The Script - The Script (Deluxe)

℗ 2008 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Limited

The Script (Deluxe) Tracklist:

Trust and Us



I love this band... :')


One of the best albums I own.


This 64 yr-old was happy to discover this band via Pandora. Wonderfully harmonious vocals & BEAUTIFUL solo guitar work on 'I'm Yours'. 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved' is superb as well. This group actually has a 'pretty' sound on some of their tracks, where others get ya moving. Well rounded album.

Calvin Arkon

Break even was my favorite song when I was kid, 10 years old I wasn't in to music at all, but this song wouldn't get out of my head, and it wasn't annoying, too bad I didn't know your name back then, but you guys are my top favorite band, I can't wait to listen to the rest soon.


Amazing songs!


All i gotta say. △▼ஜ۩۞۩ஜ ¯*»¯*♥ »« ♥*¯«*¯ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▼△ Without this album i am alone D:


Great album! :-)


I saw them live in concert when they opened for the band One Republic they are an amazing band and are very fun as they made prank calls to fans exes it was a great show and hope to see them again

The Scriptette

Beautiful album... Loved it since i heard it for the very first time Unfortunately the song Anybody There is not on this itunes album while it is on the American CDs...


Am I the only one realizing how they ripped off adelles someone like you in "Man who can't be moved"


i LOVE the script and this is my second favorite album by them!!!


I really like this album i do recommend it


I only got the man who can't be moved but it is a good song


Oh, yeah. It lacks everything.

Bob the boss 1000

This album is amazing. They led off their career great

Our dream 2013

i love music that speaks to your heart how it can make you hurt and smile at the same time ... yep !!


I started with Breakeven and the band is amazing in all of the songs!


It's had no meaning or no anything AT ALL!!!!!!!




I really just want to buy the one song alone, called Break Even. There's no where on itunes where I can just buy that song! Really disappointing...

Monica Guzman

I love The Script! Def one of my fav bands! All their songs in all 3 albums are relatable to real life situations. They bring emotion and passion to their songs with their musical talent and voice. Job well done lads!


The Script is so perfect. & i love you so much Danny.


I love their songs and I havnt heard them for a while I used to hear it on the radio all the time! But this one day my dog died and I'm fallen to pieces was on all day like 5 times and now it's hard to listen to :-( but still love the song;-)


They are the best. Ever. In the universe. In the history if the world. Only band that I love every song from


The Script is my new favorite band and these songs are so passionate and catchy-just great!



I vote for the greater good

This seems like my life through lyrics. A special song for every special moment, thanks so much script for impacting my life so much. It means so much to me you guys are the best the script forever


Awesome Cd! Money well spent in my opinion. Plus I love B.o.B. so that just puts the cherry on top!


I'm 90% Irish! 💚


I am going to see them live on the 26th! Can't wait, that have such talent. Their songs keep me going when I'm feelin' down.


"If you see Kay" sounds like: F-#-#k


This album is fantastic and is a must buy. If you have the oppurtunity to check them out live, i's advise you take it cos' these guys are even better live.


I love the script! They are amazing and have such great talent and songs!


I learned about them only a couple of months ago and found out how much of an awesome band they are. I've known them from "Breakeven" and "For the First Time", but once I heard "The Man Who Can't Be Moved", I knew they were something special.


I love The Script now! Their songs are amazing, and I'm wondering if they have any more albums.


@Brad Miller yes I know Niall I love 1D :) he actually likes The Script :) and I love listening to Breakeven (Falling to pieces) on the radio


Does anyone else know Niall Horan from One Direction? He is Irish just like The Script I love 🆔 and The Script. 😃💚

Youngun' Granny

The Script is phenomenal! Before the Worst is THE BEST song EVER!!!!!!


👷🚏🚥🔰⚠🎰🎫🚏💈🇺🇸🕗🕔🕔🍝🍲🍛🍔🍔🍴🍙🍴🍴🍶🍸🍻👠🐱🐶🐹🐹🐹🐹🐭🐨🐸☀☔🌀⚡🌙☀⛄☁😁😚😝😝😝😳 <------ That's awesome! I learned how to do that an hour ago!


All of the songs are my fav!!!


I love this band. They have a beautiful sound. They really know what life's all about. It just speaks to me.


I don't buy many albums but I'm about to buy this one :)


Awesome album overall except Rusty Halo...hate that song. Lol but everything else is good. This band is most excellent!


I love his raspy voice. Oh yeaaahhh.

Stephanie Ragan

LOVE this song. it's moving


I loveeeeeee this album! It's gotten me through alot of tough times!!!!!


Theres always a beginning to an end:) and when a door closes another one opens:) life lessons COMMON SENSE!!! These songs teach tht:) trust me:)


Loved by me and my teen daughters. A lot of real life relationship wisdom. The popular songs, Breakeven, Man Who Can't Be Moved, are gorgeous and haunting. Talk You Down, Fall For Anything, If You See Kay, clever. Rusty Halo, U2-esque. We Cry--beautiful vocal. Just great.


Best Soft-rock Band.! Love their songs!