Prince - U Make My Sun Shine (feat. Angie Stone)

℗ 2011 NPG Records

U Make My Sun Shine (feat. Angie Stone) - Single Tracklist:


This is such a fantastic song, I was sitting in a airport waiting for a flight and was scanning I-tunes and bought this the second I heard it, I’t amazing! I wish there a whole album, does anyone know if this was off an album?

Ms. TNDennis

Ive been playing this song every day, all day….

Thadius McDazzle

Ɠɛŋıųʂ........ŋųʄʄ ʂąıɖ!! ᔕᗩᑌᑕe

Great at 78

Just heard this song for the first time; it has to be one of his best. Been a fan since he opened at the Michelob concert in the 70s.


Moving! One of his better of late. And thankyou ANGIE STONE for giving some gravitas and edge to an aloof artist, making it accessible and moving! Love it!


I love this song!

Geno Y.

Excellent song! I have a cd of him singing this live in Oakland, Ca during the Hit + Run tour of 2001. I prefer the live version, but this version is also electrifying!



eva air

blew me away!!! has an excellent vibe/relaxing feeling... love it


Prince had IT back in the day, kept IT, and can still deliver IT. This song is phenomenal, and I cannot wait to keep hearing more from him as the years go by.


This song is insane. Love it, love it, love it. Can't understand why it doesn't get any air play. Oh, I know, because it sounds like real music unlike most of what's played on the air today. A must have if you're a Prince or Angie Stone fan. Or, like me, if you love them both. Awesome collaboration.


So good to hear this; keep the songs coming!

all 1677

man i just heard this song and it blew me away, this is prince at his best. keep them coming.

Holly Figueroa

The man does not age. And I don't mean his outward appearance. Don't care about that. His voice. It gets better every year. Every time I hear a new song, and remember that he put out his first record in the 1970s, it blows my mind.

Don Blaze86

Put your funeral clothes on 'cause he's still killin'em. This song is another soul mover. This jam will speak to any woman's spirit. I'm happy to have it in my collection.


This song is not new, but I am glad it is here so that I can rebuild my lost collection.


Prince is such a diverse artist. Rock, R&B, Blues, Pop, Funk and here you have Neo Soul. And he's playing ALL the instruments here (as he often does). Nobody can touch this man. He's the best and it's not even close. Nice tune!


I've been a Prince fan since I was 3, and always love his music. This sing starts out great but as you listen to it, it becomes redundant. I love my boy, but this is an ok song.


This song has soo much feeling,soo much stregnth,soo much DAP! Angie Stone is perfect too. You can't go wrong buying this single.

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