Ty Dolla $ign - Beach House - EP

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so good, no words.


What's a T $ sign????

I personally know Nick Saban

1. Ty$ dips pouches 2. Ty$ drinks unsweetened tea 3. Ty$ drives a Prius 4. And worst of all: Ty$ hates America


This album I the best my 3 favorite songs are: paranoid, or nah, & familiar other then that I love this.


Work is the best song, never be the same is also a favorite... Few song on here but it showed some type of depth... One thing I hear a lot of people talk about is how Ty always talks about hoes lol, oh well... It still goes in.


Good ep but never be the same is the best one to me

M. Lennon

I don't recognize the dude that said that he didn't want to be like every other rapper in the game singing about money and girls. I know Strange Clouds didn't sell so well but don't give up B.o.B, I still believe in the guy that sang Both of Us, Aeroplanes, Price Tag and So Good. Your fans miss you mahn!




TY dolla $ign is dope as under rated after listening to this EP i've got my favorites which are as follows work,or nah,familiar, wood & leather & never be the same wish it was longer tho pause anyway if you a fan pic this up


The or nah remix is wayyy better! I liv this album tho. Luv The Weekend more tho😉


Everyone sounds the same idk when Ty dolla sign even sings lolll


Its pretty sad that what was once an amazing genre when Pac and Big was here is now just a bunch of guys with nice beats and lyrics without making sense. Its really sad. Hip hop really is dead.


Wiz what happened to you?quit with the dang auto tune crap #trash


I wish iTunes had more of his music. Beach house 2 is definitely amazing and is worth listening too. The music overall is great.


Paranoid tho




Is this really what music has came to? Ty RUINED wiz, now all of wiz's music sounds different. I'm sorry wiz, but we are gonna miss you

Young Bruh

I really hate him, can't rap at all and he's trying to sing. Once again B.O.B has another crappy verse in a song. Just stop. #mainstream

always tired 01

Paranoid is too dope


paranoid sounds like that kid ink song


The only good song in this album is or nah and that is because wiz khalifa is in it


PARANOID ---- > Um think about it we have heard this beat 20 different times by now one example Kid Ink. Everyone wants to copy now of days get more orig!


They need to put the remix with the Weeknd on here too please!! I want it :(

Kipp memphis prep

I love this song sooooooo much


so fresh. reason for 4 stars is i liked most songs.


This song is pretty good. Like it a lot


Wiz kinda ruined Or Nah, it would be better if it were Ty$


Or Nahhhhh 😏✊👌👍

Tswizzy fan for life

That's basically where he originated from!!!! Bring bone thugs on the next album and I'll give it five stars.

Hello teleport

There are 2 good songs on here. Everything else is total crap


Nice record T$...infectious beat...club banga for sure! B.O.B killed it...props.

Bjhv chiffon

Great song


I re-listened to the album its pretty good

Dan Devorkin

i don't get it beach house sounds way different?

Solitary Ant

On wiz using auto tune obviously never listened to anything before ONIFC... Must never heard BAR or Flight School. This EP rides if you don't like it then why comment.


Even though the version of Paranoid w/ B.o.B. Is whack, I mean it's still a great album, but the version is way better w/ Joe Moses. Just saying.


I just became a fan of Ty$!!!


Love it I knew I was going to like him from paranoid, & then I heard ratchet in my benz which iz my SONG!! text tone and everything!! & now this smh :-) I love it jus sit back and chill & zone out i love albums like this.


Is this what's classified as music? Yeah guess so. I thought it's pothead in an interview, and he said he smokes 3 ounces a week. I guess that's what made him think that sounded good. This is absolute garbage!


Ty Dolla $ign of the hook

Christopher Lopez

Overall a good album work smooth beat and twista goes in or nah by far my favorite that squeaking bed in the background makes the song the rest are all right I would recommend just buying the 1st two I just mentioned but hey up to you


These songs are hecka good

Gray Mason

B.o.B sounds so different from the song he did in 2010 magic


i love Ty doll so glad the world is finally getting a chance to hear this magic !!!


Bottom line is this ep is average but paranoid makes this ep worth listening too


"Work" is phenomenal. The rest of this is the same ol' bay area beats we've heard already a bagillion times. It's really sad to the see society show love to artists such as league of stars and dj mustard who mass produce generic beats knowing that they are ripping off the public. Dilla is rolling in his grave over this. Not a knock on Ty Dolla here, but rather a knock on his beat selection and the whole bay area rap scene in general.


Been looking forward this but shouldn't have recycled paranoid and never be the same. Could use some new material but still love ty.

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