Bethel Music - Victory (Live)

℗ 2019 Bethel Music

Victory (Live) Tracklist:

Future Pastor 777

I need breakthrough worship to speak over my life....speak to the mountain and see it MOVE!!! The song Raise A Hallelujah is exactly that....Breakthrough!!! LOVE Bethel worship!!!


This music funds conversion therapy. Bye.


This “church” promotes conversion therapy. 10/10 queer people are awesome. Listen to queer people.


The profits from this music support conversion therapy.


That really hit my hart in the right spot!


NO...Epic Fail. You rush too much on your songs. Since members left....maybe you should change your name. Sorry but EPIC fail here.........just sayin. And WHY the repetitive songs?? They all sound the same.......yawwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

P31 Anna Grace's Mom

The album in which I discovered Molly Skaggs. “Ain’t No Grave” brings you to the roots of Appalachian gospel music. “Raise A Hallelujah” is an anthem to the power of worship. Thank you Jesus & the writers for these songs specifically! 👏🏼

Scotty 1 fan

This is my favorite worship song at the moment. It is amazing, and Bethel sings it so well!! I definitely recommend this album, as many of the other songs are amazing as well!


I love this song, and highly recommend it to anyone who needs a reminder of who our God is; ALL POWERFUL!!



Dylan the worshiper

No matter how you look at it God is all over this album. But one song stands out. Raise a hallelujah. This is one we will look back ok I’m fifty years as one of the greatest. Thank you bethel for following God

by britton😸

This song is not about who sings this song where it is blah blah blah it’s about praising Jesus and raising the hallelujah because he is our lord and Savior and if you don’t think that you’re wrong so all you one two and three star reviews change it to five now because he is alive and he is watching all you haters make bad reviews


I have recommended this album to everyone that I know. EVERYONE. I usually love 2-3 songs on every album--but this one...every song but 2 of them is INCREDIBLE (and those 2 are just personal preference...still good songs, just not my thing). Kudos to the Bethel Music Team. An album called VICTORY...and it's all about VICTORY. Timely. Uplifting. Encouraging. Songs that you will wake up singing in your head. Move over personal top 10 Albums, VICTORY just took #1 spot! GREAT ALBUM.

Abraham Thomas 2012

“Goodness of God” —what an awesome song. Lyrics, voice talent and arrangements all are really awesome. Great job guys. Blessings


Just when you think they can't top their previous effort, Bethel Music does it again. "Goodness of God" is deep and moving. A powerful song. Congratuations to the whole team. (again)


I’m glad you made this song


Molly is my cousin, and I am SO PROUD OF HER. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️😃😃😃 THOSE TRUTHS ABOUT JESUS’ VICTORY, CHILLS, YOU GUYS. My mom and I were dancing around the house, and I felt the Spirit! Hallelujah! You go, Molly! And I love love love EVERYTHING Bethel Music does, so I’m sure I’ll love this album too! Also, um, in case you guys forgot, Amanda Cook and Steffany Gretzinger have just (or about to) released their own full albums, so... it makes sense. Also, I think it’s awesome that other people are leading and getting to be on the album! This album speaks truth, is anointing, and SPIRIT-FILLED. Buy it.😉


There are so few worship bands that produce direct worship of King Jesus. Bethel is a definitely one of them. Tides, and Have it all, to name two. If direct Worship is important to you, support those who produce it. Buy it, even if it’s not your favorite. You are funding the next album.


Awesome song born out of an amazing story of God’s faithfulness!


Read Ecclesiastes 3. This album is stand alone and needs to not be compared to when your celebrity worship leaders participated in other albums. You make erroneous assumptions about why they aren’t on the album with no real knowledge. Just enjoy the inspired works of God. Also, this album is beautiful. It’s so well done, the songs are incredible and I’m glad to be exposed to even more great bethel artists!

just some guy on iTunes

A clone of every other album they’ve already released! Another $20 I can spend to listen to the same songs with different words! I swear Bethel is worse than Nickelback. Write something original. Oh wait, you can’t. New age brain dead congregation.


Bethel Music does it again! Thank you guys for another quality album and for stewarding the anointing /gifting on your lives and ministry so well!!!


I’ve been a fan of Bethel since the start and honestly to me this is the same sound and feel of No Longer Slaves and those earlier albums, it’s still great, sure, missing a few members but it’s not about the members now is it? It’s not about temporary people and idols, celebs that we glam up on Instagram and make THEM into someone now is it? It’s about THE SOMEONE, and that’s JESUS so if the music helps you feel good and also translates across that it HAS EMOTION in it FOR Jesus and not just the feeling of emotion because it’s a song (get what I’m saying) then it’s still good. To me, Jesus always will be the focus on these songs and with any good Christian group, regardless of who’s in it. Check Out metalcore act August Burns Red, even their latest song Midnight sounds slightly different yet the lyrical content is the same saying, I was lost and alone but you took me in and gave me a home, now let me do the same for you, we’re all fighting the same battle, we’re not alone. If it’s about Jesus, it’s GOOD. 5/5 from me


Great album!

Virginia Pensyl

This album is beautiful, God has really touched this music ministry. It’s kind of sad that some people will rate this one star and won’t give it a chance because their favorite artist isn’t in it, but the reality is that God writes these songs through different worshippers and He does a perfect job no matter who is singing. Christians shouldn’t be divided. We need to support wholesome music like this. Thank you Bethel! God Bless your ministry.


This entire album is great. I love that they have introduced new voices. Listening over and over.


Thanks Bethel Church for the blessing you are to the entire body of Christ around the world!


Based on the release dates, I expected this to be the English counterpart to the Spanish piece. But it’s not, and it’s very confusing. It would be very nice to listen to the English and Spanish side by side. But other than that, very good ❤️


I haven’t purchased an entire album in a long time, but when I started listening to this one, song by song, I loved each one so much that I had to purchase the entire album. I’m so glad I did! Love it! Glory to you Father!


Great songs, wonderful musicianship, good vocals. You can feel the heart behind their singing, and that’s not always easy to accomplish. I love their sound with their instrumentation. Very well done! Congrats Bethel Music on another successful album.

Good christian music

I’ve always enjoyed the worship music bethel puts out! Can’t wait to put these tracks on repeat lol


Loved it :)


I have all of their albums. I was surprised that I just don’t like this one. This one doesn’t have the same sound as the others. It also doesn’t carry the same presence.


I love this album! Love worshiping to such great music!

cmt ♥️♥️♥️

this is gonna be awesome. i can not wait for this. bethel is so Spirit-anointed, and i’m so excited to finally have a new album playing in my room. thanks bethel. update...still five stars, but after looking at other reviews, i have to add this: even though there is no steff or amanda, that doesn’t matter. bethel is still praising the Father, and they’re still Spirit-anointed. melissa, jonny, jenn, brian, etc. all have just as prophetic voices and gifts as steff and amanda, and while i will miss my favorite girls, i am looking forward to hearing new voices like emmy and bethany. also, jeremy left bethel to minister to more peeps at a different church, so don’t judge on him. it’s so sad to see people judging the way they are. one more thing: molly did not cover a johnny cash song. she took the old song and turned it into her own, bc she loved it and melissa suggested she write her own version. friends, let’s not judge just by what we see, and take some time to dive deeper and find out what’s really there, what’s going on behind the scenes, the song stories, and the hearts of the leaders. every single one of these leaders has a passion for Jesus, just as much as steff, amanda, kristene, and jeremy. let’s love each other like Jesus loves us. update #2: i can hear amanda on endless alleluia singing background vocals. just saying.


THIS album matches our seeking of the Holy Spirit in this season of our family finally walking in God’s victory and freedom in our lives and miracle that is being done in our baby daughter! The lyrics are so anointed and my family is so thankful to have spirit-filled worship like this album! Love and feel the presence of God in every song! THANK YOU Bethel Music! May you continue to funnel the anointing of God into the world through your music and hearts dedicated to God!


There’s only a couple good songs but the rest of them have a late 90’s, early 2000’s feel unfortunately.


Love, love, LOVE this album!!!

The Infectious Jerm

I found this album to be a breath of fresh air and I love the heart and passion behind this album. So many stand out songs that are great for congregations such as Raise A Hallelujah, Stand in Your Love and Goodness of God... I enjoy the simplicity of them and the rustic arrangements that offer some grit. Being from North Carolina myself, it’s wonderful to hear that sound influencing music out west. I also enjoyed hearing other worship leaders share their heart and I’m excited to see who else emerges in the years to come. Thank you Bethel Music for providing some incredible songs of praise and adoration of Jesus!


I love the cd! I’m not sure why anybody would give this a bad review! Weird! It so good and I can’t wait to go to the concert in Detroit, Mi for my birthday!!!! Woo hoo!!!🙌🏻

Olivia Citro

Having this album on in my house, washing over my small children with God’s promises and love, is a constant encouragement. These songs help shift my focus daily onto Christ. Great job to the Bethel team. Thanks for pouring your heart out into this album for all of us.




Bethel your heart for God shines through again.... thank you for remaining tender toward Him and pliable in His hand. Thank you for sharing!!


Love every song! It’s all about Jesus! I can listen to this all day and encounter Him every single time. Thank you Bethel Music for making Him the priority and nothing else. I say y’all killed the game!🔥


Another life giving album. Each one seems to surpass the previous. Wow!!!


Regardless of worship leaders whom are usually on featured albums, I love how Bethel is exposing other worship leaders to take lead on this new album. God’s presence is still in the midst and the message Victory I believe is a prophetic message speaking over our lives, this nation and this world.


All those who are saying this isn’t good because there’s no Amanda or Steffany need to take a step back and think. Is it about these artist or about worshiping the Father? It’s not about them. Don’t like it don’t listen. This album is amazing!


This is the best album Bethel Music has come out with yet. All great worship songs and a refreshing vibe that isn’t the typical worship wall of sound. Love it!


Honest review is that it sounds like a typical Christian album, but I bless everyone a part of it and hope that many feel saturated in the love of Jesus because of it!


As a fellow Worship pastor I applaud Bethel for this Album and the lives I believe it will touch through the very personal stories in these songs. Many of their songs and music over the years have really ministered to me and God has used powerfully in a mighty way. And I’m also grateful for their influence on the church as a whole As I’ve noticed many ministries have become more open to the Holy Spirit moving in their worship sets that would otherwise stick to more of a hard line structure in the past. With that said though also coming from the position of someone passionate about worship and songwriting I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of the quality of the writing on this album. The thing is this isn’t just a bethel thing it’s a issue I believe in the music industry in general and especially with worship albums becoming so mainstream. I feel like the pressure to be releasing a new album every year and to constantly be pushing new stuff out has actually hurt the worship scene and songwriting in general. Every new bethel album I feel like there are less and less songs that click or pull me in and I feel like many of the songs start to take more of a generic route because they just had to have a new song for the next album. I know this is not the heart of Bethel to just make money but the pressure to sustain and constantly put something new out I feel has taking what could of been an amazing album to an average album at best. Again I really love you guys and everything you’re doing but please take what is said in this review as constructive criticism. Thanks