Trey Songz - Back Home

℗ 2020 Atlantic Records

Back Home Tracklist:


wink @$

The sound quality is trash. iTunes put too much bass in his songs. They need to fix it.


Trey Songz is a good singer. But I’m ready to hear growth in his music. Album titled Back Home I really expected to hear new sound, deeper lyrics, better musical arrangement etc. I feel like all Trey Songz did was take tracks, from previous albums that didn’t make the cut. And just put them together and pushed out an album. I wanted Trey Songz to give me some music, that had me in my feelings, and made me think about things in a different perspective. I really like Trey Songz I’m just wanting and waiting for him to do better. Trey Songz vocals are to good, to just be putting out mediocre albums. Time for Trey Songz to hook up with people, who will bust open his creativity and take him out of his comfort zone.


Shows so much evolution in his artistry


Trey did an amazing job with this one ❤️


This album is not what I expected after such a long wait for new music I guess this is just the warm up to the next album or this whole thing could be a bust. Cheap made music is never a hit.

Antoniio Rodriguezz

One of the best albums of 2020 🔥👍


This sounds like his old stuff!

Humble face

This album is wack.


I fell asleep typing this review


Man look, Trey Is underrated. He did his thing on this album. You can hear the effort, time, love he put into this effort. From the perfect melodies, ad libs, smooth instrumental music in the back. I don’t see why people leave terrible reviews, like be real. This man is really the R&B 🐐. Thankful for the new album bro! My favorite songs are definitely LOST & FOUND, ALL THIS LOVE, I KNOW A LOVE, CATS GOT MY TONGUE, shoot even ROUND & ROUND stays on repeat for 30 x’s. Just know the whole album is cold blooded 🥶🥶 Also ITUNES “All this love” “2020 Riots” “I Know A Love” definitely needs a ⭐️ by it. Once again, thanks Trey!💯🔥YOU THE 🐐‼️‼️ - IG witness.dixon if you ever wanna add me back!


Caught my five-year-old daughter listening to this smh all because this is the type of music that is trending these days. Disgusted in today’s generations taste of music. This is lust not love



Desia Nicole

This album is what I needed from Trey Songz, his vocals on this album are oh so fulfilling to my ears and soul. The way he sings, "All This Love" is so flawless and silky smooth. I love the album in its entirety.


Whole album is dope!!!! Can listen to it all the way thru! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


There not one song off this album iLike. This album Is trash. Old album was better then this


He long over due for a Grammy or Grammys . This album going to bring him those awards.🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆


He did a great job on this project!! I don’t have to skip songs cause I like them all!! Wow


Thoroughly enjoyed :) 👍🏼❤️💜💛


You can play this from beginning to end and will be thoroughly satisfied!


Yes I love this album cause the last one..... Tremaine! No keep it r&b keep Trey songz lol


You know how we Sag’s do! No more to say! 🙌

the bulkshit

His Music is always a joy to listen to loving the new album babe


🔥🔥🔥 Been missing his music

[email protected]



The entire is dope. Been wanting an album like this from the brotha for a while.

lanaeconway swagg

Love Trey Songz an love all of songs an dances 😎😘😎😎




This album is giving me smooth, sexy, soulful. It’s just what we needed!

Corey August

Great Album Trey

Heartbeatz Song

Album is 🤯🔥‼️


Didn’t expect nothing less.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


This whole album is fire not one skip

Game_ Beta

As I am hearing all of them so far they are just great. I might buy the whole album.


I love the vocals, the melodies, the groove, the sensuality.... well done, sir. It’s sexy and it feels good! This will be on heavy rotation for sure!

deasia h

Just Plain Beautiful ❤️❤️


Been on repeat since it came out it’s fire !!!💪🏾

XVI Impeccable

Top 2 and it’s not 2!

Judy with the big booty

OMG you still got it I luv your music and wow 18 whole songs that’s what’s up it was worth the wait I can’t speak for everyone, But I luv it 😘😘😘stay safe One of your fans for life. Tangie


He did the dam thang this Album is sooo good just can’t stop listening to it...I think this Album is one of his best...Trey keep making good music!!!! 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️


I like that GLA song got a lil maxwell vibe to it. 😂😂🤣 but yeah this a good album 💿 he always changing it up


“Cat got my tongue” song writing is amazing and nice play on words

bro living life





The title of the album seems fit if he’s trying to come full “circle”. Reminds me of his first album. Not good. Not bad. Worth a listen if you’re a longtime fan of Trey. Definitely a mature sounding Trey R&B album.


Classic Songbook with a fresh vocal excellence! Trey dominated in all avenues, vocal production unmatched, lyricism A-1..”Back Home” theme perfectly translated. TOTAL body of work, with an R&B finesse that hasn’t been heard in a long time. Top tier!


Album is unbelievably dope 💯


I’m only on song #4 and I love it already! I’m so excited to listen to more!!


Listen, I’ve been a fan since I gotta make it! And although I’ve loved all his music, this right here!!! It’s UNMATCHED, he’s evolved and I LOVE IT! Start to finish a GREAT PROJECT!!


Top 2 of Trey’s body of work. Kudos 💕💕😃😃😃


Luv ♥️👑 it Trey showed a lot of emotion in this one perfectly is Angels luv it trust a must have !!! 😍🥰

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