Van Halen - Women and Children First

℗ 1980 Warner Records Inc. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company.

Women and Children First Tracklist:


This is by far the best VH made with DLR. The boys come into their own...Romeo Delight and Everybody Wants Some blasting from my speakers pulling into HS. The good ole days!!


The good old days, not a care in the world... Van Halen blasting out of my under powered car stereo.... man, if I could go back in time....

Ken Hawkins Sr

This is Van Halen when they were the best. Raw and powerful.


Both!! Van Halen absolutely freaking rock without keyboards. 1984 and Diver Down are less satisfying, as is Hagar on vocals. Roth fits the band much better especially great on MS and WACF.


Again the boys tear it up and put out another beast of album. DLR vocals again are amazing. Not sure why so many say he never had range

Liam Connett

Again VH at its best

Nicholas Eisenhauer

It did really hard


This is a great album! "Romeo Delight" is maybe one of my favorite VH tracks. "Cradle Will Rock" isn't half bad either.


The third album effort by the hard rock party band from Southern California is an interesting one. By listening to this record, the songwriting abilities of this band are beginning to flourish. With standout tracks like, "And the Cradle Will Rock" and "Everybody Wants Some", it demonstrates the master power of each member's skill at their respective instrument. "Romeo Delight" is a fast paced number that feels like you are in the middle of a high speed chase. A great album of grit and groove that will continue to progress with each album they release.

A word lover...

This edition of this album sound WAY over compressed! I also have the high definition 192Khz version of this album and it’s totally fine. Apple is supposed to be using this same HD master for the Mastered for iTunes stamp. They must have messed something up during the process. Apple please fix this error!


This is my favorite Van Halen album! Full of memorable chops and licks that leaves you salivating for more! Eddie's amazing guitar work made everyone want to play guitar. A must have classic for your collection. Go buy it now!


I love Roth era Van Halen and this is as good as it gets. It's all hard rock and no fluff. This is a band far away from the synths that would destroy them later down the road. 10/10. Best hard rock album of all time.

Shawner del

Mature & loud…….. Classic must have