Train - Greatest Hits

℗ Compilation (P) 2018 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Greatest Hits Tracklist:


🥱 Need Ringtone

✌🏾 no hate on this


Train is the best music keep it up maybe even make some remix’s

Robbie Stanton

Love the mixture of train songs I grew up with! Keep up the good work!

Soundwave n Blitzwing

🎵Hey Old Mister let go of my sister☹️🎵


Their only good song is "Hey, Soul Sister". Everything else is hard to listen to.


train is awesome I can’t get enough


I love me some Train!

oman owen

The songs are fantastic


I loved Train’s first three albums.. They are way too pop now. So disappointed in what used to be may favorite band. This GH album is missing so much.


Of course not all their best are here, but a good selection of songs are on this album. I also enjoyed their rendition of careless whisper.


Greatest songs from the greatest band! Of course they can’t have all of the best on their but they hit the mark!

Kunye vest

These are the most amazing songs within existence from the best band on earth, they’ve innovated the music scene for the last 25 years or so! They’ve experimented with so many sounds and have created so many new genres the depth and soul of this music is transcendent, spiritual, enlightened!! The heart and love within this band really shows in their emotions, it makes me proud I’m alive to hear their music! There is so much depth, complexity and creativity in their music that the layers will take forever to pick apart! Get this album and all their albums now!!


Train is one of the best

A Real Z

A must have for Train fans!


Glad that they finally released a greatest hits