NF - The Search

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The Search Tracklist:


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I have no idea why anybody would not like you . Stupid fricking haters. Just keep going Nate


Can’t wait for his new album!!!


I love every song the song I love most is when I grow up

a boy or girl

Juicy It’s is the best album by far.


He Kilt it.

Maximus Blayke Storm

There are some other reviews that are saying things like "He just writes about his depressing life. Just write about anything else. No one cares." And " His lyrics are stupid. So sad." I just have to say "I am very disapointed in these reviews. I think he is putting his life into EVERY SINGLE SONG. I really appreciate how all of his songs are clean. And how he praises the one and only God, and how he is working through all of his depression, sadness, and relationships, through Jesus Christ's help and guidance. And how he is actually concerned about how God looks at him. I feel everone should. He is just my role model. "You are the best Nate."




jdjdsjjdhdjdj im obsessed


This album came out when I was on a mission trip with my Youth Group last year. I literally stayed up every night listening to it while I was there. It’s such an amazing and beautiful album (true it is dark, but that’s his whole gimmick). You’re such an amazing artist! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us in the future! :)


“I don’t know, it’s alright” That question, and the fact that it starts off the entire album, was an instant hook to me. Nathan’s music shows that life isn’t always alright. Nathan’s music is REAL, and the Search is absolutely NOT an exception to that. These songs are some of, if not the, most real music I’ve heard in my life. Well done, Nate. I hope life really is alright for you right now.

HaidynSwim ⓎⓉ

When I first heard some of these songs I cried. You put my emotions into words when I can’t.


To all of the people who don’t give the songs 2 or more stars are crazy. These songs deserve 5 stars each. Also I love all of your songs.



𝗮 𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻

This is my favorite album Nate is awesome and so underrated 🔥🗝


Listening to the song wile writing this but I feel bad because he has gone through all these things makes me feel like he needs a better chance


I remember 5 years ago listening to the radio in my mom’s car, and “I’ll keep on” plays, and that was the first time I ever listened to NF. This was way before he came to fame and tore up the game, but that was when I started listening to him. As I got older, Nf was the only artist my mom and I both were okay with (we enjoy very different styles of music) and so I listened to him a whole lot when I was about 12, right before Perception blew up. The summer before my 7th grade, he dropped “The Search” single, and I remember counting down the days before the album came out. I listened to both “When I grow up” and “Time” within 24 hours after they came out, and I listened to the entire album the day it came out. When school started, my friends and me started going down wrong paths, listening to wrong music, stuff like that, but eventually, I came back to God, and I couldn’t have done it without Nf and his music. He’s not perfect- we all have faults- but he has really helped me. And so I wanted to take my time and (even thought he’ll prolly never read this) thank him. Btw we haven’t had any new music since “paid my dues” and that was in December! I hope this wait is worth it.

the cool raps

Heck yeah love this albums, song only, it’s a perfect song!!!!!!!!!

World Traveler 1

I really wish that I could give him ten stars if I could! Nf is a amazing rapper and I think that God has blessed him in many ways. I also think that he should be singing more about God; though I do think that he should keep up the good work! Relations to Covid: I hope that everyone is healthy and that nobody died that you know of, but Covid isn’t what you may thing. I’ll give an example: the N-95 mask, one of its holes are 0.4 microns in diameter and the corona virus actual virus is about 0.014 microns in diameter. That will fit ALOT of viruses In one hole! And that’s the best mask in the world. Nonetheless, I still wish everyone to be safe but still be social with other people!!! Thank you Nate for these songs and I really enjoy them!!!


He raps so good almost nobody can rap like dat


NF is by far my favorite Artist. He is so real he tells you like it really is and he knows it’s tough. I’ve listened to him since his Moments album and his talent has EXPLODED from then on! I will be listening to him forever! I recommend “Escape” from Moments, “Can You Hold Me” from Mansion, “Real” from Therapy Session, “Remember This” from Perception, and “Like This” from The Search. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS SONGS ARE AMAZING THOUGH!!!! #RealMusic

Joe Bro 😎

NF’s music is so epic! Even his worst songs are amazing! Haters can just keep hating. They’ll just fuel him!


Nothing is going to make you famous no matter what. I really don’t care what you do with your lift. I could care lest about your life. Write something down that is unrelated to you. You lift doesn’t mean anything if you don’t look it to god but everything else it gone when you die. Not to be mean but you need to get into time. Do y’all really want a rapper to rap about his life in darkness. Come on people. Be real. He’s good but good enough to be on the the rapper lest. Do better NF!!!

huge fan of NF Realmusic

Every time NF makes an album his music gets better


NF never disappoints. Each album gets better


It’s worth listening to especially when you’re Dealing with Mental Stress.


Its the best album of nf right now


NF makes music for white guys who read one bible verse and think they know more about rap.


fire bro just fire

Shaun V 1985

NF wish came true. I get goosebumps when I listen to these tracks. I feel like I can relate to almost ever song. I am Bi Polar with OCD and I can relate to it all. While still believing in GOD. Hats off to you Nate. Keep up the great work. But don’t tone it down at all 💯💯💯💯

Scout said143 to ------😘

Thank u for this album Nate. U are very talented and I can’t wait to see what ur future holds🖤


The whole album is amazing. Every song has different beats and it’s not just the same beat over and over and the songs have so much meaning and just......y e s

just life i think

My people and I continue to love the work you put in your songs. I hope you continue making songs for us. — leader of this gang



R&B lifestyle

This entire album took me by surprised tbh. I listened to the search single but I didn’t think much of it until a few months later when I really listened to the song and realize it’s pretty inspiring. So, I got the album and I love it. Unlike other rappers NF targets the audience who he can connect with on a emotional level. He expresses himself through his music and I have respect for him. Very relatable too so from me 5 stars. If their were 10 stars it would be all 10 it’s that good


NF always delivers 🔥 and will continue to deliver. He had flows and vibes for everyone no matter what you like.


Nf iz so great. His songs are deep and I like that. Get the album nf is the one of the best rappers out their.😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

hey hallie 🤍

This album is amazing and shows you the ups and downs of not only NF’s brain but your own too.


Every one of his albums has been straight up fire and this one is no different. Keep it up my man!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Leo Sandwich

I really like how lyrical and he is and how good of a voice he has


The greatest rapper alive, no cap!


Once I herd of him i listened to his song “When I Grow Up” i was on the train for NF


People are telling me this music is terrible and un-Christian, but being a follower of Christ is about suffering. This is his prayer, let’s let him have it. It’s not wrong to be depressed or anxious, if someone had lung cancer, you’d feel sympathy, but mental illness is so taboo that you can’t talk about it. It’s not that more people are depressed, they’re just more open about it. Don’t tell me this is un-Christian. Christianity is about acceptance, and that message is so diluted by all y’all haters.


Very Relatable music. Touched me in my nauty place. :D


Crazy good


I like all of his song because lots people say that he is the best raper because he doesn’t say bad words and he is a great rapper he is my favorite rapper I listen to is raps all the time I always ask my dad to put NF music on the car so I can listen to NF I watch his music videos on my tv he is a good rapper I gave a five star because he is a great rapper the search is my favorite one I hope NF can make more raps and I hope everyone is safe from cOVID-19 I hope people are not sick because it really hard for people right now so I really hope people are safe because I have herd some people have coronavirus and that the sickness is deadly and I don’t want people dieing and people are at risk I hope people are ok because if you sick I prey for you because it is hard times for people right now I hope people are ok.stay safe


I have all his albums, stumbled across him from a workout playlist and have been a fan ever since. Not one bad album. Completely lyrically amazing.


I can’t imagine how hard this guy worked. Inspiring and amazing work


Why cuz I hate myself too and suicide thought come and go to me too 😵😁 I ready to die right now cuz of all dis depression:>

Frosty RN

I love this. He feels my pain.