NF - The Search (Edit)

β„— 2019 NF Real Music, LLC

The Search (Edit) - Single Tracklist:


5 stars is not enough for this man


NF is the most underrated rapper in the rap game right now if not ever. He deserves way more than he gets.


I see several people asking what the difference is and this version removes the 30 or more second silence part in the beginning


The original version of this song is 4 minutes, 8 seconds, and includes the ambient beginning and end of the song (where there are no lyrics and you can barely hear anything). This edit simply cuts out the very beginning and the very end of the song and is only 3 minutes, 17 seconds. The lyrics, beat and everything else are the same. And excellent rap nonetheless!


Does anyone know what the difference is????

chh boi

What is the difference

NF orever

I got both he’s to good

Lets Go AC

I bought both cuz I love NF man. Woo les go!!!! NF. Grab ur balloons


Relatable on so many levels