Jason Aldean - They Don't Know

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They Don't Know Tracklist:


jonathan benton broadwell

I love the cowboy hats and rock mixed in country I hope you continue to write country music I love it so much keep writing songs for the rest of your life My jonathan broadwell I hope to be a singer just like you one day ps. I live in a town called pine bush new york my address is 836 route 302 pine bush new york 12566. 🪕


Best album ever made by Aldean


The number 1 song of this album is Lights Come On🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍👍🙏🏻😔

country caden

Just because some people don’t like the album doesn’t mean everyone has to hate it there are some good songs in this album keep it up Jason.


No one comes close to doing it the way he does it! The best in the business!


Let’s start this off right


Same old same old in the Nashville world I guess. “Bro, let’s makes some songs about small towns, pickups and beer! That’s country!” Great. Real creative. Ain’t no one got time to listen to garbage


Any Ol Barstool is great traditional-sounding country song. Jason Aldean has definitely carved his own style in modern Country music. I can relate to many songs on this album.


I am absolutely in love with all these songs. Jason Alean is my favorite artist and he never disappoints.


His best album to date. Incredibly. Love this man’s music.


My favorite song is For The First Time with Kelsea! It’s a beautiful duet.

Chloe Bre

I literally just love Jason and his songs. I have no words! 😇🧡


I hate junky pop country, he writes about the same thing just changes up the notes


I'd have to say I could listen to they don't know on repeat for hours! Like his past hits like Fly Over States, She's Country, Big Green Tractor, and The Truth, They Don't Know in my opinion is his best song on the album.


He deserves better for what he did




One of his best albums. Love the song They Don’t Know!

The batman is best bro

This album is so good


Just not liking his music anymore.


Unfortunately Mr Aldean, we do know. And we know the difference between real country and this pop garbage. We know. You like pickup trucks, beer and chasing little hussies in Daisy Dukes. We know. We get it. It's been crammed down our throats for the last 10 years. Write about something else!


Jason aldean is by far my favorite artist seen him 10 times in concert and he never disappoints he is the bomb dot com love him