Green Day - ¡Uno! (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 2012 Reprise Records

¡Uno! (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:


This could be added in one of the Dairy Of a Wimpy Kid movies!


Good album but why? It’s uno and 4 songs repeated at the end. Why buy deluxe?


Beautiful and great music and artist.


i tried buying just oh love off of this album, and it says it’s purchased but it said its unable to play and i got out of the app and went back on and now its not showing up in my music. i wasted $1.29? (im giving 4 stars because i love green day)


I LOVE this album!!!!! Nuclear family and KIll the DJ are awesome songs! (dont get me wrong all the other songs were good too these were just my 2 favorite) They got a good beat to it and by far out of uno dos tre and quatro Uno was The best!

Delta Zach

Everyone who hates this, along with the other two albums, are out of their minds, and don't know what they are talking about. I'm glad these songs were released, I enjoy them every time they are on.

Blue Seren McDaniel

This album came out about two weeks before my DC trip in 8th grade. It made the trip to our hotel that much more enjoyable, even with one million kids on one lakefront bus. "Loss of Control" always takes me back to that trip, and it makes me feel just how I felt when I first started listening a year ago. Thank you Green Day!


Great album! It's been a long time since we've heard a song from Green Day about just plain hating someone for existing, wanting a girl so bad but knowing she can't be yours, or just missing your old glory days and not wanting life to pass over you. Would defiantly recommend this along with Tre!

Jacob uga miller

It a real good album it different but I like but I can't compare it to the previous records great lyrics and just different sound same punk band that I love

Lisa Shaffer

This is one of the best songs I've heard by green day!! Even tho jimmy gabl likes it......I LOVE IT!!!


I have always loved green day and still do. I love uno and think its a great album, although, i think green day overwelmed people with 3 albums 2 months apart. They did have to try and beat american idiot and 21st century breakdown, but i think of the albums were spread out more the albums would have more attention and maybe more time to work on them since biilie joes breakdown. Still green day is a great band that came a long way.

Reallly Fun game

This is basic Green Day, not to be confused with classic Green Day. The band sounds like they try to fit all of their sounds in one album, instead of creating a new one. The transitions of Green Days style are easy to notice, go from Dookie to Insomniac, from Nimrod to Warning, and then from American Idiot to 21st Century Breakdown, and now to what they've produced here. The only problem, is that it's a very simple pop rock sound, that if anything is boring. Deep lyrics don't mean anything if you've lost someones attention a minute into the song, and that is ¡Uno!'s fatal flaw. It's simply packs no punch.


I know most bands are changing their sounds and all but this new Green Day sound is complete garbage. I have been a HUGE fan ever since I was little and all the way up to American Idiot they were great with American Idiot being my favborite album. 21st century had its moments but Green Day has gone down the drain. I dont see why they felt the need to release three pieces of crap. I don't nknow about everybody else but I want the old Green Day back. Oh Love is about the only song I can choke down. I like it. It has a when I come around type of feel to it. Please Green Day turn back into American Idiots again. Uno Dos Tre? NO NO NO


Green Day Adds on to Their Legacy 3 Times over With Uno,Dos and Tre!We're Talking Uno Here and Hey Billie Joe and Company Do Not Disappoint As Far As I Hear it.Oh Love and Sweet 16 Really Hits your Gut!Uno a Number One Hit for Me.


Best out of the trilogy


This album stinks. Some good songs between UNO dos and tres I will admit that. They should have just took all the good songs and made an album with that.

julie osornio

When I heard green day was making a new album I was so excited. When UNO came out I was surprised. Sure many people hate the fact it has a different sound but to musicians view is a great path they took. Going form punk to old school rock is really hard work and thy pulled it out great in this album.


I'm sick of people saying 'oh green day has gone over the edge' or 'they've lost it' they haven't lost it they've just changed and this album is just as good as American idiot


How do you know if a albums good? It's if you keep listening and it keeps getting better and better from the first listen. One of Green Days best albums!!! If this came out in the 90's it would have been a massive hit.


I know some people are like 'oh this album is awesome!' but thats only because they haven't heard any other of their 'real' songs. American idiot was by far the best album ever but uno, i mean really? they are just copying their old songs and putting them in a pop tone. Green day is not a pop band so they should stop making those annoying pop, albums and go back to punk-rock. I think they should also come out with another original album like american idiot, dookie, and 21st century. Those were actually CREATIVE songs. Green day really has to pull themselves together because they may have not let down the people who have only heard a few of ur new albums, but you have let down the die-hard Green Day fans.


Always been a fan of Green Day always will be...that being said the last two albums(American Idiot/ 21st Century Breakdown) have been total let downs compared to albums such as Dookie, Kerplunk and Nimrod. Granted i know things change over the years and bands change their sound, however those last two release were(in my opinion) were just far off that "don't give a f^^k:", "in your face", simple punk rock kinda sounding albums, with one being way too political and one being too soft and sounding preachy(yes i know it's a punk styled opera,) however no way in hell you can call it punk. So when this album came out i got my hopes thinking maybe they went back to Dookie, well i was wrong but at the same time i was slightly impressed that they hadn't changed even more or even continued with the 21st Century Breakdown sound. A few songs stood out and grabbed my attention "nuclear family", "let yourself go", "loss of control"., those few songs have hints of their older times(Warning, Nimrod) where i was releived to hear some of that old sound coming back. In my opinon just buy a handful of songs, it's no worth the $10 or $13(deluxe)


This album is awesome. Its been out not even two days yet and I already know every song. My favorite is probably Nuclear Family. Songs like Loss of Control and Let Yourself Go are sort of like Dookie and Insomniac Green Day. And its got cool ones like Kill the DJ that sound totally new. It's cool how lots of these songs remind me of other songs by Green Day. Carpe Diem sounds like a cross between Before the Lobotomy and Suffocate. Troublemaker reminds me of Horseshoes and Handgrenades. Also Sweet 16 reminds me of Whatsername.


So far I have never found an album where I can actually like every single song on it, but with this album I can! Some of my favorite songs are Stay the Night, Carpe Diem, Sweet 16, and Oh Love, but like I said, all the songs are good. This is an awesome album and I can't wait for the next two!


Green Day is probably the only band who's album ill buy without listening to it first and I'm very happy to say i was NOT disappointed. This was a really great album. I loved how it isn't the same as all their old stuff but i can still tell it was written by Green Day! I can't wait for dos and tre to come out, great job guys! And all my best for billie <3


I freakin love this. I was so excited that when I realized the whole album was on iTunes I started crying hahaha


So soothing like the old music

BarryH BillsFan

I have played Uno over 30 times now!!! I love almost all of Green Days music... this is a great album.. please don't ask me to compare this album to others... who cares, it is great stuff... more in the vein of Kerplunk and Dookie... looking forward to the next two....I like all the tracks, but Nuclear Family, Stay the Night, Kill the DJ, Trouble Maker, Sweet 16 and Rusty James... can;t get them out of my head... thanks to a great band who continues to produce the best music.....and is the best live act in rock and roll today!!!


21st century breakdown was better, but this is right up there still. really good.

Alex zablah

Although i like all the other greenday albums including 21st century breakdown it didnt sound like the old green day that we all know and love... This album brings green day's music back to that old california punk rock that fans everywhere have loved, mixed with a pop rock kind of vibe, i think not only green day fans but other people will like this album too. can only hope the same for the next two albums.


Green day is back and better then ever!!


so good I'm only 8 yrs old and i love this album can't wait until ¡Dos! and ¡Tre!

Union Punk

Back to old form I love it.

YMCMB Fanboy

This album is amazing. I love every single song. This is probably Green Day's best album yet. I hope Dos and Tre will be this great.


When you sing about your opinions on region and politics you also require your audience to make a decision on listening to you. This is the last time ill support you.


I've been waiting for four years for this album. Best songs-Let Yourself go and Stay The Night!!!!


I'll admit, the first time I listened to this album I thought it was ok but then it really grew on me. Most people can probably say that this isn't like their other albums with some songs with a pop sensation to it and others that are softer but there are still songs that green day fans will still love. Some of my favorite songs are troublemaker, let yourself go, oh love, angel blue, & fell for you. My least favorite song is definitely kill the dj ( although the chorus is funny lol ) overall, I don't dislike any of the songs on this album and I think it's an album most Green day fans will like & I'm looking forward to ¡Dos! & ¡Tre!.

cust review112

Green Day has come back with a great album. Troublemaker, Kill the DJ, Let yourself Go, Loss of Control are all great songs that have that gritty edge that makes you love Green Day.


Green day is the best the of rock


Long time fan of Green Day. Remember the days of Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt jamming at 924 Gilman St. before Tre Cool came along and completed the trio. Even though back in the early 90's they were essentially playing love songs with power chords those songs were raw and appealed to the punk scene. Playing with bands like Mr. T Experience, Generator, Big Drill Car those were the good ole punk GD days on Lookout Records. Then came Dookie and the "hard core" punk community claimed GD a sellout. I've always stayed true and grew up appreciating the evolution of the band and the transgression of music the boys from Rodeo were cranking out. 23 years later since I first heard Going to Pasalacqua I'm disappointed in this latest release and feel like UNO lacks that edge and creativity found in previously released albums. Even American Idiot and 21st Century were creative with a sound and message unlike previous releases. All songs on UNO sound the same. Hoping DOS & TRE recapture that GD soul that has kept me yearning for more. Still a fan just not feeling it with this UNO.


I can not believe that they made something so pop/dance music like. This is not the GD that I have come to know in love. I hope ¡Dos! And ¡Tres! are better.


Changed it there were 666 ratings so I changed it by adding mine But the albums great can't wait for the next


All u whiny losers shut up . Not being yourself is worse than selling out , just enjoy this musical masterpiece from three legends of punk rock !


Green Day used to be all about punk. Guys that dyed their hair green and wore baggy pants. Then they put the eye liner on and pants so tight you see things you dont want to. These guys are in their 40's acting like their in junior high. Their album cover on 21st Century says it all. (Least punk cover of ALL time) On this album it really seems like they are trying to get back to their roots, but just forgot how to. The songs sound like a bunch of random old songs that never made it on to their albums in the late 90's. If they would stop dressing like 15 year old emo gay boys, they might stop sounding like 40 year old emo gay boys. Green Day is an insult to punk and what they were before. They need to start being considered a POP band.


Great album! I think uno is going to be the best out of all three albums!


Green day does it again showing their punk selves!! I love thiss album😍😍😍❤❤❤!!!! their music is very addicting!!


Aw yeah screw the Satanists!

LP rap&rock

I never was a huge fan, but I've always respected them and listened to some of their more popular songs. This album is pretty good, and has a similar style to their original stuff.


First time I listened to it, it was ok. But the more I listen to it the more I like it. Some of the reason for that is because I listened closer to the lyrics and the hooks started catching me more. This is a solid album with a true gritty rock sound. Probably not the most radio friendly release but it's true green day sound is great. This album had me pulling out the older stuff and guess I forgot all the great songs this band has done. Hope the next 2 are as good. Wishing you the best Billy Joe. Glad you stood up for your band and for REAL music, not this generic crap filling the radio these days. You are a rock icon.


Perfect. Classic green day with some new style.