NF - Therapy Session

℗ 2016 Capitol CMG Label Group

Therapy Session Tracklist:


No word best rapper ever I love these songs


Best rapper ever.


I’m only rating this one song bc it’s the only one I’ve heard so far, but I love it. Listening to this song is like a therapy session fir ME thanks to a tough childhood. I listen to this when I lift weights too and it gives me crazy energy (side note - I’m a mom in my mid 40’s who still loves this kind of music).

Joe Bro 😎

This is the best music I’ve ever heard! I don’t see anything that could be done differently! Every song in this album is great! I’ve listened to NF for a while now but this is the first album I ever heard!

very tired gymnast

(Description says it all)



billybobjoe ;)

man idek where to start. nf, you are just pure amazing. i love your music. i listen to it every day and night. i can't get enough of it. so amazing. i cannot relate but i feel like we are so close. ik that sounds weird but his songs explain everything and makes me feel like i know everything about him. love you nf 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 i get so sad when i hear it but can't stop listening to it 👏🏿




Get this man a Grammy


Just like all of NFs albums so far it’s amazing, not a single dull or skippable track. This album is a masterpiece.

SolarSky_A fan of EmmieGacha

It really helped with my depression and Made me stronger!


I used to have this entire album on repeat, nonstop 👍


I just connect to his music so much... it helps me feel a little more like myself when I’m struggling


this album does deserve a Grammy because his words AND his pain is so REAL it’s almost like you can feel his pain. Good job NF keep up the good work. 😁

dauchund lover

This album is amazing

Trust and Us



I don't even know where to start...NF is an AMAZING rapper. He's really relatable and honest. Whenever i have a bad day or I'm just really stressed i put on NF and he just helps me relax. If your reading this and your not sure if you want to get this album i definitely would i promise you it's worth the money. But don't get it if you don't like rap or if your one of those people who hate it when singers talk about their life. Even if you are one of those people, NF's life is totally realistic he doesn't lie about anything and if you don't like his music go find something else because he doesn't need you to like his music he does it to express his feelings. it's his therapy session. i love NF🖤


NF is an incredible talent. His ability to put words to things I feel but can’t speak makes him relatable. His pain is real and his music helps me to get through things

4k 12

He should have won a Grammy

That One Weird Human

I just love all these songs..especially Lost in the moment




I love all of his songs very much but my top favorite is lost in the moment it is the song I can relate to the most.


Omg I listen to this guy at least five times a day he is so amazing and he has at least just that one song that someone can relate to


Every single time Nate- blow it out of the water.

comment now

The music is brilliant...that man is the definition of a cool artist


Amazing song

someting like 👍🏻👍🏻

His past from his songs almost makes me cry. How could you leave us actually made my feel tears. But the dude is so hype,resilient,and clean. Been a fan since I was 10 when mansion came out. As the lyrics say I’m grinding he defenfly topped the top 10 but still deserves more credit. So happy he won the Grammy.


I cried so hard on Oh Lord, my head turned numb; soooo true


The struggle is real. This is raw, but welcome to today. Thanks for speaking into my life. God is always good, however it is always reassuring to know I am not the only one fighting the fight. God never promised an easy life, but the promises he did make!?! WOW AMAZING!!! Keep being authentic to your own story...


I stumbled upon NF on accident once searching for a song with a similar name to one in this album and I thought what the hell I’ll give it a listen and was instantly captivated by his music his tone his lyrics everything it’s incredibly rare to find I solely religious rap artist who’s also able to explore the dark side of life without being incredibly explicit in his words and that’s what makes him incredibly unique in my opinion and I’m so thrilled i stumbled onto his music cuz like many of the reviews say it’s REAL no BS life stuff and I see this guy touching millions with his music truly inspiring I look forward to more of it


Excellent 👍🏻


NF dives into deep issues regarding his childhood and therapy.


How could you leave us is so sad

Miss Dale

NF is the real deal. 👍🏽




Very inspirational



The honesty I hear in Nate’s music and is definitely one of reasons he’s now my favorite artist. No filter no sugar coated bs only real talk about life from NF’s relatable views and opinions about his experiences. His experiences definitely help me get through my depression and anxiety.


Definitely one of my favorite albums by NF


My Mom Is in a bad mental state, still is. She thinks she’s right all the time. She isn’t allowed to Come to my house, and she’s been arrested infront of us so many times. She Smoked Drinked and it caused that. I had a bad childhood and hearing this song makes me feel better about living life and knowing that there will always be someone who Knows How you feel. NF is a rapper like no other. #NF


Most rappers are explicit and sing about revolting things but I like NF because he is a good Christian rapper. I love Oh Lord because it speaks truth and I totally agree with it because I am Christian. I am so glad my friend told me about this rapper.


Real music


Awesome album. The song Therapy Session is 🖤 truly real. Can relate completely.


NF is so underrated is actually ridiculous


10/10 album


So awesome I love his music


Deep and real... this kid has so much talent.

Pink Paige🌺

Actual hip hop/rap that’s worth listening to. I like hip hop/rap but it’s hard to find songs that are not horrible and packed with curse words and inappropriate meanings. You lyrics are meaningful and Godly. They speak truth. That’s what the world needs right now. I’m glad somebody is speaking the truth.🙏


NF is one of the most inspiring artists out there. I don’t know why this man doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, instead people like lil pump etc are getting so much attention but music like NF’s is underrated. This is the realest music I’ve ever heard. Keep up the good work Nate 🔥🔥🔥

John Moni

NF is the Goat and this album is PROOF Ps this is my first purchased album