Green Day - Uno...Dos...Tré!

℗ 2012 Reprise Records

Uno...Dos...Tré! Tracklist:



While I love 21st Century Breakdown and American Idiot more, I don't understand the hate surrounding these. They're fun, thoughtful, smooth punk and alterntive songs. And Billie Joe is an incredible songwriter, so there you go. I love 'em!


All of green days good songs they worked hard on this and I know that so congradulations guys you make me happy.

Energetic Penguin

This album is so good. It's the trilogy of amazing albums by an astounding band. Plus, they're kind to you, because this collection is cheaper than buying all three albums individually.


Sounds nice and new, a bit different from their previous work. And just by listening, it sounds as if the guys had a kickass time recording these albums… Well, maybe except for X-Kid and Amy. Great songs, I can’t wait for them to make more.


This is an awesome set, and even look at the overall rating, 5 stars!!!!


Amazing low price to good great songs you won't be let down if your a big fan of green day. PS Rock on GREEN DAY


alot of the songs remind me of Green Days first few albums, where it was really punk and a "FTW" vibe coming from the song. I love it.


Since I heard Wake Me Up When September Ends, I’ve been a Green Day fan. I’ve listened to Dookie, which is a great album. And, I gotta say, this is such an impressive box set. It has all three albums from the trilogy. My favorite songs from this album are: Kill the DJ, Let Yourself Go, Oh Love, X-Kid, Carpe Diem, etc. All these songs are so awesome! I like all these songs, I can’t pick my favorite songs cause they all are so good. Most people hate the new Green Day. You fans are missing out on this album! Every band has to evolve sometime.


Green day i would have to say is an awesome band but could lay off the cussing for a lill bit of songs, rather than that there awesome👉awesome👈




I LOVE Green Day, and I have to say, that these three albums are masterpieces. BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!!


In the almost 6 months I have known about Green Day (Yes, I had little alternative knowledge then) I have bought all of the albums that I know are released. As usual, Green Day tops my expectations. Not many bands can go about 20 years without all the band members leaving. I predict at least another 5 years of Green Day success.


Amazing. As usual:)

Glee Peepz

I love them soo much and I love this! :P ps I have UNO DOS TRE bracelets :P HAHHAHA <3


It was worth it I guess I'm just a bigger fan :p


don't miss these albums, as they rock to a more creative flow than 21st Century Breakdown, with lyrics that are better than ever! Can't wait for the GD tour! Best live group bar none!


All three albums have their own feel and all are good... At this point I think UNO take it but as I just bought the other two I'm sure that will change. A lot of music at a great price. x-boy is my fav so far.

Bobz cousin

They aren't selling as well as they used to but still amazing. Changing it up a little from their older stuff but really good. I really like Amy, oh love, let yourself go, an kill the dj! They are the only punk (if you call them that) band I like.


I have bought all 3 on their own and for me words cannot describe how great these albums are. UNO is the pre party dos is the totally messed up party and tre is the cool down. If your a green day fan you would love this.


I think all of green day is great but i just think that is sad to see green day not making the sells they used to. I wish evryone would like them and these new albums would be as popular as american idiot and dookie. I will always love green day though and everything it puts out.

d j ja h g j

Love Green Day,I like these songs.


All the songs in one album put together from the three albums that's awesome!!!!

Spencer Hooper

This is great for the people who have not bought the individual albums already. I love Green Day so much and this looks like a good deal

Taylor Hendershot

I love Green Day, and they are definitely my favorite band of all time. I don't need to convince fellow fans that these new albums are amazing because chances are, you've already bought them, but for those of you who are on the fence, buy this as soon as possible. You won't regret it. Green Day fan for life. Peace out girl scouts.