Santana - Ultimate Santana

℗ This Compilation (P) 2007 RCA/JIVE Label Group, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment


It would seem that Santana simply can’t miss! Whether the use a guest star, or simply present their own timeless hits, they are always a great listen!

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Swag alex4567

Anger management brought me here great song


Have always loved Carlos Santana


... I have finally found an album where every single song on it I absolutely love and that album is Ultimate Santana. Classics mixed with new awesomeness lays out the only cure-all recipe for hands down the best album ever. I am kicking myself for not finding this sooner.


I have been listening to Santana since 1974 or so, he is the best ever. Everything he touches turns to gold.


So awesome, mysterious and all I'm looking for

Crazy mix up

No doubt about it, Santana is an Guitar legend

Music Surfer Guy

I was so naive in buying this. When seeing the title Ultimate Santana, I decided it was all their early, awesome stuff. I was greatly disappointed when there were only a couple songs that really rocked and those two songs were the short (radio) versions. All the other stuff sounded like Disco to me. Darn it QQ



Kid Wabash

Good product, this release that is, with a keen eye on market. Several versions are very good, although ultimate seems like hype. Will selectively choose tracks after preview. Love Santana and adore the Sacred Fire-Live in South America release. Which contains versions that are carefully worked with incendiary rhythm section and overall best sound I've heard from him. Worth checking out!




Amazing!!!!! Will never get old!

love santana

my fav song is this boys fire i love it


I can listen to this cd without skipping a track. I listen to mostly hip hop, but if you love music you will love this.

dome epais

WOW santana is so good, I had this CD in my dad's car and he would play it nonstop every day to school, to choir, to tennis, to soccer, from school, to orchestra, to family outings, literally every day. Now I discovered them on itunes and all I have to say is, BUY ALL SONGSSSS


Wish I would have read the reviews before purchasing... If you want the good version of BMW look elsewhere.


This guy is the best in the world u need to get this love u Santana went to three of your concerts love them.:):):):):)


Producers of "Ultimate Santana" kept all the original artists that collaborated with Santana, so WHY edit out his "Game Of Love" with Michelle Branch, with whom Santana had a #1 hit back in 2002, and put Tina Turner in Michelle's place??? I don't get it. For this I deduct 3 stars from an otherwise great compilation of Santana's hits going back to the Sixties. Was Clive Davis thinking they could get more star power by putting Tina Turner in Michelle Branch's place??? NOT!!! Next time keep the ORIGINAL ARTIST, otherwise it doesn't deserve to be called the "Ultimate" collection. I was going to download this itunes collection before seeing the "Game Of Love" was replaced by Tina Turner. I love Tina, but she was not the original artist who sang this #1 hit. If you listen to Tina sing "Game Of Love", she's gasping for breath between phrases and cannot hit the high notes that Michelle Branch did. 2 Stars only for this bad mistake!! Shame on you, Clive Davis. You should know better too, Santana, for tampering with the success of the original. Shame on both of you!

I guess you don't want my ...

Hadn't heard Europa in years, and didn't even know the title when the theme invaded my heart. Found it here with the samples, bought it for a buck, and it's mine without leaving the house. I didn't need to find a knowledgeable record store employee, who are rare nowadays.

Aly Crumpet

Not the best but still pretty good.but I really like into the night!!!!!


I downloaded this CD twice from I tunes but just two songs out of 18 were downloaded. The charged me the full price and had not reply my e-mail or my "report a problem" report.


Bummed thought Nickleback singer was part if this duet !!!


He's totally awesome

I tunes traveler

What can you say, it's pure Santana!!

jacky zuniga

The Very cool


It really don't get any better than this.


I am disappointed who put this album together. The songs do not go together at all. Santana has changed drastically over the years. It goes from latin rock to straight up RAP!!! Does not make sense.


Great compilation of music. Don't even hesitate. Buy this album!

Awe Heal

This guy!!! This guy, (Senor Santana), is the emobiment of collaboration. OK, so he did really well with his band for decades. But now, he just wants to play...with everyone! Eric Clapton, Sarah McLachlin, Dave Matthews, Lauryn Hill, Rob Thomas, Senor Santana just wants to play with everyone. He's awesome sauce in my book. I remember seeing Santana, in concert, the day the Mayor of L.A. gave him the KEY to the city. The bongo guy (don't know musical title for bongo guys), anyways, the bongo guy was given a solo, and Mr. Carlos sits down, leans against a speaker and rocks out while watching bongo dude as if he was part of the audience. And when bongo dude finishes, Carlos is freakin clapping more than anyone else and kinda forgets it's his turn to play. See what I mean? This guy!!! <3


Just yes. Buy it. :D


Love the song


One of the best songs written ever. Period


I dont care how original it is, its great music

got ripped off!

Black Magic Woman is not the full length song from the Abraxas album but a shortened version. Game of Love is not Michelle Branch singing. I am very disappointed in this download. Save your money, don't buy it!


This so-called "ultimate-Santana" collection displays some of his most boring, mediocre recordings produced by Carlos Santana and his band. But I am not at all surprised, because the people who put this together are trying to squeeze as much money they can out of this great band's audience, so as a result the music that is included in this compilation are catchy pop-hits, rather than any creative or innovative art. This does not include any music from Santana's creative peak, which took place in the early 1970's after he broke the barriers of latin jam-rock and explored the world of jazz fusion, opening up a whole new dimension of creativity, masterfully exhibited on his 4th and 5th albums, entitled "Caravanserai" and "Welcome", respectively. BOTTOM LINE: If you are just a casual listener who simply enjoys tapping your foot to catchy background party music without giving it a second thought, get this. But if you are a true music fan who appreciates real creativity and artistic innovation, start with the classic "ABRAXAS", then delve into his masterpieces, "CARAVANSERAI", and "WELCOME". These albums could change your life.


I still remember, on my long trips as a younger child, listening to Santana on the radio! I still like them and it's just a great album! (I'm 15 by the way) lol


This really is THE BEST OF SANTANA.


I myself have listened to Santana for a while and have to say I am impressed and at the same time I am not. This has alternate and impressive originals, but is missing some peices all fans, even mini, of Santana need. These include Soul Sacrifice, the full version of Black Magic Woman, and the original Why Don't You & I (which iTunes doesn't have). The alternate takes though are less of an essence to the original. Why Don't You & I is the perfect example. Chad Kroeger is more ment for this song. After all, he did write it. The Game Of Love with Tina Turner also proves it. But other tracks like Just Feel Better make the album more impressive than it could have been. Overall, this is good, but not perfect.


Yeah, this is awesome. This guy is sure a legend! I like it.

The Heart break kids

I am not a huge santana fan , but the game of love duet with michelle branch is one of my all time favorites! I remember hearing it on the radio and almost blowing my speakers!!!! If you can't get up for this song your dead.


One of the best ever, he's timeless, as well as Clapton


wow my fav song is "why dont you and i" idk why it just makes me feel like theres really someone out there someday that i can say "this is our song " :) LOVE THIS ALBUM


I will say that it is nice to see "Smooth" finally appear on a Santana compilation, but where's "Dance Sister Dance", "She's Not There", "Open Invitation", "Well Alright", "All I Ever Wanted", "Winning", "Hold On", etc.? It really ticks me off when compilations come out and exclude underrated classics.

wow oh wow

Very good you don't really know how hard it is to play like that unless you play that instrument. Like the just guitar best.


Timeless rock & roll classic!


The music that's in this album is exactly what the title of this album says, Ultimate Santana. Every great Santana song is included. Here are my favorites: 1. Smooth 2. Black Magic Woman 3. Into the Night 4. Oye Como Va 5. Why Don't You and I (Alt. Version) 6. The Game of Love (Main/Radio Mix) 7. Maria Maria These seven songs are especially great, but don't let that stop you from buying the entire album. It's price, $9.99, is well worth buying.


So i listen to black magic women on my i pod and it is only half the song 3 min the one that i am use to is five min so i am a little upset i tunes


One of santanas best

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