Avenged Sevenfold - Walk

℗ 2007 Warner Records Inc.

Walk - Single Tracklist:

Jayy vines

Awesome remember this Awesomeness




Great version of Walk!


Seeing as how Pantera and literally everything about them absolutely blows, I’ll take this version instead.


Great cover


I like what they're trying to do, but nothing can compare to Dimebag's guitar sounds and Philip's vocal output

Poly 47 wire

I could just be tone-deaf, but I don't see much difference between this and Pantera. So if you have one version of this song (being a7x, or Pantera) you don't need the other.


So very not cool!!


It's okay, as long as you don't look at the fact that this is Pantera's song. Avenged Sevenfold can't exactly pull of their sound. That's not always the point of a cover, but this was a risky move. Pantera is huge. I'll still bump this, though.


People obviously don't understand what it means to pay tribute to a band! This is a great cover! By no means are they trying to show up Pantera, but come on, they obviously love this song enough to play it and have fun with it. People need to chill out and find something better to do than hate. Avenged for life! Great cover!

Pro owlet

This is to the people who gave avenged sevenfold one star for doing this remake pantera may have been a better band but they are not around anymore dimebag is dead the other members are doing other things besides there not trying to copy them there trying to keep that bands music alive I don't think pantera would have said it sounded bad plus one of panteras members was a druggie I like there music but I would not like a band that was into drugs


I have no idea why AS thinks they can be better than the almighty Pantera... But regardless the original is a hell of a lot better!

Darth Tobito

It seems these negative reviews are by a bunch of Pantera fans who hate only because this is Avenged Sevenfold.


Avenged Sevenfold covers Pantera? Heck yes. Love it. Just wish iTunes would have Diamonds in the Rough.


I love A7X not my favorite song since its a tribute by pantera which is a band I don't prefer... I'm giving them a pass on this song


Ok for all of you who are leaving low comments saying that Avenged will never be as good as pantera or this should not have been covered. When you cover a song you do it out of respect, not to make it better. Im sure A7x are huge pantera fans and dont think that they intended on making a classic better...enjoy a new take on a good song and dont hate just because its not pantera...


It's a good cover but wish they had live in the LBC album though


By no means is it any close to as good as Pantera, a7x's take on this legendary song was not that bad.....until shadows opened up his mouth sounding like a fricken lawnmower.


Makes you wanna break through walls. The revs drumming is critical. All as one its Epic! A7X 4LIFE!


good but i prefer Walk by Pantera


I am a huge a7x fan aswell as pantera, but u just cant beat the origanal in this case. But i couldnt have picked a better band to ATEMPT to cover such a great song

Luke O'Neal

Well, this is a pretty good cover. I love M. Shadows' voice, but his range doesn't really give the grunge this song needs. I like this cover overall though.

Penguin poop 173

Im a HUGE A7x fan and same goes for Pantera. I understand that this is a cover song and it was supposed to have the A7x touch to it but the are just...


Sick. Now remake 5 minutes alone. There's no way you can top pantera on that one.


People need to understand that it's a cover song from a band that inspired A7X and to talk down because of the differences is silly, if it were too similar it would be pointless, they added just enough of their talent to the song to make it unique, i'd agree that the original is better, but for a cover, this is well done by a group that has talent I hope to hear more of their older songs done over by future bands that were inspired by A7X


This song would be five stars if it was instrumental, because they made Pantera's guitars sound pretty much exact, which is awesome. But Shadows completely ruins it with his voice, which is usually pretty good. Pantera- Walk- 10/10 Avenged Sevenfold- Walk- 5/10


It's alright. I much prefer Pantera.


I have to say Disturbed's cover at ozzfest was way better

LH Justin

I think A7X's talent is wasted covering other people's songs. They have their own special sound, and it can only be communicated through their writing.


A7X did the best cover version of Walk by Pantera EVER!!!!!!


I love a7x but this new crap they are trying to sell just isn't doing it for me. They have gotton way too soft, theres no screaming or cursing =(. In my opinion Waking the Fallen is still my favorite album, I got it when it first came out when I was nine and I am still not sick of those songs.

Jordan... A7XFTW

This is definetely a GREAT song, no doubt, and I have to say I like Avenged's better.


NO way could Avenged7fold ever carry the flame that Pantera lit. They didn't even try to make into something of their own. Terrible, shameless, and in bad taste. These guys have made a living off of riding other's coattails, and I can't believe people cannot recognize this! SHEEP! Go away av7x! Go back to your job at the gas station and never come back!


This is by far one of the best covers of Walk I have heard. A7X is awesome. So is Pantera. Walk is definitely worth the buy. R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell.


altho no one can beat pantera, this remake is absolutly amazing. people might say its a easy song to cover, and it is, but this is just amazing. another reason why A7X kills ----RIP Dime----


when i first heard it i thought it was the best, then i heard pantera's version and now i think it is just an okay remake of the song, A7X really didn't need to do it.


Pantera did do it better, but that's because they created the song. As far as cover songs go, a very good remake, with a touch of whatever Avenged Sevenfold's genre is.

Quick Eric

It's and ok Re-make.....I mean its pretty good but its needs just alittle more edge to it....Im sure alot of Pantera fans think this is good and some think its bad....Its both...."Fairly Decent"

some dude in arizona

I understand the difference between pantera and a7x but i really like this song its a great cover that i think any a7x or pantera fan should get 1 thing to itunes is that they need to get live in the lbc- diamonds in the rough which is were this song is from reply yes if u agree


This Song Melts my Face off!!!!



Not even close

Why? A great chugging metal song by Pantera is re-done as this. Instrumentally it's decent, but M Shadows just absolutely ruins it with his terrible vocals. Do yourself a favor, don't get this, go get the original by Pantera, and enjoy some real metal.


Avenged Sevenfold Is one of the best bands of the decade (along with Foo Fighters and Audioslave), but this is an ok song. I'd buy the original before I bought this. If you want some better songs, just listen to City Of Evil. Ok song, but Pantera was better.


this song, this band, and pantera are all great. personally, i don't think the song is worth buying as a single. no a7x is not metal and i don't think they try to be but they do like metal and are trying to acknowledge the influence metal has had on their music. anyone who tries to overly glorify OR belittle this version of the song needs to lighten up.

D. Swain

You do not cover Pantera. Dimebag's turning in his grave at you b******s!


im a big fan of Avenged Sevenfold and im only 13 (lol). anyways amazing song and i give it 5 stars. this completes many of my A7X albums i have. I also recommend Disturbed and Slipknot some another good bands. (maybe not the lyrics though =) )


you are right. i hate to say it but its a good remake. he sounds just like phil. its good for a nu metal band.


This cover is well executed by a band with excellent musicianship. Admittedly, A7X is not as good as Pantera, but I see nothing wrong with paying their respects to Dimebag and everyone else.


most re-dos of clasic rock ballads like this are horrible!! but i heard this they would make pantera proud!! every one has to love a7x