Pink Floyd - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

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Holy moly, I own this on vinyl and the quality is incredible. What an incredible start from this group!!


To not give this 5 stars would be a slide against Syd Barrett, their initial lead singer. Although, their later works were stronger, this one is all Syd. It's a little more druggy and out there than anything that was released from that era. So it may be a hard listen at first. This is mostly an album for the fans and the curiosity seekers. But, even then I say Syd was a genius who was way ahead of his time. RIP Syd.


While the original record is probably worth a six-star rating, this is not the original mono version, it's the stereo version, which is a direct downgrade from the original. There are effects missing from the mix. Hell, there are literally instruments missing in this stereo mix. It's not completely ruined, but it is certainly not the original. Try to find an original vinyl pressing or a mono remaster CD instead if you can.


This album was amazing. It has the true psychedelic experience the 60s offered. Syd Barrett's lyrics are a genius. My favorite song on there is See Emily Play.

Mickey raww

Obviously their best album release ever the rest of their catalogue is stupid.

A Pair of Levi Jeans

I only have it on vinyl but I love it so much that I came here to tell you to buy it


I have been a floyd fan as of recent. I like all their albums, but this to me felt like the strangest floyd album granted this is the only one with Syd Barret. I like the crazy drug infested reality of it.


If you like Pink Floyd, The Beatles later work, and/or The Beach Boys Pet Sounds (actually if you like good music of any kind) this album is a must have. It's fantastically brilliant and even though I love all of Pink Floyd's albums, this is by far, my favorite.


It’s a great debut-I had it on LP. Would like answer to prior question before ordering on iTunes. Will it download?

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