Maddie & Tae - The Way It Feels

A Mercury Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.

The Way It Feels Tracklist:


My new favorite album!


Love them💓


I have no idea how this trash is considered country. It’s pop.


Quit trashing them, you guys go out have a hit album have your record deal break then get another one and write great songs, so what if we have heard 10 of the songs it isn’t the end of the world. IT IS AN AMAZING ALBUM!


I absolutely love this album! 😍


Real country music

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I love this album so much it was worth the money 😀

cool cook29

Love all their songs, die from a broken heart is soooooo good and bathroom floor is so catchy, so glad there back, one of the best duos in country music right now


I love this album. Maddie and Tae harmonize so well together. I think I was thrown off a bit by the order of the songs because I was used to the EPS, but that is a small thing. The only song I don’t like is My Man.


I love your songs so much (: I love the diversity in sound and words


it was definitely worth the wait!! at first i didn’t like the songs but the more i listen to them to more they grow on me!!


LOVE the new album! Maddie and Tae are such good song writers. I have yet to hear a song by them I didn’t like. Water in His Wine Glass is beautiful and New Dogs, Old Tricks is so catchy! Can’t wait for them to go on tour ❤️


I don’t need to know is my favorite and I absolutely adore the album


They are so talented and they love what they do! Saw them in concert and they were amazing!

grayce y

trying on rings had me in tears, write a bold gad me speechless. such a good album


Everybody is trashing on the because of the it album EP and that was their album to get started but even though it has the same songs it’s still great music, this is just what country music needs. Two talented young women.


Like the bourbon Kentucky makes.


Maddie & Tae are brilliant songwriters and have beautiful voices to match! Buy this album: you won't regret it. They'll make you want to laugh, cry, and party all at once <3

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I love this album so much I’ve listened to it non stop


Beautiful tracks


Every song tells such a clear story. The vocals, songwriting, production, and feelings are incredible track by track. Listening to it on repeat nonstop. Vulnerable, exciting, heartbreaking, and sweet. Absolutely flawless.

Nothin on but the radio

I loved their first album so when they started releasing new music I was excited. “Die from a broken heart” is definitely the best from the two ep s they released that are on this album. I was going to see them in concert in a couple days but with this virus I won’t be able to😔. I pre ordered the album and about to be playing these songs religiously for the next year like I did their first😂. Go give “downside of growing up” a listen from their first album. It’s a great song that compliments with this album. I love y’all and can’t wait to get what comes next.


I’ve been waiting for this album forever. I’m so excited it’s finally here. It is just as good as I knew it would be.


The whole album is awesome! Download it. You won’t regret it.

chicago med

I saw them @ Carrie Underwoods cry pretty 360 concert and they did amazing these two girls are so young and talented ! Keep ur music country highly suggested! Luv you girls 🔥🔥🔥 Love bathroom floor


Great album!


This album is TRASH. More than half of these songs were on BOTH of their EP’s. They’re not bad songs, but why put 10 songs on an album that we’ve already heard? smh.


Love them!

TS Emilie

I’ve been flirting with obsession with Maddie and Tae for some time, but this album tips the scales. Will be playing this on repeat for the foreseeable future.


What a smash! This album was well worth the wait. Trying on Rings is my favorite so far. These two women put their hearts and soul in these lyrics and you can tell!


Love the album like always! Great job!


Who would pay money for this? 10 songs are the same as the EP. What kind of mastermind is behind this marketing? Dumb and and waste of money. Won’t support these two any more. I Prefer the Dixie Chicks by far.


Same new “country” crap


Pre-ordered. I love their new music and I’m excited for their new journey. “Tourist in this Town” is my favorite. These girls are great live. Go see them in concert when you can.

Wilks 💕

Loving this album so far, can’t wait for it to come out in just a week ahhh


When did it become acceptable to sell the same songs over and over again? Sounds like the beginning of the end when that happens


They were good until they switched labels.


Two very talented and beautiful women. Great album