Pink Floyd - The Later Years

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The Later Years Tracklist:


My only complaint is that the percussionist they had playing alongside Nick Mason tried to ruin Mr. Gilmour’s solo in the live recording of Comfortably Numb. No one was there to hear his out of sync banging. Mr Mason is always enough. I saw Pink Floyd live at Soldier Field in Chicago for their Pulse tour, pure magic.


Most of the music here is post Roger Waters written and really mediocre at best. David Gilmour never had the songwriting chops that Mr Waters possessed and the band rightly should have broken up once he left. It’s a shame band members will milk the good days but this is going too far! One thing is buying the glorious remix of the Beatles White Album with added value of bonus demos and tracks. What PF have done here is simply cash in on live performances from the 90s which thankfully include Wish You WERE Here, Dark Side and The Wall. Forget all the rest of the crap they wrote post Waters.




I love it. Having Apple Music is a great way to get all great new music. This Floyd music is high quality and I love the addition of Nick's and Richard's part for the remix of AMLOR. Gilmour is the man.


A Momentary Lapse Of Reason came long after the Wall, and with the renewed vision & sound, that album simply captured me. The crispness of every instrument, is brought to its true potential, and the best example, is the haunting, Sorrow. I’ve heard every type of recording of the song, from high quality AAC to FLAC, nothing even comes close, to this release, my jaw dropped and it just became my favorite album, all over again. If you don’t care for the later years, go back to the early years, and let those who appreciate, the Gilmour, Mason & Wright era, have our ears & senses readjusted to 2020.


Must need to payoff the Ex-wifes


The 46 tracks here sound awesome. I like the mixing in of Richard Wrights’ keys added to mix. The hard box is really expensive and this cuts right to the new audio pieces well. No video but great audio for this digital offering. Of course the hard copy box set is no more pricy than modern live ticketing is.


So glad all remixes albums were available digitally. I’ve listened to this album countless times. The new mixes of Momentary Lapse of Reason and Delicate Sound of Thunder are amazing. Thank you Pink Floyd for gifting us fans another way to enjoy these albums.


Floyd is just that Floyd. Pure Magic as always. Thanks guys.


Buy these songs yet again? Sure, I have plenty of money to burn.


Great release with some good mixes, and nice gems tossed in, I just wish they’d have included some of the video content with this offering, especially for the cost. I’m a Pink Floyd diehard fan any way, and while I picked this up for my mobile, I’ll be picking up the entire Later Years Box Set for the home, with everything included. Thanks for the release guys! Cheers🎉😎

zach hoffa

If you are a true Pink Floyd fan, then you will be tickled pink about this album.

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