Van Halen - 5150

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5150 Tracklist:


DLR was the perfect compliment to EVH. Hagar’s sappy lyrics are below the level of Ed’s musicianship.


I remember driving through the Rocky Mountains when I was about 12 years old listening to this album for the first time with my cousins. Powerful album indeed. Needs a sound remaster though. 4.6 out of 5.0


Ah the summer’86 and this album set the tone. Incredible from start to finish.

Bowtieprof 1

This album has so many great songs including one of my favorites of all time (Love Walks In). Lots of people hate on Van Hagar but I think he is fine.


I love Hagar’s voice and the amazing instrumentals in these amazing songs!! Being a 2001 baby, my father grew me up on 5150, OU812, Balance, and of course the classic 1984 with Roth. But this is my most favorite album to date!


This is behind VH1 and Fair Warning, But a really good album. Dreams, Love Walks In, Why Can’t This Be Love, Best Of Both Worlds. Great stuff.


The first 8 songs are fantastic. No band today (2019) can do that.


This album was like a step backwards in my opinion regardless of Sammy Hagar whom I did not like with in Van Halen musically though 1984 was progressive and A step forward as Edward was listening to Alan Holdsworth and implementing some of those techniques, that seem to totally disappear with this album as did anything new.


we just need a remastered version... all Sammy's albums ...

Liam Connett

This is a great album


For many years I followed my father ideology that this simply was just not Van Halen, we were Roth purists. But still curiousity led me to this album, as well as the good natured personality I had came across when listening to Sammy Hagar interviews. The guy is just an around good guy who is extremely passionate for music & his fans. So I listened to 5150, and so a anti Hagar suddenly became open to this version of Van Halen. Hagar added this new element to the band that had never been heard before. Suddenly Van Halen had this vocalist that could add this soaring vocals to the element. This first effort by that band really is their best with Sammy. Suddenly for me Van Halen was no longer a roth days vs hagar days thing it really was just all Van Halen through and through.


This is not a review of the album - there's only a couple of tracks on here that make the cut …but the tune "Summer Nights" still one of eddie's most mind blowing guitar solos & guitar tones - A sleeper track …. & one of their funkiest tunes … that's IT !


Well while people listen to that stupid 21'st century crap I'm listening to the stuff real mean used to listen to back in the day! Screw fallout boy and all that crap! Hello 80's again and forever! I've grown up on this stuff my entire life thanks to my dad! This is where I'm at thanks Van Halen for letting me jam to your amazing songs! I love Summer Nights the most!


Sammy has allways been, and will allways be ten times the singer and lyracist that Dave was. Sorry. And this album was the perfect mix of amazing music with amazing vocals.


Love it. I was a part of a fishing club last year and I listened to this on cassette and talked with my friends at the same time. Summer nights was the highlight of the trip. Best song on the album and I wish I could play it. Overall it's van halen it's awesome.


It's not so much that Van Hagar was bad (albeit they were way more pop-oriented than the merciless raw power of the David Lee Roth era), as they were not VAN HALEN. I think it truly would have been appropriate to change the name because there is nothing similar between the two eras of the band. 5150 is, however, the closest Sammy and Co. come to the "Van Halen sound". As others have mentioned, many of these tracks were written with Roth, or initially with Roth in mind. I mean, who do you think was suppose to scream, "HELLO BABBBB YYYY" to kick off the album? Hagar even attempts some Roth type hoots and hollers along the way. And of course we can all hear diamond Dave singing "Get Up" or "Summer Nights." "Dreams" is a great song, but not a Van Halen song. "Love Walks In" ain't half bad either, but definitely the sort of poppy eighties ballad that drove Roth to strike out on his own. Ironically enough, Roth would put out some of the most blatantly eighties sounding/keyboard-driven music of anybody. But, I digress. Point being this was the closest this band came to sounding like Van Halen. From here on out, they would have been better off changing their name, and more honest to boot.


This album is ok but nowhere near as good as 1984, DLR made the real Van Halen, not Sammy Hagar.




The best way to end the argument before it starts is to say “This is a new band, a great band nonetheless. The original Van Halen’s next album (despite Michael Anthony's absence) is ‘A Different Kind of Truth.’” As for 5150, a great album with no fillers. All the songs are memorable. Eddie’s unusual trebly guitar sound is however inexplicable.


Van Halen was two different bands with Dave and Sammy. Both were great in there own right. Dave rocked but is basic and raw. Sammy is musically better but his style is more bluesy and intricate. If you are a VH fan, this album rips your face of right from the word go. Eddie shows his guitar prowess and Sammy is just a great singer. Period. Great soundtrack for summer driving. It will not dissapoint!


I thought Van Halen was over when DAve left or was kicked out. But when I heard Why Can't This Be Love i immediately knew it was VH...And I LOVED it! They aren't the same band with Sammy but they are great. Sammy is ten times the singer Dave is. Or at least he has 10 times the voice. I think Sammy made VH stick around longer because he made the band interesting and brought in a new audience. There is no doubt that this album and the new VH is more radio savy. Sammy is much more so then Dave. Dave is more of a showman. But the change isn't bad. It is just different. I am sure some VH puritists will be disappointed but trust me this is a truly great album. It is the VH album that sent me back and forward to buy them all. It is ironic that the first Dave VH album was the best and the First Sammy album is also the best of that version of VH.

Biggie Smalls' soul

5150 is the best Sammy era VH album. Great songs include Why Can't This Be Love, Dreams, Love Walks In, Summer Nights, and 5150. Great whammy bar guitar stuff!


This started Sammy Jaguars career with Van Halen and produced one of the greatest albums of all time! Enough said...


The feeling when David Lee Roth left Van Halen in the 1980s was that the band would not be nearly as strong without him. Though their best albums were with Roth, I would rank the Sammy Hagar replacement as the second greatest lead singer change in the history of hard rock. 5150 delivered the same heavy rock pop vibe of 1984, and carried it out effectively. It included several gems for the radio or hard rock fans, such as "Dreams," "Why Can't This Be Love," and "Summer Nights."


This is an amazing album, I could listen to it all day!!!....they never make music like this anymore!!!!


"Dreams" "Why cant this..." "Love Walks In" and "Summer Nights" are all pretty darn good songs. Other than that though ehhh.... I would personally place this 3rd out of the 4 Hagar era albums but its still a decent price on here.


I admit this is an awesome album. But when Sammy Hagar joined the group, he took all the credit mostly, I mean look at him, his own rum, left the group to persuade a solo career, his own nightclub and restaurant, his own beach bar, a bar and grill, he's taking credit for what Van Halen did, they were the ones that got the money to do all that, he's like Vince Neil. So that's why I recommend David Lee Roth over any other Van Halen singer, especially Sammy Hagar. Except for maybe Eddie Van Halen, he was the original singer before they found Roth in 1974


It's just great... "Why Can't This Be Love" and "Love Walks In" are two of my favorite songs, "Summer Nights" and "Dreams" are both mystical and great. You can't forget "Inside" and "Good Enough", both fun songs.


Van Halen is Van Halen, Dave or Sammy, period. This was the first VH tape I ever bought, and after that, I bought all the VH material and loved it, no matter the vocalist. This is the greatest summertime rock record ever, and it's also the best VH record with Sammy -- he took the band to an everyman level, and it was great. Every song is great, and the title track is an underrated classic. Haters go home, VH4EVER.

Uncle Elijah

Honestly I prefer David Lee Roth over Sammy Hagar but that doesn't mean that I hate Sammy Hagar. There is actually some pretty good stuff on here, the albums rocks well and it has a few ballads here and there. It was the 80's , come on! Don't yell at Van Halen for making a few ballads here and there! Power ballads were HUGE in the mid 80's. I think this is the last album that showcased Eddie's work immensly. The sammy hagar influence really takes it's toll on their next album OU812. But the songs rock and it's just a classic 80's powerhouse hard rock album!


When David Lee Roth left Van Halen to pursue his solo career (which consisted of two songs I think) VH needed Sammy Hagar, not the other way around. Why? Because despite their success with 1984, they may have had two or three decent albums, but from what I remember from the famous Roth/Hagar battle, Eddie was tired of doing cover songs, and Roth thought they should do more (anyone remember his two songs after he left VH? "Just a Gigilolo" and "California Girls"). I really don't think Roth had a good voice range, he could never hit those high ones like Sammy. The Sammy Hagar years were the best for VH. The finally one a Grammy for their album For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge and they made way more money with Sammy then with Roth. When they kicked Sammy out of the band and then asked him back for a minute, he left the band for good, formed his own band, and became a multi-millionaire for making his own brand of tequila. Besides having discipline as a musician and a great guitarist, he is a shrewd business man as well. I always thought that Van Halen went downhill kicking Sammy out. I would have loved to have seen what other great albums they could have done with Sammy.

Hope Friedland

I think Sammy Hagar sounds better in Van Halen than David Lee Roth. 5150 is a better album than 1984.

Hoover II

Whether it was the introduction of Sammy Hagar and his musical tastes or eddie's newfound interest in different type of songwriting, van halen definitely lost what they had after dive down. This album is mediocre--not great but certainly not the worst. It's only not the worst because two reasons: a) there are a few really good songs on this (a bunch of god awful ones too) and b) there was a lot of garbage bands back in that era much more worse than VH

VH fan for life

I wasn't a big fan of Dave leaving the group but the girl I was dating at the time begged me to listen to it. I was wrong for doubting. Eddie was still into his keyboard phase and it shows here no matter he wanted to go that direction and he does it well here. Sam did a great job considering the shoes he had to fill. The songs that didn't include keyboards are some of the best from that era of the band. The best thing about the whole Van Hagar era was they brought another guitarist into the mix. This shows how good it can be to have that even though Ed played everything on the album. Not that Ed was any slouch on his own! It show how great they were working together at the time. Alex and Mike do a wonderful job holding down the rythm section as always. If you are a fan of the Sammy years it's a must have.


While the different schools of thought regarding Roth vs. Hagar can be quite polarizing, (It can be kind of like debating who is better between Captain Kirk and Captain Picard) I still like both versions of Van Halen. 5150 brought a shift of direction for Van Halen as they seemed to evolve into more of a mainstream band. While they were still hard rockers, they seemed to be more conservative with their song writing. It's as if they quit making music that they actually liked to make and started making music that they thought people wanted to hear in order to appeal to a wider demographic. Hence, came the ballads and all the mushy songs about love and such (which is O.K., it's just a lot different than what they had ever done before). This album also cemented Eddie's regular use of keyboards on albums, this was not necessarily new, but it definitely became a more prevalent tool of their trade. Nobody wants to go to a Monster truck show to see a tricycle race..."Best of Both Worlds" is, in my opinion, the best song "Van HAGAR" ever made. "Good Enough", "Get Up", "Summer Nights" and "5150" are all very strong songs in their own right as well. The album "5150" was a pretty good start for the new incarnation, but it was quite a departure from what Van Halen fans had known and loved and come to expect. Regardless, it was a huge commercial success when released, and ushered in the age of "Van Halen - the next generation".

Death Doom & Thrash Metal Head

With the exception of Inside, every song on here is awesome. Unfortunately it was all downhill from here for Van Hagar.

Dan Howard

How would I rate this album?: 1. Good Enough (10/10) 2. Why Can't This Be Love (10/10) 3. Get Up (8/10) 4. Dreams (11/10) 5. Summer Nights (11/10) 6. Best of Both Worlds (10/10) 7. Love Walks In (7.5/10) 8. "5150" (8/10) 9. Inside (9/10) Entire album (15/10) Buy this album! It's Eddie's best work!

Drew Harris

I wasn't expecting a good album at first. But, as soon as I started playing it I was hooked. If you're a big Van Halen fan, I would give it a listen.


This is my all time favorite CD. Magical times and magical music. Simply incredible.


5150 is a quintessential 1980's album, if you were a teen in 1986, you probably bought (or at least heard) this album. Look, you don't have to hate DLR to love Van Halen with Sammy. Van Halen is two separate bands, one had/has DLR and the music was good, and one has Sammy Hagar with whom the music was/is also good. When 5150 came out in 86, it was light years ahead of anything any of us had ever heard, it was the future of rock. This album went 6x platinum so it's evident that the band was doing something right. If you love VH with DLR and can't stand the thought of VH any other way, this album probably isn't for you. If you love VH with Sammy or if you are an audiophile, 5150 is quintessential. Personally, I love all of Van Halen's works (except VH3 with Gary Cherone).


Best thing they did was get Sammy. Should have never even started with Dave.


It's ok. To me at least, this album lyrically just isn't that great and the vocals sound kind of forced. also, the guitar solos sound really underdeveloped. It's just ok.


I couldn't believe what I was hearing when this album first hit my tape player. More accurately I couldn't believe that I liked it. I was set to hate the new Van Halen and almost wanted to see them fail, but I bit anyway. I was only 10 when this first came out but I was already drinking in a wide variety of rock. I was a bit obsessed with The Doors and any kind of psychedelic rock. But there was a core of strength in hard rock and heavy metal that kept me interested. Hagar's entry to the band turned Van Halen into something all together slightly different than what it was before. Like me and friends at the time, the band was just beginning to learn focus and drive in their music. These tunes are all tight as hell. Every song is as perfect as it was going to get. Seldom will anyone hear again drums played so well on a studio album. Sure the guitar playing is great, but it's also focused and though something can be said for a wandering guitar, there's something else to be said for a tightly focused and driven guitar effort. It's precise. But what shines on this album other than Sammy's incredible singing are those drums. Alex never ceases to amaze. And though Michael Anthony often gets over-looked you can't have the rhythm this album does without him. He's amazing. This album is amazing. If you ever only bought one Hagar-era Van Halen album... this is the one.

servant of metal

At least Sammy never had a problem singing Dave's songs! As much as I love the Roth-era VH, you can't say the same thing about Dave singing Sammy's songs.

That dude9786)(54

This is probly van hagars best album since most of this stuff was written with Dave however with Sammy on the mic it turns into trash Dave really should have stayed


Skeptical as I was about the addition of Sammy Hagar, I must say this album pulled out all the stops. This album convinced me to remain as big of a Van Halen fan as I ever was, with this collection of flawless music!! With keyboards becoming a mainstay in Van Halen music, 5150 has proven to be the best songwriting from the band yet!! A collection of very melodic tunes mixed with tounge and cheek hard rock songs seems to be the perfect blend, pushing 5150 to be the first #1 album for the band!! Some of the original die hard Van Halen fans felt desserted with 5150 album, but I sure didn't. I welcomed the new mature direction of the band and like the new Van Halen s much as I did the old..........GREAT ALBUM!!!!!! 4 STARS!!!!!!!!!


One of my favorite all time rock CDs. Never get tired of listening to it, esp. While working out. Love it!!!!


Awesome stuff. Just don't listen to it after Fair Warning!


First off, do not try to compare this to one to VH's early work as they not the same thing; Roth era VH is in a class all its own. Eddie got a new vocalist and a whole new sound...this album is the best of that era. It still has the energy and get up and go of early VH, yet, has the start of the new "Van Hagar" sound. Just get this album and judge it on its own wo't be dissapointed!

Paul Heuson

Awesome. Sammy's awesome with VH. Best of both worlds. Sammy's one and DLR is the other.