Santana - The Woodstock Experience: Santana

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When Santana has songs with lyrics in them it's the greatest but I wish they Didn't do so many instrumental songs


I had Rhe unparalleled privilege of seeing it live. Then the movie. Then I bought the VHS set, dubbed the song through a Rube Goldberg-worthy maze of wires, laptop, and iMike, just to get THIS song into my iPod several years ago. It was worth the trouble. 16 bucks gets you a butt load of great songs along with one of the greatest ensembles of drummers and percussionists and Santana on this historic, sublime set. Mike Shreve bangs drum like no white boy before or since. They say if you remember Woodstock, you weren't there. But I certainly remember Soul Sacrifice.


I not a big Santana fan, but Soul Sacrifice is amazing! Why do I need to buy the whole album for just that song? Itunes can you please let me buy just that song so we can all be happy?


Its that good. The live woodstock version is Santana's best moment in music and ought to be played more. Just buy the album, listen to Santana the album one day and listen to Woodstock the next and you will feel like it was 1969 and your at Woodstock. Santana is that magical. They even have more for you than just that. Consider this a gift from the best act at woodstock (yes, better than Hendrix).

real music appreciation

Who cares if you have to buy the whole album.I've watched the movie "Woodstock" countless times and Soul Sacrafice always gives me goose bumps.Thanks to my older sister and her friends I was lucky enough to hear the album at the age of 11 and I knew then as now that Santana was always gonna be timeless music.


Although Santana is great I think Itunes is being greedy making us buy the whole Album for the greatest drum solo of all time!!!


Santana is so great live. Great Drum Solo on Soul Sac. Whos the idiot that put "remembering 1970" on their review? Its 1969 mooron.


this is great but why do they make the great version of soul sacrifice album only if i dont want to buy the whole studio version of the album that i already have along with it??! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


.."My House Is Dark And My Thoughts Are Cold!"..Yeah!-We've been "Waiting" for this "Live At Woodstock" Set for quite some time!-Carlos Santana & Friends were quite capable of a superb "Soul Sacrifice"; Right from the Starting Gate!-(Thanks once again to the Good Taste & Strong "Persuasion" of the late; great Producer Bill Graham!)-This "Mexican Maestro" is still causing ripples in the Music Industry; Some 40 years later!-Organ; Rhythm; Percussion & Guitar; Rocking Like "You Just Don't Care!"-Vaya Con Dios; Carlos! Grimmbo.


The sound quality is superb on the live concert CD and Santana and his band are cooking right along on every track. I do not think rock fans could ask for more with this set, I have listened several times now and Legacy did a nice job remastering the music and presenting it as if were recorded recently. Carlos shows why he ascended to the top so quickly after this gig, peeling off some blistering licks throughout the set as his red hot band responded in kind with a fast paced world beat that remains unique to this day. Santana is an amazing guitar player and who knows where music would be today without him? This was only the beginning of a long journey that is not over for Carlos Santana and his fans. 40 years is a long time but somehow this music makes all of those years melt away in seconds and takes you to a time that was incredibly prolific for the artist and why live music on a worldwide stage was an ever growing force to be reckoned with. Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


There were many tours that came out of Woodstock. Santana was touring with Crosby, Stills and Nash. Was lucky enough to see both at that time. The real standout on the Woodstock recordings was Michael Shrieve.


enuff said

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