NF - The Search

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The Search - Single Tracklist:


Found this on a Christian channel 👈🏻

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Yes yes yes


This song(and all of his songs) are incredible!!!! Great follower of God, and great rapper


NF is an absolute beast! His lyrics are deep and have actual meaning, and he doesn’t rap about trash. Keep up the good work! 🔥




NF where the chairs at?


So refreshing to hear an artist that doesn’t need sex to sell his music. Pure talent!

Mr Mushrum

Idk if I like this as much as “WHY”, but who cares they’re both incredibly


His lyrics are always so life related. Seriously one of the best rappers


had this review drafted ever since the song came out but was too busy listening to it... quick edit

godthe FATher

Amazing who ever said to use bad words and that this is trash 😒 because he is awesome and a true believer of god and the best rapper

puppy [email protected]

The best song ever maybe even better than Old town Road


So glad new people discovering the NF Greatness!🙌🏼


NF is constantly maturing and growing in experience and in faith as a Christ follower. I can't wait to see more of his testimony and experiences unveiled in future albums!!!! Keep moving up and forward NF!!!!!!

Phæs 4

I have nothing to say except it’s Fire.

savage scull

You trash use some bad words for once of your life the beat is trash 🗑

Notsofat the Gamer

NF is a beast


Goosebumps for these lyrics. Love.

Fuse The Rapper

It’s about to go down!!! NF is preparing us mentally for what’s about to drop soon!!!! I don’t know why anyone is not promoting The Search or just NF in general oh yeah I forgot because he’s REAL!! The industry wants trash and to make its money while NF is destroying EVERY rapper out!!! Keep it up NF you never disappoint like these wannabe rappers SMH


the goat


My friend told me about this artist and this song is my favorite by him


NF Kills it every time. He honest and real I appreciate it in an artist.


I love NF SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! His music helps me cope with things and he is so inspiring! FAVORITE SONG BY FAR!!!!! ❤️😘😍🥰


Ok, this song is straight amazing. It’s a cumulation of everything since his moments album. Everything’s coming to a head. He has seriously become fire. His flow sets the beat. And he references other songs and shows where he knows he’s human and has forgotten lyrics. It’s so deep and so much to take in. If you’ve followed him from the beginning, then you will know all of the symbolism. And it doesn’t disappoint. He literally hangs his heart to air out. And the music video contains a lot from his other videos, from his ‘real’ hat... to his ‘outcast’ cage... to the black balloons, Tim’s, hoodie, shopping cart, swing set, and so on. I can’t wait for his album to drop. Keep it up, and keep speaking truth. So glad NF is back.


Wow, all the reviews i see are amazing. The best part is: “where'd the beat go?”

Mags 1234556672

NF is back this is one of the best song he as made. The fact beat drops, and then out of no where the real beat drop. It is a song I want to listen to over and over again.


The Search is literally what I needed. Things were down for me and this song just filled me with hope again that Jesus has a plan for my future. NF, you are my favorite music artist and know that God have you this gift to change the lives of many. Never quit and never give up even when things seem hopeless. Till the day I die I will listen to your music! The Search was just incredible!!!!! 5 stars!!!


This is not Christian music

sara feliciano

Wow the greatest!!!!!


I was wondering if NF could keep his energy as time passed. He sizzles hotter. Love it.

Wesley Chenette

This song clearly indicates he is nowhere close to hitting his ceiling. Unreal! My favorite song thus far by this guy.


Just so epic. This song made me stop in my tracks to listen. So freaking good.


came across this by chance through youtube recommendations and couldn’t be happier. love the darker themes through his music and the imagery in his videos. this is exactly what i’ve been looking for.


NF never dissapoints with a single song and always comes with more heat. He does'nt even need cursing to compete with other rappers. Sooo talented!


No is the next Eminem


Good to hear him again


No matter what time of day his lyrics will light you up and make you jumpin!!!


The mind is a powerful place


NF is back and he continues to show that he is lyrically the best rapper in the business.


NF! Still Authentic! Never a disappointment! I can’t wait to add your new album! Best Rapper Out there! No Trash here! Just real life! Love It!!!!!!!


Here we go!!


NF never disappoints 🔥🔥


NF doesn’t disappoint


Cold world out there, kids, grab you coats.


Awesome I have been a fan since he wasn’t even call nf when he just doing songs As Nathan feustruin ok I know I spelled that wrong but what ever he is back and he is better than ever and my mine is still blown 🤯 this album is going to destroy any other rappers out and burn them to ashes I have been reading one ☝🏻 star ⭐️ raiding and like come this dude is on fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

Farmer bry

You have most definitely gotten me hooked on Rap brother! Keep grinding haters gonna hate never stop pushing forward NF🙏🏻💯🙌🏻🔥