Carly Rae Jepsen - Tug of War

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Tug of War Tracklist:




I love this almost as much as I love E•MO•TION! My favorites are Buckey, Money and the Ego, and Worldly Matters!


Carly Rae Jepsen is a great singer and I like all of her music.


Fav's 😍


Bucket-4.5/5 Tug of war-4.5/5 Money and the ego-5/5 Tell me-4/5 Heavy lifting-3.5/5 Sunshine on my shoulders-3.5/5 Worldly matters-4/5 Sweet talkers-3/5 Hotel shampoos-3.5/5 Sour candy-4.5/5




I love this album. I think that people don't like this album because it's more acoustic, there really isn't any other guitar in this album, but I think that makes it unique. There's a lot of people who keep bringing up Call Me Maybe. This isn't Call Me Maybe, so why are you leaving reviews for that one song? I personally love her voice and I think she is really talented. Also, this was her first album, I think she just needed to experiment and find a sound she liked for herself.


Her next album needs to be similar to this one :) this one is amazing and all the music and tempo seem to soothe her

Helena Xie

i think this album is better than kiss bc i can make me fall asleep lol


I've listened to a LOT of music, music is my life, all genres. And I may say that miss Jepsen is THE most underrated singer of the decade. Her voice is really heaven..beautiful artist, all around.


This whole album is perfect! It's raw, acoustic, and folky! I love it!


I officially declare myself a jepsie! I love her so much! Her voice is so angelic! 😍💕 I hope to see her in concert one day! She's absolutely great.


I like the guitars very much

Chloe loyd

Because her name is Carly RAE Jepsen My name is Eliza RAE Senff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi 012

My Fav song sour candy


I honestly like this album more than her new one. Heavy lifting and sunshine on my shoulder are my two favorites. Her new one i like tiny little bows, this kiss, & sweetie only from her new album!!!

No name please. :):)

I love the song bucket. It has such a bouncy, fun beat!

Cheyenne Rose

I like this album. I didn't even know it was her at first from the album cover. Maybe if she didn't wear so much makeup nowadays she'd look like she did on this cover.

Florence + the Machine Love

i love you Carly! Sunshine On My Shoulders is the best song on here! But don't buy the album here! I've been looking for the Japan Edition of this and it has a Tug of War remix, the radio version of Sour Candy, and a brand new song -- I Still Wonder (Acoustic). Also, the boy singing in Sour Candy is Josh Ramsay of Marinas Trench> Happy hunting!


I wish she would write more songs like the ones on this album! So amazing! <3

Zendaya Swag



His voice just makes the song. But I actually do like Carly Rae Jepsen. Call Me Maybe got way overplayed, though

Elizabeth Scarlett

Better than “Call Me Maybe.”.


Maybe signings not her thing

Selena Gomez #1 Fan19

Carly came out of no where whenever she went out with the single "Call Me Maybe" Ever since then every song has been a #1 hit. Of course from call me maybe to the latest single this kiss people love it. But this album to me shows the soft side of Carly. She has a great smooth hard core tone to her R&B voice in this album. "This Kiss" and "Call Me Maybe" are both about gettin some love. good time is about havin fun and stayin possitive. Some songs on this album are about gettin some love but not as much as the latest singles. I think in this album it is simple and fresh with a beautiful voice. Just like opening the first Christmas present. I suggest you buy most songs on this album because of her loyalty to the music she sings, and her amazing voice.

Dylan Street

This is the real Carly Rae Jepsen. This album is one of the best feel good albums I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Sunshine on my shoulder is incredible and became one of my new theme songs in life. Worldly matters is incredible and has a great beat. Sweet talker is crazy catchy and Sour Candy is such a simple guitar but so so so good. I MISS HER. I wish that she had kept this direction. I liked call me maybe but it seems your heart is a muscle and this bonus song almost said it are the only things on her new album that feel like her. I've never been really sad over a modern artist quite like this before. Maybe one day she'll dive back into this vibe. why did it have to be justin bieber that signed her.


I LOVE IT!!! Im obsessed with Call Me Maybe, but this album is perfect. This album proves Carly has real talent!




I came here cuz I just seen her open for the wanted <3 yesterday and realized that she can actually sing really well and just had to buy tug of war! I love call me maybe but some of these songs are just so much better she'll be around for a while I think.


I love tug of war she can sang she is talented she should sing songs like that outside of the studio because she would probably have more fans


My God she's talented

katy perry cat

I love this.Its really good.Great music


If you hate Carly just because of "Call Me Maybe," then you should give this album a listen. This was released YEARS before Call Me Maybe, and it really is a good pop album. It mixes folk and mainstream pop and the lyrical content is actually meaningful here. So, if you don't like Carly's voice or whatever, that's fine, but don't dismiss her completely just because of Call Me Maybe


Carly has an amazing voice, and she isn't just some one-hit wonder like call me maybe might suggest. she's incredibly talented and I hope she continues to make more music.

Sara Fergie

Carly Rae Jepsen is just fantastic! while i love her a lot, i pretty much came here for the song, "Sour Candy" because it featured Josh Ramsay from Mariana's Trench and i have to admit i am in love with him even more! but anyways, i would definitely recommend, not Sour Candy but the whole album because Carly is such a fantastic singer!! buy it and you won't be disappointed!! :)

Cub Fan BoB

Sounds like a Norah jones/Cheryl crow in most of the songs. A bit of a mix of jazzy pop/ almost like hotel or coffee shop music.

-Miss Insanity-x

Call Me Maybe is an overused and repetitive song. Like all pop music nowadays. So when I first heard of this album. I asumed it would be just as annoying, but when I heard Hotel Shampoos, my entire opinion changed! This album is full of creativity and her own style. All of these songs are better then Call Me Maybe. I think her vocals are much better in this album also. Carly, you need to make more stuff like this. It is beautiful!


makes me go to sleep..Call me maybe is her only good song


I can't stand Call Me Maybe so I had her written off, but WOW her album itself is actually pretty good. Definitely glad she has some material for her age!


Not very fun

K the awsom

I HATE call me maybe, I think it's really stupid...... this album on the other hand is beautiful! I suppose she probably changed her style to the new single because she knew it would become more popular, but I wish she hadn't. i HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT when artists change themselves for the public! Drives me CRAZY?


At First when I heard call me maybe, I wasn't thrilled. )This was before it was popular. ) I thought it was boring but eventually caught onto it I found out about this album and now I'm Obsessed with it. I love tug of war! And I like her voice Worth buying? YES!


Beautiful! I love her voice!


I can honestly say she has a decent voice and will probably become very famous in the next year, however her music in my opinion is very boring and there is very little depth to it. She could maybe try writing some better lyrics and grab peoples attention. Music hasn't been the same lately though. It doesn't matter about the meaning unless the meaning is let's party, get drunk, and high. I think this girl is very over-rated but who isn't over rated who makes mainstream pop music? Weak album but truthfully I expected less. Congratulations. 3/5 Simon Gerfield

Gretchen Ecker

These songs are absolutely amazing! What I do not understand is how she became famous from a song as horrid as call me maybe. Don't get me wrong, it is catchy, but that is about it. It sounds like it was written by a brainless one hit wonder, but after listening to these, I have a whole new view on Carly! Love these :)


This album is pretty good and her voice is very good. Call me maybe has terrible lyrics. The only reason its one of the most downloaded is because its catchy

Alyssa loves harry

i hate this album


She had a whole album b4 this tht no one ever bought o WOW nd now she has one song tht became famous. Honestly I dont like her voice, its nasal. There r so many better singers who deserve to hve a hit!


I feel like this album is more natural than Call Me Maybe. That song is too ...childish... for someone of her talent. I love this album, she sounds great!


This is SO much better than call me maybe! I really like sour candy and bucket! :) keep making songs like these and she will go far!