twenty one pilots - Blurryface

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Blurryface Tracklist:

Drummer Monkey YT

WARNING: EXTREMELY BIASED REVIEW I have nothing bad to say about this album. Twenty One Pilots really do write their own music, and their music is never inappropriate. It never contains cussing. And it is ALWAYS relevant. Tyler, Josh, I tip my hat to you.


If you’ve been alive for long enough to read, you’ve heard good things about this album already. Why haven’t you bought it yet? Blurryface is so fun and vulnerable and well-produced and heart-wrenching and honest. It doesn’t have B sides; the record is incredible from top to bottom. |-/


I’ve never heard a twenty one pilots song I didn’t like it, I love you guys just two people make the most amazing music I’ve ever heard

scar your fan

Hello I’m Scarlett I love the song stressed out I couldn’t under stand Our mama sang us to sleep and my names blurry face


This is a good, and there best song ever ,the start is the perfect start to anything , with good songs at the end

Soul Punk Stan #69

just...Goner, man.


This is an amazing album, amazing lyrics and amazing music. My favorite would be definitely hometown. It has the right amount of remix and lyrics.


13 thousand something impressive


I only have 1 song in this album. Stressed out is it of course. It makes me imagine what I would do differently from my childhood up to this day if I could do what they mention which is turn back time. This song is good.

jeep wave 2019

Ok I love this song but please someone explain why it allowed me to purchase this one song and then won’t allow me to listen because it says it’s not available in this country (United States).... is there another version for US specifically or are we not allowed this song lol. I’m very confused!!


Great songs on the entire album! They have worked soo hard on this album (you can tell), all these other new artists are just not as good, rushed albums, unnecessarily profanity, and just trashy music about nothing important. When I listen to Twenty on pilots, every song is like a different story and has deep meaning. To top it off, all of their music is always BUMPIN!

pickle pros

I have been looking for alternative music and found the song "Stressed Out". I bought that and love the song. I then looked for other songs by Twenty One Pilots and found the Album "Blurryface". This is such a great find, many great songs on it. This was release five years ago and I am just finding it now, but absolutely love it. I also looked at some of their other albums and live many songs on those so will be buying more from Twenty One Pilots. What a great group!


The entire album is so amazing!!! I could listen to every song all day!!!


Ride and stressed out are the best!


This record is absolute perfection. Everything from the instrumentals to the lyrics and melodies. I feel so connected to myself and the world around me after listening to this. Stand out tracks are literally every! No track felt out of place in my opinion but I think Heavydirtysoul, Stressed Out, Ride, Doubt, Message Man, and Not Today, are my favorites. Amazing body of work!

Trust and Us


Xx Heart staber xX

I love stressed out The affect when you hear this song is calming,SUPPER DOUP! , uhhh GREAT! And stuff AWESOME!


I love this song


Well! No word to say just a perfect arrangement for a crushed mood.




This album has so many great songs and you can’t find one song you don’t think is somewhat catchy


Words can’t describe how much I love this album and twenty one pilots as a band. The concept of the album is so unique and the way they portray the story is so cool. Tyler is such a great lyricist and Josh is an fantastic drummer!! An amazing album!


Life-changing album

[email protected] [email protected]$ her3

All songs are great, but Lane Boy really needs more credit.


There are like. No 1 star reports. Because these guys are awesome. And they are original and as natural as it can get.


my friend and I were hanging out, and she said, let's listen to (singer) and I said not today. she asked why and I said I'm out of my mind, I'm not seeing things right. (actually twenty one pilots is the best group of the century, and I just didn't like what she wanted to listen to.) listen to this when I'm doing homework. this is great make more music like this. 10/10 keep up writing music like this and like vessel. also, around 4:23 on the judge, if you listen very closely, tyler yells josh dun.


Pretty epic 👌



Catacorn 08

This is absolutely my favorite TØP album!! For school we had to do a after school lip synching thing and I used Doubt because it is one of my favorites!! I just love Twenty Øne Piløts’ music, all of it is amazing! I definitely recommend this album.❤️

Princess Meem 💖👑

I’m not a huge fan of 21 pilots, because of the fan base. But this album is amazing. These are artists who have talent. Their lyrics have deep meaning. Good job to these guys. 👏


These guys are a one lane boy strike to a five stars




I love u, TØP, and although i haven’t listened to the whole album, some of the songs are great! Especially for children.


I fell hard for this album and had the opportunity to see them live while they were touring for this album and they put on such an amazing show ❤️❤️


All these songs are good so is the album . So give them a chance.


Superb, well thought out and completely perfect! A masterpiece!


I like them a lot


Been a fan since 2011 so quiz me this album is GREAT


Love it don’t know how else to describe it but awesome


|-/ stay alive!


These guys are mighty talented. This album is great from start to finish!

Step stool 134

I bought this full album and now it is off of my playlist??


This album was amazing, of course there was Mabye 1 - 2 song I didn’t like as much as the others, but I didn’t hate them. Overall this album is amazing and I’d 100% recommend buying it




The songs on the radio are ok but my taste in music is blurry face


😍 love it 🥰

N.W.A. fan!!!

Complete trash


This album is so good and this band is the best ever. Stressed Out captures insecurities and nostalgia at the same time which is truly impressive and creates a really cool effect. There is not one song on this album that I don’t love. Blurryface is a masterpiece with an incredible meaning behind it and incredible lyrics and drum beats.