Van Halen - Van Halen II

℗ 1979 Warner Records Inc. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company.

Van Halen II Tracklist:


One of the greatest rock albums ever. For 1979, this album was years ahead of its time. Must have. 4.5 out of 5. Great album. Highly recommended.


Dance The Night Away, Beautiful Girl’s, and Somebody Get Me A Doctor are all great. Bottoms Up is one of my least favorite VH songs, but I can overlook it because Dance The Night Away is in my top 3 of favorites.


Great album


There are many fine musical moments throughout the classic 1978-1984 David Lee Roth era Van Halen. But if you want to treat yourself to the ultimate sampling of everything that made this band legends...there’s only one album for ya...Van Halen II. It’s all here. Roth’s tongue in cheek word play served up with style on “Bottom’s Up” and “Beautiful Girls”. A hard rock band by definition, but an untouchable enigma in reality, VH II finds the boys breaking through uncharted sonic boundaries with the progressive, hard driving “Light Up the Sky”, and of course the instrumental tour de force “Spanish Fly.” And the famous VH party hearty swagger? Yeah it’s here. And VH gives it good with “Somebody Get Me A Doctor”. And oh yeah, let’s not forget the hard candy of the sweetest order with “Dance The Night Way.” Van Halen was so on top of their creative game at this point, they didn’t even bother to make “You’re No Good” sound like Linda R’s original. It sounds like a brand new classic. The instrumental intro to “Women In Love” is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever delivered by any modern day guitarist. Eddie Van Halen could do that one minute and next, scorch the earth with the definitive VH II guitar solo which cements “Outta Love” as a stone cold rock masterpiece. California has been home to many great bands. But none rocked the hard stuff better than Van Halen. Pure California Gold. Pour a tall, cold one and enjoy the greatness that is forever Van Halen II.


Folks it doesn't get any better than this album. The boys along with DLR nailed it on this album. It's a shame what today's music had become. I love the fact I grew up with awesome rock bands like this. Passing the torch to my kids


I've heard so many so called Rock and Roll fans say that DLR never had a good voice. Oh no? Just listen to this album a couple times. DLR's vocal style fits perfectly with the musical arrangements. He's lost that high pitched scream over the years (too bad) but it was pleasure to the ears while he had it. From MA's booming bass licks to AVH's pounding drums to Eddie's classic guitar work and DLR's powerful vocals, this album is perfect. It's vintage VH from start to finish!

Paddy Michael

Best Van Halen album period.


Van Halen II picks up exactly where the debut album left off. This album mainly consists of songs that where left over from recordings of the first album that didn't make the cut. Both Van Halen and Van Halen II were written during the band's club days before scoring a record deal. Van Halen II is one of the greatest sophomore efforts to be released by a hard rock band. It contains some great classics. "Dance the Night Away" has a great pop groove that's easy to dance too. "Beautiful Girls" talks of the beach life in Southern California. "D.O.A." and "Somebody Get Me A Doctor" has amazing riffage from the incomparable Eddie Van Halen. The rhythm section of Michael Anthony and Alex Van Halen is just as tight here as the first album. A great continuation of the first album with hooks like no other.

A word lover...

This edition of this album sound WAY over compressed! I also have the high definition 192Khz version of this album and it’s totally fine. Apple is supposed to be using this same HD master for the Mastered for iTunes stamp. They must have messed something up during the process. Apple please fix this error!


Every song is killer. Ed's guitar tone is absolutely MASSIVE. DLR at his coolest. While the high points of "Fair Warning" are VH at their apex, I feel that VHII is the most consistent of their nearly-bulletproof first six LPs.

Rock and Jazz

Wow! I could've had a VH!


I am a diehard Van Halen fan and will say that from top to bottom every song this is the best album I've ever done


I know alot of people love Van Halen 1 the most (it is amazing) however van halen 2 is an extension of the first and dare i say has some of the greatest van halen songs ever written on it incl. D.O.A. , Light Up The Sky, Somebody Get Me A Doctor, and my favorite unknown van halen song outta love again. DLR and Michael Anthony vocals alone are incredible let alone the Van Halen's pumping out their best work on the record IMO With This remaster it never sounded better for all to enjoy BUY BUY BUY