The Weeknd - After Hours

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After Hours Tracklist:

Deeeeeeez Nuuuuuts

I just don’t like the weekend






Blinding lights is amazing




🔥album that puts you in his world present day


Now that the whole album is out, I have to admit that I’m shocked. It’s just so good. I didn’t realize in my first listen, but after I came back to it, I realized how beautiful it truly is. Easily his best project since trilogy. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Update: After many listens, I definitely think this is his best project since trilogy, and I think that it his only 10/10 other than trilogy (and HOB by itself). This album is a masterpiece, including the best production I’ve ever heard on an album, having absolutely no skips, and easily being aoty so far. I can’t say I’m too surprised tho, cuz The Weeknd never disappoints!! Amazing album overall!


1 of my favorite albums The Weeknd has done to date. From first track to last. Don’t have to skip any tracks. Love it.


Best album ive heard in a while


Sia has an amazing new song


:) :) :) :)


This album is so much worse than his old stuff...

Hairline Police

Weeknd could of done way better, feel like less effort happens hear

friendly reviewer 99

If you don’t like this you’re actively choosing to make your life a little sadder, but hey that’s on you.


Let me just start by saying I’m a huge fan of The Weeknd , but I gotta be honest... this album really failed to meet my expectations. I’m only one person so it doesn’t matter , and I’m glad he’s making the music he wants to make. But I found this album to be very slow and boring. The vocal style on a lot of the songs was monotonous and lifeless for me personally , his voice was just way too soft on almost every track... I would say I didn’t care for 70% of the vocals. Like the high pitched voice in the middle of the title track ruined it for me... it’s a shame because every other part was great. And Escape From LA , Snowchild , and Hardest To Love don’t fit on the album at all outside of the mellow vocals. The Weeknd will always be the 🐐 but this album wasn’t worth the 4 year wait at all. I’m lowering my expectations for the next one because having high expectations for After Hours left me disappointed. At least the production on this album is solid though. Kinda shocked at how underwhelming this project is but it is what it is 🤷🏽‍♂️

Junk crap

Not sure why so many bad reviews because I personally love the album


Best songs in the world




This album has banger after banger


Love Ables music


An absolute masterpiece of an album and a genius to his craft XO❤️🖤💀🥃


stop asking for him to make his older music...this album is really good and if you cant appreciate it, obviously your ears have a problem


Evreyone is talking about how this missed it marked but I totally disagree! This album is full of different speeds , depths , instruments , riffs , and more . This album has more pop then I was hoping but it is still Insanely deep and people aren’t listening to the lyrics to realize this . This album will grow on you the more you listen to it and has songs to suit anyone . His voice is unbelievably great and I feel gets showcased this entire album. Faith was my personal favorite very deep and dark song that hit in ways a song hasn’t before it has mood atmosphere and has a crazy beat . Buy this album .


I loved this album so much and I just love!!!! Abels voice

Big man13/7

Álbum sucked was expecting fireworks for all the hype 🥱🤦🏽‍♂️


This guy is a genius every album is a masterpiece

XO General

The people who dislike this album are either not a fan of Abel or you just hating because this man has changed and is STILL CHANGING the entire landscape of R&B , the production the vocals and overall creativity of this album is amazing , I’ve been listening to Abel since 2011 and he continues to blow me away, other R&B artists are not doing this !!

jones the bones


KiLLa Rob x

Love the songs on this album keep it up 💯💯


I have listened to this album about 30times and every time I listen to it, I love it even more. Xotwod <3 Great album Abel, worth the wait :)


Amazing album


The Blinding lights song sounds like a knock off cheesy 80’s synth pop with no rhythm or chord modulations whatsoever. I should know, I am a child of the 80’s. If you’re not then don’t even try. It sounds a bit underdone and needs work still. Plus the album cover is scawy. What is he trying to channel this time, MJ’s thriller again? Just sayin’


Love this song so much. Just imagining all the good times I’d be having listening to this song. Cheers to The Weeknd!


i said what i said






Decent album but what on earth is that cover photo? I dont wanna gag everytime i look at it Abel. Please to god switch it or something, it’s so revolting.

lil clickbait

I really love this album and people who don’t can just disappear!


How in the acatual [email protected]&$ are you people hating on this album?! It’s easily his best work since trilogy. It’s genre-less and with great play through ability. Some of the songs are a straight up ode to the 80’s, heavily Influenced. Abel really out did himself on this one. Some of y’all are definitely not day 1 fans to be hating on this masterpiece.


I am a big 80s fan and from the era. This album gave that vibe and I love it. Wasn’t much of a fan but am now. I don’t get all the one stars.


Let’s go baby, this album is something else


Bangers All Day


I loved every song on this album! It’s a nice break from his last album, and I never get bored listening to these songs :)

love my lip gloss

I’ve seen better


The album is just amazing, “In your eyes” is my personal favorite. Highly recommend this album or any of the weekend’s art work. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


His songs and music just puts into another mood. This record has met my expectations. Thanks Tesfaye!

The snap chater

I love it!!

Rude reporters

don’t listen to the people who vote 1 star NO :) i love ur music yes


record blows hard.

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