TOOL - Fear Inoculum

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Fear Inoculum Tracklist:


Amazing album. Can do without the interludes.


It’s been so long since new Tool, I began to get fearful that a new album might ruin their legacy. But when they released the track Fear Inoculum, the song actually inoculated me of that fear. As a huge fan of the more progressive melodic side of Tool, this album most certainly delivers.

Mr. NJNifty

I'd like to hear from all of the people who gave this one star - have you had a chance to absorb it, play it multiple times and let it sink in? I'll bet there are a lot of you that have changed your minds about this album - I know for me this is one of their best albums - yes it's different from 13 years ago, but so are we all.


tools the best thanks guys love your new artwork and music thanks tool keep making great music love it want to met you james maynard someday great album you guys rock hard thanks tool


Huge fan but don’t limit me to buying the whole album, I’m I not allowed to not like all songs?


MJK’s best work and it isn’t close

Up the irons 1983

Wasn’t sure what to expect from this album, been a Tool fan since the 90s,It’s not really like the music they did in the beginning, if you are looking for that sound, this album might not be for you, but I still enjoyed it,I still love what they do, more instrumental, but if you have been listening to Tool ,from opiate all the way to ,Ten Thousand Days, this Album could grow on you.

taher whatever

This album is amazing and creative. But it lacks energy and excitement and vocals are not as energetic as before so I can see why people think it’s boring. But I can hear it all day and not be bored or excited

Explore your world

I'm new a Tool and my favorite has been Rush. Great talent


Great sound, great production! Classic TOOL!


It gets better on multiple sessions. Pneuma and 7empest are all-time great Tool songs!


Relaxing listen, goes heavy and thru a world of sound. Great record.


1. Aenima. 2. Undertow. 3. Lateralus. 4. Opiate/ Salival. 5. 10K Days. 6. Any other of Maynard’s projects: Puscifer or APC. 7. Helmet. (Though not Tool, they’re in the same mindset. Melt faces.) 8. ISIS (In a fisktank: Low Tide) 9. Russian Circles. 10. KARP or the Melvins. 11. Green Jello 12. GWAR!!!!!! 13. TAD Last and very much least: this album. Hope this helps.


Been a Tool fan since the 90’s and this...this is on my worst music ever. The album has one good song. nothing that stands out like “The Pot” or “Parabola”. This makes me said that this whole “album” is full of “filler” music.


Descending, Invincible, Pnuema, Fear Innoculum, 7empest are all stand outs. Completely worth the wait. Best live arena performance I've ever seen as well.


I think 5 songs on here (out of the 6 full tracks) are in my all time top 10 TOOL tracks. Invincible doesn’t quite make the list but everything else is absolute perfection. People are calling this Lateralus B-Sides... funny because this is a more complete album in my opinion, so why would they save some of the best songs for 13 years? And the entire album has a cohesive feel and vibe about it. The entire album is very hypnotic and doesn’t flow within Lateralus. Anyway, this is absolutely album of the decade and well inside the top 2 TOOL albums of all time, and TOOL is with-zero-doubt the best musicians since the 70’s, and maybe ever. I’m so glad I was born in ‘83 and aren’t any younger! On everything.


This album from start to finish is mind blowing. A true masterpiece. You can listen to it 20 times and hear something different each time. You wouldn’t think there would be anywhere to go with a band that started out amazing, but TOOL brings it to the next level with every album.


I’m a big Tool fan and this was such a huge disappointment. The long wait and hype had nothing to do with the poor review I give to by far their most bland album. You might as well be listening to a sound machine the music is so mind numbingly boring. All the songs might as well be the same as well cause they certainly sound like they do. Don’t waste your time or money, this ones a dud.


Going to buy CD so I can touch it and lick it ! I bought one of the first CD|DVD videos with misspelled lettering freaking awesome just. Waiting to go to store to bring back the old school feeling of of going to store and owning music in a physical form .........Tool

seth kahlke

Sooooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!


It gets better and better....


7empest is pretty much the only track on here that doesn’t put you to sleep.


Great album!!


If this album was just Fear Inoculum and Tempest it would still be one of the best albums to come out in the past 20 years. When you add the other songs as a bonus its ridicu;ous. The Riffs by Adam, Bass lines by Justin and Drums by Danny are mindblowing. Musically this is a masterpiece. Im so ready for more.


why are six of the songs Album only! No Bueno ):


So different. They are truly game changers.


Their best album


When first listening to the album, I was expecting something different. Maybe even a new direction. Because I’m a Tool fan, I didn’t give up on it and kept listening. At least 200 times now. It’s Tool! If your not a fan, keep won’t like it. For the Tool fans...there is plenty of time at home To digest and enjoy it.


Now that we’re waiting for the next Tool Album I just wanted to say thank you Tool for being the best touring band anywhere.


All the toxic people trying to deflect criticism from this album but it just feels so bland for tool. No new ideas here. Same riffs. Exactly the performance I expected from the drummer. Just bland. Not innovative.


Fear Inoculum is a staggering achievement. Tool has given us something timeless and transcendent on this album unlike anything in their catalogue. The tracks are epic in length and full of virtuosic performances. But they are full of subtlety and, yes, beauty as well — qualities that richly reward repeat listening. One can get lost in the unfolding grandeur of Descending over and over without ever exhausting its depths, or return to the crescendo of Pneuma without ever dulling to its thundering power. This is the Mt. Everest of prog rock albums: sublime, awe inspiring, and unlike anything else you’ll ever experience.

big smooth mdw

how in the world did they not win a grammy for best rock album or song ......... they should have been nominated for best album period,not just rock/metal....seriously no respect the winners of these categories are not even close. c mon give respect when due.....maynard is an amazing song writer and the whole band is like an orchestra of rock....truly have there own sound and genre much like a pink floyd or zepplin.....maybe someday they will get there do but from a true fan great job....never stop

Hurley Guerra

I loved it! It was worth waiting for it after 13yrs of absent : Every band tries new sounds in music!




This sanguine makes me feel so much better


Anybody who’s listen to this album you can hear the growth and this albums a masterpiece

Sicario LCMC

I really like the song with the drums!


What I appreciate most about Tool is that they have refined their sound over the last 27 years, and had the presence to mature over time. I remember tool as a Hard Rock Grunge band in the early nineties. As I have aged, so has the sound of this band and it still speaks to me. Other artists cannot do that anymore. I love Rage Against the Machine. I still rock “Bomb Track” as I roll to work as a financial advisor. Yet, hearing Zach De La Rocha’s new material is just sad. Same goes for Metallica and Alice ‘n’ Chains. Don’t get me wrong, I love those bands and they all had a profound contribution to my youth. But few bands can produce great music for 30 years and still be relevant to their original audience. Great Job Tool! I am listening to this album like I just bought the CD from a record store, popped into the stereo for the first time, and reading the lyrics from the booklet insert. It has been a while since I have done anything like that.


Ive liked Tool since they started. Most fans were still peeing in their panties while I was rocking out to em. This is not the band I liked. Not sure why they released this, there isn’t one actual song on it and it Sounds like a jam session. A bad one too that goes on forever but never goes anywhere.




Saw them in concert in Austin, Pneuma is great, album is awesome!


I really love this album but I think this is probably their weakest work by far. I mean despite the fact there are only 5 “real” songs on here, it’s still a great experience.


I’m not fooled. Stop trying to pretend Maynard can still sing. We all get old. We all have to honest with our selves. It’s time for Maynard to be honest with him self and us. Go make your wine bruh. You can’t sing anymore.


I’m a Tool fan. What did I buy? 7empest is the only song I felt any connection to. Deleted the rest from my songs. Ouch. Fellas?.


Not the usual hard rock album. It’s not about songs it’s about the album as a whole. More like classical music in a rock version. Like it a lot. Pink Floyd only better musically and edgier.


this album was pretty disappointing


i dont understand how a album that gives me everything that i want constantly leave me wanting more, fantastic


Love this album, impressive dedication to pushing artistic boundries of progressive metal.