Green Day - ¡Tré!

℗ 2012 Reprise Records

¡Tré! Tracklist:

KG $$$

Unlike a lot of people, I am a big fan of Green Day’s trilogy for many reasons. One of which is the freedom and rawness of the songs. Tre is the best of the three and carries a darker tone than the other more playful albums. The songs here are deep and heartfelt and express a side of Billie Joe that is only seen at rare points during their career. You will not be disappointed with this album. Beginning to end, it will bring a new intimacy with one of the best bands out there.


Tre by far is the best album in the trilogy and these songs are amazing. Green day at its best - Blade


Brutal Love and Forgotten are great songs. Missing You is alright..i'd say those are my favorites here. I think this album is easily the best of the three they recently put out. So many people are just buying their albums without looking at the fact there's like two of each, one is clean..the cuss words are left out. And the other ofcourse doesn't leave the cuss words out. This album doesn't have a lot of cuss words anyway, ESPECIALLY compared to their other work. This one has more of a 21st Century Breakdown feel to it, i think Tre kills Uno and Dos.

Garrett Sweetz

Tre is such a chill album compared to the first two. I love it


The Forgotten is the best song on the album, I love it. All the other songs are great, you have to buy this album.


This album is the perfect closer to the trilogy! I just hope this isn't it for Green Day!


I can't wait for this album to come out one more day !!


This is the clean version. Do not make the same mistake I did with UNO.

My Green Boxcar 41

Dos was great! Way better than I expected!

Nick Mcwilliams

I can't wait to hear the music from dos! And tre! Espicially tre! because I heard its the most ambitious of the trio!!! Green Day for life!!


YES! Preorder this cd now!!


so epic


I haven't heard it but it will be good I know it. Praise The Lord almighty lol

L!am C00per

this by far the best the live versions of the songs are amazing so that means this will be even better this isnt green days final album Billie siad that he wrote over 70 and this is only 37 so im hoping there will be more