The Lumineers - The Lumineers

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The Lumineers Tracklist:

We love real talent!

It’s refreshing to hear talented singers an musicians in this day and age! Thank you!


I think it’s simple music that sounds awesome


Great band very heartfelt songs!!! Love every song!


I love this album


With the giddy-up of Cash, songs written like Dylan, a speak-sing like Cohen, and a falsetto wail like Dexter Holland this band poured a lot into the blender and ended up making one hell of a drink.


Fantastic album with straightforward melodies and a folk feel that comes with a modern twist. Wes's voice is one of the most unique I've heard. Was lucky to catch them live as an opening act for U2 in Philly and they were FABULOUS!! They brought an energy level to the stage that was hard to beat. My favorite "new" band by far!!


I have purchased this song, and it lets me play it on iTunes. But after only six or seven seconds, it skips the rest of the song and doesn't play anymore. I don't have the option to redownload it and I don't think buying the whole album or buying the single will fix the problem.


Beautiful and authentic music.


They create pure energy and emotion. Every word they sing is part of a story that I and everybody else has lived. Their down-to-earth honesty is rare.


and I thought that the music died when Kurt put a bullet in his head! Finally a group that understands us hippies. Im 67 and when I heard the Lumineers for the 1st time, I thought I had mssed someone from the early 70's!! How did that happen, I thought? No, these guys are from the now and their music reminds me of days gone by. They have their own sound, and its beautiful, elegant, funny, folkie, haunting, and sad. If you love Fairport, Steeleye, Renaissance, Concrete Blonde, and The Moodies then buy this album and be prepared to listen to it over, and over,and over again. Its hard to put down!

Piece of sh"t

Back In 2012 at camp in nc u first heard this song it brings back the memories it's a great album


If you are reading this and you are deciding get it or not then get it. They are a good band ok not trying to get emotional here but they are probably going to make you cry too so I would get it they are good I do not know for sure but on March 17th 2016 they are LIVE I do not know where


Love this album!


Some of their best work 💯


I love their way of telling stories of others through their music. It's wonderful! I love listening to this album and imagining the people they sing about.


Seriously, this album is one of the most refreshing sounds in forever. I have not heard anything like this from this decade. Foot stomping power, excellent cello, great musicians who make THE BEST shout along choruses. HEEEEEEEYO!!! WHHOOOOAAAA!!! (Stubborn Love)


They definitely should be recognized more for their work; very talented.


These guys used to be cool.


The song stands "hey Ho" out from the chart crowd as it establishes itself as a folky sing-along - not your typical hit material. Though it comes at a time when folk-pop fusion is very popular (see Mumford and Sons), the "ho-heys" that precede each line in the verse are certainly unique, and this sing-along tone is reinforced by the count-in low in the mix before each chorus, which gives the song an air of improvisation and a campfire music vibe. The repetitive melodies and familiar section structure are kept interesting by the song's sonic progressions that perfectly match the emotional developments in the song's story. In the second verse, the lyrics move away from the dejection of the previous verse's lyrics and take on a tone of hope and resolve. Fittingly, the melody is invigorated by a surprising octave jump and a more gravely, assured vocal performance. Also, a kick drum is introduced and synchronized with the "ho" and "hey," which acts as a sort of exclamation point, encouraging the sing-a-long nature of the track.

Leaf buttt

This is my all time favorite album ever!!!!

Jeanine Ikekhua

Flowers in your hair and ho hey are my favorite songs I love them and love the album❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


The Lumineers shocked me with the depth of their music. They can do anything- all the way from the lighthearted Flapper Girl to the grieving feeling of Slow it Down. Lyrically intricate, they can emote just about any feeling they want to. There is even a touch of political themes with Submarines and Charlie Boy. Love it. I can't wait for their new stuff.

Yuba City LP

Mostly a country and rock fan but this is opening me to more folk popish stuff


According to their Twitter, they are writing a new album now and you can sign up for the emailing list and they will send updates. Haven't gotten any updates yet but super excited for when I do! Can't wait for their new album. I know it won't be anything but amazing. Just like this one!


I absolutely love this band and am eagerly looking forward to the next album. Please tell me I am going to see more from this band!


I'm 13, I first heard this album at the age of 10, and even at that young of an age this album gave me a new found appreciation for music. I absolutely just feel something inside when I listen to this album. I listen to this album at least 3 times a week and have been for three years. I couldn't love it more. Slow, echoey, haunting songs like Slow it Down and Morning Song are my favorite, but then there are the ones that just make me want to grab a bunch of tissues and cry through the whole box for personal reasons, like Stubborn Love and Bug Parade. Then there are the ones like Flapper Girl, Classy Girls, and Flowers in her Hair, that just make you want to sing along with your best friends and dance. I love The Lumineers so much, and literally they have constantly been in my top five all time favorite artists since 2012. I want nothing more than another album, please seriously I would die if they released another one my life would be made!


The lumineers deserve more attention, they're really good!


Amazing songs and relaxing


When listening to this album, I feel so happy to know that there is good music alive today. This has it all. I love every single track on the album whether it's slow like "slow it down" or fast and alive like "flowers in your hair" it's all brilliant and I have been looking forward to ANY new track by the lumineers. I saw them in concert and they have something about them that makes you appreciate music. I can't wait for anything else to come.


When I first heard "Ho Hey" on the radio, like many others I loved it immediately. I love the energy it brought and that folk-music take on pop it had. I downloaded the album and initially was disappointed. "Ho Hey" has the most.. music execuetive polish on it. You can tell it was meant to be the single. Every other song feels like it lacks the polish of the single but the more the Lumineers played on my playlist but more I realized that "Ho Hey" is not who the Lumineers are. They are the echo-y, distant vocals of "Slow it Down", the hand-clapping, in a smokey bar sound of "Classy Girls". This album is a fantastic debut for the Lumineers and one of my all time favorites - I close my eyes and I am in the cobblestone streets of a small town with a big city feeling, perhaps back in the early 1920s.