Various Artists - Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

This Compilation ℗ 2014 Marvel Music, Inc.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist:


It’s a great movie and soundtrack

King Willy III

Sounds so good!

somewhat mariah fan

Good movie and soundtrack

Texas boy Luke

These songs are really good


Bought it exclusively for the songs, to add to my “Cookin’n’Dancing” daily personal exercise routine playlists. (Based on what I saw in other reviews, I think I’ll seek out a physical CD of the Soundtrack to buy, for it appears having the physical disk—if one is available—to be the only way I’ll actually have predictable access to those songs...).


My favorite movies in the series, along with Thor: Ragnarok. The Guardians of The Galaxy have a chemistry cemented by great music. The choices are solid and sync with the scenes in the movie very well.


Appears to be bugged, vanished from library

Trust and Us



I bought this when it came out on this iTunes account and come and get your love disappeared. Now it says I don’t own it.

abbys army

You get your money’s worth


My son and I bond over Marvel movies and this is our favorite album so far. It gets him familiar with older songs and reconnects me with some that I grew up with.


Guardians of The Galaxy is my favorite movie, and I love the songs in it. I have watched the movie about 20 times already and I plan on seeing it more.


I agree with Moe the lion redbone is so good and I also like escape


I bought the album 2018 now I have to repurchase it??


Just wish u could buy the songs separately


Love old songs just classic


I love guardians of the galaxy and the song hooked on a feeling.

Moe The Lion

Best soundtrack: Come and get your love


Watching guardians of the galaxy v2

Movie Anarchist

It’s difficult to describe the great feelings I get every time a song from Peter Quill’s mixed tape is played, but the one that starts the movie has special meaning to me. It was 1974/1975; I had just smoked some “Acapulco Gold,” put on my headphones and placed a 10 CC album on the turntable. I felt like I was floating outside of my body, but when “I’m Not in Love“ came on it was overwhelming. The stereo mix of sounds bouncing back and forth from left to right over and over again, combined with the impact of wearing my headphones, was so powerful that I could swear I was able to “see” the music. This never happened to me before or since, but at that moment I fell in love with that song. I recognized it the second it started playing at the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). Maybe “big boys don’t cry,” but tears came to my eyes.


The soundtrack plays a huge part in the feel of a feel, and it’s crucial in this film. They put together an amazing list of songs to show Quill’s love and connection to his mother and his youth. It’s impactful, hilarious and action packed. Love love love this soundtrack.


Omg I love blue swede and everything else in here! It’s a dream come true and I don’t need WiFi to hear it! Bus rides will be heaven!


I love this movie so much it’s so great I love the song come and get your love it the best💖such a great price to😊💕😂


This is a wonderful soundtrack. I love the old jams!! The music is vibey lol


60's/70's/80's hits is very cheesy for a space opera. Space opera is supposed to have a modern theme like Star Trek and Star Wars, not old fashioned. Orchestral and electronic music is much more stellar, celestial, and cosmic. Listen to the film score even though it doesn't seem to have synth. But I guess this is the music that Star-Lord grew up with. If I wanted old hits like these in a Marvel or DC movie, I'd rather have it in a down-to-Earth movie than in a space opera.

Amanda Laughery

Bought this album months ago now it says I don’t own it???


When we got it .already loved the movie and music I loooove this album

corey arenado


Marina's pity party!!!❤️👾

Giving it 5 stars because Moonage Daydream is on it. Love David Bowie. The rest of the music is really good too, but I only listened to most of this, not the whole thing. I like how it’s older music.


It is truly an awesome mix

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