Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Live] [Remastered]

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The Song Remains the Same (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Live] [Remastered] Tracklist:


Great live performance by Led Zeppelin at the height of their career... No Quarter is a masterpiece.

led zep best band

Best Led Zeppelin Live Performance. Jimmy played great and Bronzo was amazing. Robert Plant was great on vocals and John Paul Jones played amazing as always.


If this isn’t great then maybe you can tell us which live recording is?


wish BONZO could here this sound quality.

The Bradleyss

From all reports, this was not a good Zep show, and nobody has ever understood how it came to be their only authorized live LP. Remastering it hasn't made it any better.


The additional songs (if not previously heard) of course make this worthwhile and interesting. The sonic quality is improved; however, the performances originally issued I believe were better. Would recommend purchase, but not until after having acquired all of the studio recordings, and then it's a toss-up as to whether to purchase this or How The West Was Won first...for those of us that have the CDs of the original release of this, that version is the best, reputation notwithstanding, live record existing (but not counting the fantastic live footage on the Led Zeppelin 2003 DVD set, which is stellar) available.


With updates in sound technology the updates Jimmy has applied to the originals are the best so far. The old is new again and for the Zep fans of yesterday who remember the snap crackle and pop of the needle and vinyl of that era. Thank God we still have Jimmy doing this for his band.


So Peter Grant said it best in the film,let’s drain another nickel from Led Zeppelin.Nothing New here,move on.Very disappointing.