Green Day - ¡Uno!

℗ 2012 Reprise Records

¡Uno! Tracklist:

werewolf 92

Let your self go

Annoyed girl 120

Just saw them in concert (2016). GREATEST BAND EVER! Love them with all my heart.BUY THIS ALBUM! Absolutely worth the money. LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!! Oh and Billie joe is like 😍😘😘😘 bae sooo ummm BUY THIS

Hannie big

Green day is amazing. This is album is like medicine for me😘😘😘😘😍


green day, my 2nd favorite band of all time, made this terrific, top 5 songs: stay the night LYG nuclear family kill the dj oh love I think it's a great cd, DOS i liked alot, TRE was really good too. Check this out if youre intrested




This is without a doubt Green Day's best album, its well worth $10. It has a different sound then 21st Century Breakdown, but is also still awesome :)


Overall, the trio of albums are way different from any old GD albums, but they do have sprinkles of their past hits. However, these three albums sound like a more mature band because they are getting older, the lyrics are changing, for the better! Sit back relax and listen to UNO last, its the best of the 3! Get well soon BJ, can t wait to see the tour!


So beautiful....I don't understand why people hate it!!! Maybe it isn't the same as dookie, but does that mean it's worthless junk??? No! This album is very good, there was a lot of work put into it and it's a great way to start off the trilogy.


Even though I am only a 10 year old this freaking album is so awesome I was freaking my cheese because it is so cool,best song is let yourself go,but I got the clean version so I won't here them swearing but it's awesome is that they EVEN MADE A CLEAN VERSION

All-So Productions

After my love for Green Day flourished in 2009 after being introduced to there 21st Century BreakdownI begged for more music! So I went back to the old albums from Dookie to American Idiot. After awhile I thought to myself "When will Green Day make a new album!?" And here it is! A skillfully crafted mixture of pop and punk rock, awesome F***! YOU ROCK BILLIE MIKE AND TRE!


Trust me i love the album but why make a clean version. they have never done that. and i personally think 21 century breakdown is better and so is american idiot but it is my third favorite

C. Dowg

This is a really good album, thank you Green Day for making an edited version of this album. I love these guys even more now. :)


After listening to a lot of their older stuff (keplunk- insomniac) i was wowed. then Amarican idiot came out. it was AMAZING! Next came 21 century breakdown which was a really good. and now we Have !UNO!. there is now one bad song on the album! my favorite song is Kill the DJ:)


Loved iUno! have loved them since Dookie and up can't wait for iDos! and iTre!

Billie Joe

This IS the censored version!


This is album is really great, but its not their best. However, I still like to listen to it. The only thing that puts me off of it is that I think they might have censored ¡Uno! Whenever the f word comes up, it's immediately drowned out by guitar or drums. It just doesnt seem like Green Day to censor themselves. Anyone else have this problem?


At first I only liked "kill the dj" and "oh love". But after listening through a few times I must say almost every song keeps me from hitting the next button. Even carpe diem which people don't seem to be that fond of. Love the album, buy it!!


THIS ALBUM IS JUST AS GREAT AS DOOKIE!! :D I can't stop listening to Kill The DJ and Troublemaker!!!! There is no song on the album that I dislike!


Green Day has changed. I am kinda a nooob to this music. So i'm coming from "doesn't sound like they did on Nice Guys Finish Last".... Anyway there is Kill the DJ - one of my fave songs...incorporates funk...really sweet. I also liked Nuclear Family and Let Yourself Go. Pretty solid album! Cant wait til Dose and Tre!


I'm speachless! I demand more censored green day albums!


I'm a huge Green Day fan and have been ever since I first heard American Idiot. After hearing that album, I purchased every Green Day song ever written and listened to them countless times. For about 7 years Green Day was my favorite band but not any more. After 21st Century Breakdown came out, I started to get a bit pessimistic about the band's future. I loved the sound on 21st Century Breakdown primarily because I loved the similar American Idiot so much, but they were just giving us more of the same and releasing chart topping nonsense like 21 Guns (c'mon am I the only Green Day fan that thought that song sucked and was only written to get into the top 40). With Uno, Green Day presents us with a watered down version of the sound that made them famous on Dookie and Insomniac mixed with their sound on Warning; watered down being the operative word. Over the past 8 years, Green Day has done nothing to break the mold of the songs that made them successful. Green Day is one of the biggest bands in music today, and they clearly have no problem with artistic experimentation given the style of the American Idiot Musical. Given that I would really like to see Green Day branch out a little. I would like to see what happens when a band is too big to fail. The Clash, Billy Joe Armstrong's favorite band, started out with classic punk on their first two albums, moved to dub, reggae, jazz mixed with punk on London Calling, and finally moved into rap, world music, new wave, and even more dub and reggae on their most experimental album, Sandinista. You can here a bit of The Magnificent Seven, Sandanista's title track, in Green Day's Kill the DJ which is by and far the best song on the album. For me though, this one song isn't good enough. I'm fed up with Green Day giving its fans the same crap for the past 24 years. I know die hard Green Day fans are going to flip when they see this review because I used to be one of them, but deep down you know that this album just isn't cutting it anymore. I implore Green Day to give us something different. I know you guys have unique musical tastes and would like to experiment with different music styles. Even though that album might not have commercial success, it would probably be praised as one of Green Day's greatest albums by critics and fans with good tastes in music. I would certainly buy the album. Green Day played it safe with this album, its not terrible but its not great, and Green Day will never release another truly great album like American Idiot unless they take risks. Hopefully, Uno is just the bland opener for Dos and Tre, but I don't know. In the mean time, Dos just isn't going to cut it for me. This will be the first Green Day album that I won't own.


<3 <3 <3

2nd base player

Bought it today great album to listen to. Every song is awesome buy now


Like I said, its just OK. I have every GD album, and I mean EVERY, from 1039 Slappy Hours, Kerplunk, Shenanigans, and the obscure so I've heard it all. Anyone who says this sounds like Dookie or Insomniac is reaching. Those are their most aggressive albums and this is by far their least. Its more like a cross between Slappy Hours and Warning. There are a few gems on here in Nuclear Family, Stay the Night, and I think the best song on the album, Rusty James but its just too poppy and never really takes off like I know Green Day can do. I'll keep listening, keep buying, and hope to hit double digits in concerts seen soon (best live band on the planet, just FYI if you haven't seen them), but I'm already looking toward Dos and hoping for a little more.


I think it's great that green day released a "clean" and "explicit" versions separate that way no one can complain about foul language and just enjoy the great music. Definitely one of their best albums My favorites are Carpe diem Nuclear family


I grew up listening to them. This album is really great, classic green day. It is true to what they really are. Let Yourself Go has got to be my favorite on here. But, even if you are into mainstream like me, you can still love all of green day's tracks!


This is definitely Green Day's best album. I appreciate it that Green Day allowed the album to be cleaned, as it is greatly appreciated. However, why did they not use the radio edit version of "Kill the DJ," the one that says "someone shoot the DJ" instead of "shoot the effing DJ"? The radio edit sounds so much better than just the empty spaces. Either way, "Kill the DJ is one of Green Day's most entertaining songs, and the rest of the album is great too. I cannot wait for ¡DOS! and ¡TRE!


Every album gets better and better!


great album as always


the best song ever


Nuff said.


Great quality power POP. Entertaining and easy to listen to. classic Green Day.


Why did they have to censor Green Day?!?!?! That's not allowed!


If you're a hardcore Green Day fan, of course you're going to love ¡UNO! but if you're only a fan of their mainstream songs just buy the singles. It has shades of Dookie in that the songs are simple but is nowhere near as good. I'm only on my first listen through but so far I don't think its too spectacular.


The album is awesome, catchy, infectious, and fun. Classic Green Day, no complaints there. But the swears are all bleeped out on the version I purchased! I am looking now at my purchase, and it says nothing about it being a clean version (and I know that there is a clean version available). What the heck! Is anyone else experiencing this? I purchased the regular ol' $9.99 version...why are there no swears???


if i wasnt a huge green day fan i wouldv never even know they had a new album out.its like itunes is keeping it hidden


Glad to see Green Day go back to their more punky selves again!!!! American idiot was ok, as far as concept albums go, but this sounds like the band that got me into punk in the first place...good job!!!!


I'm a huge fan of their old material, I even enjoyed American Idiot a little, and Green Day said that this would sound more like their punk stuff... This is not punk. It's a dumbed-down version of 21st Century Breakdown. They took the same style and simplified it, and that does NOT make it punk in the least. This album is crap and needless to say, I'm incredibly disappointed.


Fantastic (:


Only True Green Day fans would understand the greatness of this album. Everyone that has listened from their beginning 1039 smoothed out slap happy hour and Kerplunk albums would know that this album is true Green Day. Love it! :)


iTunes please make the CLEAN and EXPLICIT versions more clear. I accidentally bought the clean version, and now I'm sad.


Angel blue is my fav song off of this! Get better Billie! Your are armSTRONG!! Bless you

And they always will

Great album! Oh Love and Let Yourself go are my favs! This album is like Dookie, Isomniac, and Nimrod put together. Love the old school punk sound that Green Day has and they have it in this album!


I have been an avid Green Day fan for 17 years and I knew after I heard "let yourself go" that they still have me in their grasp. Superb album, total keeper.

Karen Cedano

No matter what everyone has to say I will always love them and this album just proves it!




i hate to say it but i expected better ,i enjoy or the albums but this album i find 2 good songs 2 mediocre song and the rest can just be skipped ,i hope the nest 2 albums are better


It's good to know that one mainstream band still has the guts, talent, and balls to release amazing music. It feels so much like good music is dying, and I feel like Americas taste in music is dying right along with it. But Green Day always brings it back, where would we be without Green Day?

boston glab

I have been a fan of green day ever since warning came out, and I love how every album they release is different and great in its own way. This album ranges from the catchy jingles of "oh Love", "kill the DJ", and "nuclear family", to the hard rock American idiot style "let your self go" and loss of control. I love green day and I thought they were going to mess things up like many other bands did this year, (muse, snow patrol, etc.) but they proved me wrong and I'm so happy that they did because this is a GREAT ALBUM. (yay first review!! Lhp)


Green Day never fails. Album loaded with classic Green Day hits