Jan Laurenz - Ukulele

℗ 2013 jan Laurenz

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Blown away… Let me stay away from terms like that and try to find something more sophisticated. Bravo is more appropriate. Mr. Laurenz demonstrates that a ukulele is not a toy. He keeps the ukulele front and center and uses it to create moods and to mesmerize. He is clearly a virtuoso.

Coconut Ron

This album is in a class by itself. Jan takes the Ukulele to another height by using his beautiful picking style and mixing it with wonderful overtones of other instruments. Listen to his rendition of Clocks. If that doesn't blow you away nothing will. Jan has truly set the pace with the ukulele in its increasing popularity. I think you will all enjoy his entire album especially those who love ukulele like me. I give this my 5 coconuts! Enjoy......... Coconut Ron, (Ron Ajemian, New York)

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