Journey - Time3

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Time3 Tracklist:


The best collection of Jouney by far. You won't find these songs on 'the hits' but this album is the ultimate for Journey fans.


The best band of all time

David Fioramonti

I received this three cd collection for Christmas in 1992 as a 20 year old. It's still a favorite. This album is terrific. If you like rock music, you'll love it....


I grew up in my teenage years, like a lot of others, and this WAS the quintessential part of our lives. I hear this music and it just makes me smile with happy and sad thoughts of a time gone by. Too bad Steve would not go back. I saw them in concert with Augliari. It was good but not the same. The newest Asian lead is NOT the sound of Journey. The old stuff will always be the greatest.

R.A.G. oldies fan

This one star review is not because of a lack of quality songs, but because there are too many of their repetitive cheesy songs on here. Seriously, unless you are a diehard fan, there is too much music, the Essential Journey would be a far better buy.


Just an incredible album! It's even got songs that were just demos and never released so this is the only place to get them. Only prob I wish they had mad this album in like 2002 cuz then they could of had so many great songs from Trial by Fire, and songs from the Arival album (wich yes has a different singer but he's still great!) and they would of definetly put Remember Me (from the 1998 armagedon album, REALLY GET IT it's a great mix of mainly Aerosmith, but some other bands like, Bon jovi, zz top, and journey) anyway still a great pack of 55 SONGS! and I would definetly recomend it to anyone who knows journey is great and wants to get a good set of all their defining songs, or someone who just has the money to over look the "greatest hits" album. :)

Bruins rock

My uncle owns this album Its not an album it's a box set with three CDs holding 55 of their greatest hits. I got this for free off my uncle but I would still pay for it btw Steve Perry pwns

Todd Riverden

I've had this set on CD as a box set. The music itself is great. You get a good sample of ALL of Journey from the very begining until the end of disk 3. It's nice to have some songs in there that were pretty rare as well. There is only two places to find "Only Solutions" and that was the Tron soundtrack and this set. The only thing I would have liked to see was a copy of the booklet that came with the box set. It has a LOT of nice information in it including how all the songs came to be. If you like Journey, get this set. It's worth every penny.


If you are looking for a collection of ALL of Journey's "famous" songs in one place... and some deeper cuts that are nearly as strong.... you can't do much better than this purchase. EVERY song that you remember is present and accounted for here (although Lights is a live version- grrrr) along with scads of album tracks, music from their first 3 fusion-rock Perry-less albums, soundtrack songs (Ask The Lonely, Only The Young, Little Girl, Only Solutions), long-out-of-print B sides (Natural Thing, La Raza Del Sol), unreleased and previously unheard tunes (Velvet Curtain, Good Times, Liberty, All That Really Matters, etc), even an unreleased gem, "For You", sung by pre-Perry singer Robert Fleischman (who wasn't in the band long enough to officially release anything). WOW! There's even more on offer, but I will stop here. If you are ONLY looking for the radio hits, snap up their Greatest Hits disc (which also includes their 1996 comeback hit "When You Love A Woman", not offered here). The Journey has continued since 1996's comeback album "Trial By Fire." They have released 4 more records (Arrival, Red 13, Generations, and the platinum-selling Revelation) and have MORE than enough strong material to fill another disc.... it's time for TIME4! But, that's a whole other story :)


For those of You who grew up on Journy Like I did This collection of music is worth the time. This collection includes music that will take you back to your early teens and take you back to when Steve Perry was at lead Vocals. This 3 disk volumme contains everything Journey recorded up to the time Steve Perry left the Band. With this collection you will also find yourself traveling back to remembering what you were doning when you first herd the paticular song.


the best part of this collection, no "don't stop believin" im tired of people who ONLY know that song

torrie trainwreck

I just bought this album and never took into consideration how quickly it would become one of my favorites. They didn't miss anything on this album. It has the hi-lights of Journey's entire career. Deffinately worth the money. I highly recomend it.


I heard Journey for the first time in 1975 when they released their first album. Went to see them at the University of Toledo and it was such an awesome concert, we really felt we found a band that was great. I was really bummed out when they sold out and went "bubble gum" but I guess that is where the money is. The really great thing about this collection is that it exposes a some of the real musical genius of the early songs. At that point Journey was 1/2 of Carlos Santana's band. Listen to "of a lifetime" on this album, then listen to "Black magic woman" or "Hope you're feeling better" by Santana, sound fimilar? Watch the Santana video clip from Woodstock, you'll see Greg Rollie and Neil Schoen of Journey. I read an article in Rolling Stone when the band first came out, it said that Carlos kicked Neil out of the band because he was outplaying him.


I know i'm going to get a lot of down on this...but please dont hate me people. I just really feel like i need to say something about Journey. Journey i think is a good band...i guess...but its not my style. I know, why the heck am i commenting on a band that i dont like??? I honestly dont care what you people think about Journey, i just dont really see why you people like it! But oh well...i will say one thing though: For you Journey Fans out there...getting 3 albums for the price of about 20 dollars...thats a good deal, i think you should buy it if you are a Journey Fan!!! Only if you dont have ANY of these albums!


This is a really great album that has a lot of their greatest songs!

Colossal Steve

This is the greatest collection out there for all those Journey fans! Not only does TIME3 have all the great songs that we have grown to love but it also has songs that show the true musical genius of Journey, such songs as "Just The Same Way", "Someday Soon", "Happy To Give" and soo much more. This is the best chance to take your Journey experience to the next level and experiencing songs outside of their Greatest Hits album. I garauntee that you will love this album almost as much as I do.


3-disc set spans their entire career up through 1986 (after which they'd break up until 1998). All the classic cuts are here, although "Lights" is a live version. You'll also find 6 or so songs from the first 3 albums, before Steve Perry joined. Different style back then; very interesting to listen an compare! Even the non-album songs are great. B-sides like "Liberty", the Greatest Hits bonus track "Ask the Lonely", and "Only Soltuions" from the TRON soundtrack are all excellent. If you love the hits, you'll like many of the other songs here too. My first Journey purchase, and it was well worth it!