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I saw these guys live. Let it be said that it was pure and real. This album, as great as it is, cannot capture the greatness these three musicians really are... but worth every penny at its attempt.


I have to say this is not the best work by anyone in the trio, but it is a nice addition to their body of work. Having said that, these guys are masters and their average work is lightyears ahead of most people's best. I particularly like the Dark Prince. If you enjoy that time when the best of rock and the best of jazz were hanging out together, this is worth your time. Not much to be gained from the alternate tracks though.


There is much folklore and hub-ub surrounding the show that the live material on this album comes from. Folks who claim to have been at the show, say that it was a series of train-wrecks, fueled by the mayhem of Jaco's brilliance/madness. I have read an interview with McLaughlin, in which he said that the group went back into the studio to re-record many of the tracks because the live versions were not usable... and he also seemed to suggest (IMO) that they may have even over-dubbed some parts onto the "live" tracks to mask some of the original performance issues. However, none of that changes the fact that this album presents some of the most amazing and explosive music played by any trio. The players are legends. The show has a legendary mystery surrounding it. And the spectacle of sound unleashed by the musicians is equally epic. This is a gem for any and every jazz lover to have and hold... and the weirdness of the stories surrounding the performance only seem to embellish it with a greater value.


The music on this album isn't accessible to the masses, but it's music like this that sets a benchmark for other musicians and bands. The time signatures, the key each tune is played in, the energy brought by each musician, and the synergy they acquire while playing together established broken boundaries for musicians of the time (1979) and of those to come. Tony Williams has inspired countless jazz, fusion & rock drummers ever since he played out. Jaco Pastorius practically changed the way the electric bass was played. John McLaughlin has taken guitar playing from the simple rock of the '60s to places never conceived of in the '70s and continues this journey today. In this album you can hear the roots of rock, fusion & jazz music that is prevalent in modern music, and it can still inspire today's musicians seeking to push their boundaries.


i dont know what is with all these reviewers rating this with one star -- are you kidding me?? you must have no clue what your talking about if you dont see how amazing this is. three great musicions playing great music, whats better than that? this is a great album, dont listen to the people rating it with one star, a great album, buy it.


I'm actually super happy for the delay because it ws a real treat to hear new Jaco and Tony! especially together. Mclaughlin is pretty bad himself too.


Just purchased this album, burned it and have listened to it three times. In a word, awesome! McLaughlin has been my favorite guitar player for years (followed by Richard Thompson and Larry Coryell), and Jaco Pastorius and Tony Williams are top-deck. This album is intense and hyper-drive from the first drum beat. And it displays the musicians' great skills. I did not see this show, but I llike what I hear on the disc. I must be listening to a different CD than a couple of the other reviewers.


Excellent album, don't listen to the bad reviews on this they don't make any sense! This is a fantastic album with three of the greatest musicians at their respective instruments. Jaco kills on this one, he is no doubt the greatest bass player that ever lived! Buy this as soon as you can.


this is amazing


Ok, the show was a disaster, but not on the songs put on here, these are the songs that worked. Then on some other songs Jaco played out of Key and whatnot, and really messed up the conversation. This CD is intense, and great buy, these songs are the tightest songs I've ever had the pleasure of hearing any of these musicians make.

N.O. Git

Three of the greatest in the world tuning up might be worth hearing, let alone playing at the top of their game. What do you want? Thirty seconds of Dark Prince should be enough for even the most jaded Jaco burnout case to scarf this up at three times the price! Throw in John and Tony...maybe some of these "reviewers" should go back to their Playstations...


This album is great from beginning to end, I can't say that enough! I'm so pleased that someone finally released this; thanks to Sony. If you're a fan of Jaco, John Mclaughlin, or Tony Williams then this one is for you. I've heard a lot of buzz about the live tracks (which are great by the way) but I think the gem of the album is the studio version of Dark Prince. It displays superior chops from all three of these musical Gods! The guitar and bass solos on this record are amazing and I recommend this to everyone who's into this genre of music. My only bone to pick with this album is the redundancy of Para Oriente. They should've only put the live and the full version of Para Oriente and excluded the two alternate takes.


I'm not sure what's up with these other reviewers. This is a great find if you are a fan of Jaco, McLaughlin or Tony Williams. These cats could play and rip it up on this disc. They were all masters of their craft and we are lucky to have this little piece of jazz history to enjoy. So download and enjoy!


this album wuz ok, i didnt buy it though,, i previewed it,,and it sounded ok,,, the bass overpowering the drums wuz the whole point, to me;; jaco pastorious is one of the best bass players in the history of music

max x

In Jaco's biography this concert is described as a total disaster. Jaco's ego on drugs, clashes head on w/ Tony's surprisingly overpowered drums. And John has da ballz to release this ???


cool bass kind of over powering drums through,overall don't buy, its not worth it.

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