Avenged Sevenfold - Waking the Fallen

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This album got me into screamo and man there are so many good songs off of it my favorites are: 1. I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1 2. Chapter Four 3. Clairvoyant Disease 4. Unholy Confessions 5. Eternal Rest 6. Desecrate Through Reverence


Genre defining album. Been listening to this for 15 years and will continue to do so. One of my all time favorites.

Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Avenged Sevenfold albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, great piano solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album.


This is the album that started my love of A7X!

Angle ():)

Love it


This album is very good! Waking the Fallen is the greatest album of all time and the band who wrote it, Avenged Sevenfold is the greatest band of all time. All of the bands albums are very good, but I think Waking the Fallen is probably my favorite. You won't regret buying this album. It's very heavy, fast and melodic with a nice blend of screaming and singing vocals. The album shifts to a softer style with the song I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1, before it returns to its heavier style with I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 2. Like every song on Waking the Fallen, and the bands other albums, it's a masterpiece. There is not a bad song on this album. It contains 12 songs, all of witch I rate 10/10. I would recommend this album to any fan of metal or fan of music in general. Waking the Fallen is extremely good and is the best album I've ever listened to in my life.


Avenged Sevenfold at their best!! Amazing album from start to finish!!


This album is an example of the worlds true, powerful, and just outright bada** music. Excellent album A7X!!


Not a single bad track. You should definitely buy this if you enjoy a7x


The definition of A7x


A7X is the best! I wasn't a huge fan of sevenfold's old stuff at first but these songs are actually great. My favorites are unholy confessions, chapter four, second heartbeat, and radiant eclipse


This album is great but i really wish they would come out with more songs like unholy confessions on their new albums. This song has the right balance of everything!


I love this album more than any other album, I love all A7X's music but this is the best. My list for the albums are... 1.Waking the Fallen (The best album they have ever made.) 2.City of Evil (Everything about this album is awesome but Waking the Fallen just barely edges this one out.) 3. Avenged Sevenfold (This was a close one with City of Evil but I think City of Evil is better.) 4. Diamonds in the rough (This is a great album. It's surprisingly good for being a b-side album. 5. Hail to the King (This album is a good album. Not as good as the others but people have to remember it's a tribute to the people who inspired them.) 6.Nightmare (Don't know why there is so much either love or hate on this album, It is good but not even close to their greatest.) 7.Sounding the seventh trumpet(didn't like this one very much, they did a much better job with Waking the Fallen.) Waking the Fallen 8/10. I can't really judge this song as an actual song because it is too short too count as one. It is a great intro though with very dark harmonics which sound really good to start an album. Unholy Confessions 9/10. I like every song on the album and this song is really good, it's a very memorable song.. It has great guitar riffs and great vocals. Chapter Four 9/10. I absolutely love this song, The guitar riffs are excellent and the vocals are amazing. It is how a lot of people started listening to A7X. Remissions 9/10. Amazing song! It was my favorite song on this album for a while. Great acoustic guitar and the M. Shadows has an amazing voice in this song, such as this part "A good friend once told me you are memories, without them we equal nothing!" Desecrate through reverance 8/10. This song is awesome but there are some songs better in my opinion. It has some great vocals in some parts, I feel like you have to grow to this song because there is a lot of hard screaming. It also has the most awesome beginning intro riff ever (it reminds me of the intro from save me.). Eternal Rest 8/10. Awesome song, it has the best intro ever and has awesome vocals and has very good guitar parts in the middle of it and I like how the whole pace of the song completely changes in the middle of the song. Second Heartbeat 9/10. This song my third favorite of this album and even though I like live in the LBC version better( I would give that a 10/10), this song is amazing. The beginning guitar is unforgettable, it has so many wonderful moments of M. Shadows' vocals and so many notable guitar parts, and the ending solo is just so awesome. Radiant Eclipse 8/10. This song is great too. I love how the electronic beginning slides in with the hard riffs and wonderful vocals. I won't see you tonight pt.1 10/10. This is tied for my favorite song of this album, and may very well be my favorite song ever. Everything about this song is just amazing, it is a great ballad, the piano intro is just amazing, the guitar solo in the beginning is outstanding, and the vocals are the best in the album(have I mentioned M. Shadows is my favorite singer.). You really have to appreciate music- and I don't mean appreciate rock music, I mean appreciate true orchestral music- in order to like this song. I won't see you tonight pt. 2 7/10. This is my least favorite song in the album. It has some notable vocals. It's still a decent song though. Clairvoyant Disease 10/10. I absolutely love this song, This is tied for first with I won't see you tonight pt.1. First of all, this is the most underrated song A7X has ever made, Second, most people don't understand the true genius behind this song. It has great vocals and it basically started a lot of songs in the future. If you listen really well the intro sounds like unbound, and it started the synthesized trumpet for a little piece of heaven, also in one part, it sounds like nightmare. I feel that most people are going to like this song more than my other favorite song because it is more hard riffs and metal than the other one. And all things will end 8/10. I believe out of all there albums this is the best one to end an album. It has great vocals and guitar riffs, and the ending solo is awesome because it starts with a normal solo and then becomes very distorted and then it finally stops, and then the drums stop and then the album ends. For most of the album if you don't really like screaming you just have to keep on listening to this because you get more and more used to it. I hope my review was helpful.


Glad to see so much appreciation for this album. I always thought of it as sort of a hidden gem, but apparently more people have gotten the word out. I can listen to it all the way through and it never gets old.


The best without a doubt

Urmom :3

There isnt anyway you cant like this album. It blew me away for sure. This album may be like 10 years old, but you will still be listening to all these songs today they are so good.


Easily my favorite album just about of all time. Been listening to it for awhile. I love the screaming for hardcore A7X, love their new stuff too, but this stuff just makes you bob your head to the riffs and M. Shadows killer voice. 😎


Wen i first listened to this album all the way through i was crying the whole time!!! it was that Good!!!!


Awesome vocals, guitars, and drums

Johnny B Nutty

I usually don't like this type of music. But this... Is... Just... AMAZING!

Co-D B.

I love this album as much as all the others. It's like an improved version of sounding the seventh trumpet. Though avenged sevenfold changed their style, their old style is still amazing! Love a7x foREver


I love this soo so much I hate it when people say I don't listen to real metal or hardcore what ever u wanna call it but seriously show me more hardcore than this canibal corpus (idk how to spell that) and suicide science then I'll agree. But this is amazing!!! #unholyconfessions

M. Blackburn

This is my favorite album by far than the others. The music is just so deep and heavy and the drum patterns are easy to follow unlike their first album. I call this their 2nd best album because I feel like either Nightmare or Hail to the King is their best. Overall the album is totally amazing. PS I kinda do wish they had kept up the metalcore sound but I appreciate their choice in switching to more of a hard rock and heavy metal band.


Can't believe I used to listen to this. I'll stick to real rock and roll. Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, the Rolling Stones etc.


Their best work. WAAAAAYYYY better than Hail to the King


it may take some getting use to if you dont listen to this type of music verry often but trust it will keep growing on you untill you love it.


i personally think this is is their best album and i think anyone who likes heavier music cold agree

James "the reverend" Sullivan

Buy all there albums do it...do it for James


This is REAL Avenged Sevenfold!


Every song is amazing but since I think everyone's top 5 is wrong here's mine 1.Desecrate Through Reverence 2.And All Things Will End 3.Eternal Rest 4.Second Heartbeat 5.Chapter Four Don't know why Unholy Confessions gets so much love, one of my least favorite songs on the album.


IMO, A7X's best album. This and Rapture are fantastic metalcore albums. Not too happy with the direction they took after this, but to each their own


Must buy. My second favorite album from them. I love "I Won't See You Tonight" Part 1 & 2. Amazing songs. You're crazy...but you're missed Mark.


This is the LAST good album they ever produced. Everything after this is absolute trash. Their post W.T.F album stuff is pathetic at this point, honestly.

The deathbat who wrote this

Their best album by far, i wish they went back to a similar style such as Waking The Fallen, although i still love Sounding The Seventh Trumpet, City of Evil, Avenged Sevenfold (S-T), Diamonds in the Rough, Nightmare and Hail To The King. Avenged Sevenfold foREVer! Waking The Fallen is and always will be their masterpiece.


My favorite album by A7X. My favorite album of all time.


Amazing. This album NEVER gets old


This album has it all! Hard riffs, fast shreds, big drums, soaring vocals, and bone-breaking screams. It's certainly worth the price.


Unholy Confessions is way overrated. But still my second favorite album by them next to City if Evil. 1. Eternal Rest 2. Reminissions 3. Chapter Four



A7X is sam's favorite band

one of the best albums of all time for sure, and honestly i dont get why people dont like this album and praise nightmare? i think nightmare is the worst album and this is one of there albums! 1. city of evil 2. waking the fallen 3. avenged sevenfold OR sounding of the seventh trumpet 4. avenged sevenflod OR sounding of the seventh trumpet 5 nightmare i know everyone will disagree but thats just my opinion

mr. ipod#1

Best album ever.


Great album


Literally the best album I've ever heard lol so much so that waking the fallen has become my alarm for waking up in the morning and at less than 2 mins its the perfect length. So what would I rate this, well a 5/5 a 10 outta 10 this album is perfect


This, with Sounding the Seventh Trumpet following closely behind, is the band's magnum opus. It is incredibly well balanced and has a great deal of variety. The chorus in Radiant Eclipse is very moving. The Swedish melodic death metal riffing in Unholy Confessions is great. Overall a great metalcore album. But more importantly....a great METAL album.


in my opinion, this was the best album made by A7X. dont get me wrong, i love all of them, but i think Waking the Fallen was the most balanced out between all the instrumentation and vocals (screaming also). even if you don't like the screamo stuff, this is still a great album to listen to because it has a little bit of everything. from the softer kind of rock (i won't see you tonight pt.1), to the really heavy stuff (eternal rest). if you are looking to get into A7X this is a great album for first impressions. Best Songs (random order): 1. Chapter Four 2. Unholy Confessions 3. I won't See You Tonight pt.1 4. Second Heartbeat 5. Remenissions


But is still WAY better than Nightmare!


This album is truly one of the best albums I have ever heard in the history of mankind, if you like metal, you should listen to them 👍👍👍👍


It's really strange that I love this album so much, because usually I'm not a big fan of "screamo" It's not really bad, persay, but it kind of...gets old. Don't get me wrong, I love a good "growl" here and there, because it adds passion to the piece, but when a group is constantly screaming at you, I just don't get it. It leaves me confused. And yet, this album, with all of its screaming, is insanely good! It's still not too much that the listener feels overwhelmed, and the screaming from Avenged Sevenfold is one of the best I've ever heard!