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Van Weezer Tracklist:


Love these tracks so far! Very fun, spunky, refreshing music - bribing me back to the 90s sound with a new attitude. Sounds great!!!


The longest album chilling out in the “pre-order” section on iTunes, I’ve ever seen. Not a huge Weezer fan, but do like some of their tunes; I feel bad for the true fans who keep getting tormented and tortured each time this album is delayed. Maybe a 2023 release?


Why has this been up for pre-order nearly a YEAR before it's to be released? Is this an album Weezer is thinking about doing? Are they writing, recorded, and releasing one song at a time until they have an album's worth? If you're seven to 12 months out from releasing an album, you probably haven't even recorded it yet. I have to look at this pre-order graphic - number one on the pre-order list - until next summer? And you're inviting reviews on an album that doesn't yet exist? And the album's namesake just died? Take. This. Down. It's way too soon. It makes Weezer look desperate.


By then they could record and release another record. What a money grab. Their early (and some later) releases will always be some of the best rock ever. But delaying an album a year to make sure to get the most out of profits when fans are DYING for any distraction from the horror of the world.... so uncool. IDLES, METZ, Deftones, Childish Gambino, Hot Snakes and tons more released music during the pandemic, (thank god). This isn’t freaking Tenet Weezer. Don’t you have enough money???


Wish I hadn’t preordered this when the first single came out. I wouldn’t buy it now out of principle... waiting another several months for this release is ridiculous and from the outside feels pretty selfish. I do like the first two songs but the wait is ridiculous and I’ll be much less excited when the album comes out now.


I cant stand old weezer which is just dirgy guitars and and cringey embarresing songs. listening to the first two great new songs its clear Weeezers direction noadways is more the black album and pacific daydream than the endles bores of pinkerton era. yawn. I want well put together radio friendly songs with acoustic guitar and lots of background vocals. THANK YOU for leaving the distorted dirge guitars away and making things sound sooooo much more interesting and poppy

Caffie colp

They had some good songs in the past but it’s over for them now.

werewolf 92



Weezer are known for cranking out albums fast. So they could’ve released this and wrote a whole other album by next May... especially since “ok human” is supposed to be coming apparently. Singles are great though. Including the new one for the new bill and Ted movie

whisky a go away

I hope they gave Eddie Van Halen a writing credit on this tune. That’s his riff from Panama leading into the chorus. C'mon


This is a year out just take it down and put it back up as the time gets closer.


You've got to be kidding! Not releasing this album until May 2021 is nutty. I've always liked Weezer most of the time. Not enough songs on this album available to give a decent review


Does anyone know what the plan here is? Its been TBD for a month and a half.


Weezer is still great. After Nirvana had to not exist anymore they filled the gap in America and Oasis England. Rivers Cuomi is still A genius pop rock classic masterpiece songwriter. And if the song Hero doesn’t remind you and all of us of that fact then I would rather ears not exist. Easy to understand why that was one of the two songs available until full album release.


The reason they’re pushing it back could be for financial purposes, maybe. But the way people reacted to the black album may have given Weezer a chance to work on the music they were gonna come out with. I honestly enjoyed the black album and I’m gonna get this one too. No, I’m not happy about the release being next year but I’ll wait. There’s other music out there.

Drake Techmaker

End of the Game sounds good but I would rather be in a cage with a lion on steroids for an hour than listen to hero for one minute.

Mr. Berns1

No one is gonna care by the time this comes out

The Bradleyss

Their last few records have been extremely dissapointing. This single makes me think there might still be hope....but we'll see. On the other hand, it isn't going to be released until 18 MONTHS FROM NOW? What's that about, other than laziness? It shouldn't take that long to record 50 songs, let alone nine.


Putting this album off for another year is an absolute slap in the face to the fans who need some inspiration now more than ever. Whoever made this decision should really reconsider.


I haven’t been too much of a fan since after “Pinkerton” and “Pork and Beans” was the last song I liked from them. But finding out the release date has been pushed back a year right before the original release date is not cool. Looks like a glitch in the upcoming new releases section and I’m frankly tired of seeing this as one of the top upcoming releases. With so much music at our fingertips these days, bands can get phased out by even the most loyal fans. Weezer, do the right thing and just release the album.

1980s Man

It’s a great album.


I really like the 2 songs that are out as of now! They’re authentic and it sounds pretty cool. I’m very confused by the amount of one stars based on the pushed back date; I’m bummed too, but that doesn’t change the quality of the music. Can’t wait to hear more! Hopefully people will give the album a fair chance when it’s released officially.


Yes, they could’ve released this album now while their fans are stuck inside! And yes, they could’ve likely come up with an entire new album between now (May 30, 2020) and when this album will be released (May 7, 2021). But no! We can see where Weezer’s priorities lie; instead of giving this to their fans in a time of hardships, Weezer chooses that what is more important is for them to attach the release of the album to a tour once coronavirus restrictions have eased. In other words, they clearly care more about the financial success of the album & tour than they care about spreading a little bit of happiness to their fans during this time. SMH!!!


Why would you pre-order a album so far out just garbage I’m not buying just out of The principal of it who ever had this idea should be fired


End of the Game is great. Hero is terrible. Stupid that they pushed the album out another year


Wow Weezer is a horrendous band they can’t write rock music that has testosterone if they tried. They should give up

Stephen Raven Brunson

I totally agree with Spike until the whole album is released I cannot see giving it a solid review.


Now it’s for 2021??? ABSURD. No buzz before this one... the far off release date hasn’t helped build any anticipation. It’s over. It’s done. It’s gone. Nerd rock isn’t popular enough for a slow build release...


Why did I pre-order over a year in advance?


Always like the Weezer. I don't just love it. I super love it. I'm going to play this song at 11 during the nuclear apocalypse. It'll make doom fun. uPDATE: Now I have to wait a year. Minus 1 star. I don't like your May 7, 2021 face.

Baseballl Dude

I love the two tracks that were released. I think this will be a fantastic album. As soon as the album is released, I'm changing my rating to 5 stars. The ball's in your court, Crush Music/Atlantic.


What about the people Who pre-ordered back in August


I do not want to see this in the feed for a while other year. Release your boring album and get out of here please.

Singapore Soundcheck

Despite the title, this has NOTHING to do with the mighty Van Halen. Doesn’t sound like VH, doesn’t feel like VH, definitely doesn’t have the balls of VH, and can’t be VH, because there’s no DLR, EVH, Michael Anthony and AVH. All key ingredients to the legitimate and extremely powerful VH sound. You need that monster sound, lead singer rock swagger persona and in your face attitude, a lead guitarist that is not of this world, huge drum beats, and massive base and background singing from the best. Now, with that said, it sounds good so far and I’m sure will be a great Weezer effort, which is fun and catchy, but not anywhere near the best rock band of all time.


Ok, this doesn’t make a lick of sense. Obviously, this album is completed with the original release date scheduled for today, 5/15/2020. However, now it’s been pushed for early May of 2021?!?! Where is the logic in this? I so far have enjoyed the tracks that were released and I was initially excited for this while we’re getting through these “uncertain times”. Listen, I get it that you guys can’t kick off a proper tour to promote this anthem rock hair band concept record but why wait til I assume a time you can tour again? Give your fans a year to digest, enjoy or hate these songs. Whatever that may be. I don’t see the hype of prolonging this any further to go in your favor with perhaps a few new untitled tracks revealing itself within the year. Your album won’t contract the virus but in this current state, it sure feels that way.


What? i need an explanation 7 months ive been waiting.

King Hatch555

You have to be SERIOUS IT comes in 2021?!!!!!!!? I CAN NOT BELIVE THIS, THIS COMES IN THE FUTURE WHAT THE HECK I can not believe this that is it-king hatch


So I pre-ordered the album with May 15, 2020 date and now it’s gonna be released in 2021??? What a letdown!!! Never again...

Billy Bob Joe the 42

Crappy music! By the time this junk is released it’ll have been on pre order for 2 YEARS!!!!


I'm a huge Weezer fan. I've always described its sound as "you know it is when you hear it." What you have so far is awesome. but I just found out we have to wait another year for all the rest of this to come out. BOOOO

brady r creasy

2021 in may what a long wait


2021??? What!




Weezer rocks this album is going to be a good one I can already know it




Huge guitar riffs? Check Infectious melody? Check Relatable lyrics? Check I’ve been into Weezer since day one, and this feels like the Weezer of my youth. I’m so excited to hear the rest of record that I can hardly contain myself. This song is *so* good.

Ryan Riverdale

I’ve hated them so much for 25+ years that I’ve kept buying all their albums on multiple formats - & the first single off this latest attempt at trying to get me to forget the Blue Album and Pinkerton just might drain the bank. Break it down fanboy/girl Weezer purists.

JR for the killers

Van Halen/weezer =awesome

eli how

This song brings back the good weezer though it might not be the Pinkerton album it has elements from the blue album can’t wait for the release


Weezer have proven themselves multidimensional with works like PD, Teal, & Black. Now I’m super hyped for this next record as a return to form with a huge guitar-heavy twist. Excited for the tour, as well.

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