Avenged Sevenfold - Waking the Fallen: Resurrected

℗ 2014 Hopeless Records, Inc.

Waking the Fallen: Resurrected Tracklist:

A7x fan 3751

10 out of 10,100 out of 100 best band ever to exist and I don’t see how people don’t like this band it’s probably that those certain people don’t have a great taste of music because this my 1st favorite band love all of the albums a7x if u are reading this keep up the good work


A7X never disappoints!


This has been their best album, even thought i still enjoy Sounding The Seventh Trumpet.

Saul L

Very good album. Worth the money

Hesitant G(air)ard

I just found out that they were releasing this today. HOLY @$*&

The real boss man

About time they bring this masterpiece back this was by far their best album. City of evil was good, so was nightmare self-title. Even hail to the king was good for what they were trying to do on that album I mean it wasn't their sound still rocked but waking the fallen was and still is the best album these king have and ever will put out. A7X FOR LIFE