 years and reminded me of who I used to be - I wouldn’t trade who I am now for who I was then, but I sure would t mind an occasional visit!

Meghan ❤️

He never disappoints! Man, the song is great! Good driving song, as well!

Super Talented Keith Urban

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this single to be released. I am happy to say I love the song. Looking forward to a new album coming sometime in the future. Great song by Keith Urban.

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